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It’s not crazy we were kids singing along to Pretty Ricky’s nasty lyrics? Like word for word, bar for bar? 😭.

I been telling Wifey all week it was supposed to be Lloyd vs Mario (best vocals) and Omarion & B2K vs Pleasure P & Pretty Ricky, idk how they fumbled them matchups lol.

Omarion pleaseeee. This is exactly why Pretty Ricky carried the millennium tour on their back 😭.

Please just let Pleasure perform his and pretty ricky songs and bring Omarion out. We tired..


i nevr liked pretty ricky’s music. i was scarred from spectacular bumping & grinding in a red speedo..

This really should’ve just been Bobby V vs. Pretty Ricky/Pleasure P because Ray J and Sammy don’t have the catalogue..

In retrospect too many underage girls were hardcore Pretty Ricky fans 😂 Might of been they base.


This is technically a Pretty Ricky song not Pleasure P 🥴. He’s mad his solo joints are lackin’ #Verzus.

@sheistyler I’ve proudly been labeled a hater for my taste on popular artists. The Pretty Ricky era especially.😤.

I will neverrrr forget how this boy in my 8th grade class burned me a Pretty Ricky CD and my granny broke it, saying that the music is too sexual 😂🤣 that boy is sending you a message!.

They talking about they need to do Pretty Ricky vs B2K. Man Pretty Ricky would demolish them 😂🤦🏽‍♀️.

@Uc__he No lol On the Hotline-Pretty Ricky. Pleasure P was singing it during the Verzuz last night.

Because y’all be trying them fr 😭 but Pretty Ricky had more parts than just him idk….

Can you make it juicy for me? Or I can make it juicy for you? Pretty Ricky living rent free in my head now..

@SpinGriffey Idk what’s going on. Niggas running out of breath. Singing each other’s songs. Calling out the rest of Pretty Ricky. I’m confused.

@Daddyjsm23v made Pretty Ricky music lit. Had us thinking we could run up the walls in abandoned houses. #VERZUZ.

One of them pretty Ricky niggas really hit my bitch I be dead serious when I say that.

Wait I don’t like this new team shit. I was like Pleasure P was the only singer in Pretty Ricky before I looked (Sammie was helping w/ Background vocals).

Is verzuz a whole card now cause I feel like I’m watching pretty Ricky vs Bobby V 😂.

There’s no reason we should’ve been listening to Boyfriend #2 (honestly any of Pretty Ricky & co’s songs) in middle school 😂.

Pleasure P has the least bit of hitz up there without the Pretty Ricky songz, Im ignoring Ray J ass, he not even there to me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #VerzuzTV.

Pleasure P gone have me pregnant me and my man love pretty Ricky and pleasure p 😜😂.

...but that also reminds me I could never pick him out of a Pretty Ricky lineup 🤷🏾‍♀️.

Pleasure P had the generation in a chokehold pretty Ricky had us saying we was gon do shit we knew nothing bout 😂 #verzuz.

At work watching this versus. I love pretty Ricky but Um I’m waiting for Omarion chile.

@FullCourtPUMPS this verzuz is for the girls in the south from the early 2000 idc what they say. Pretty Ricky blue star CLASSIC. Please P also got classics !! Dirty south classics!!.

@oooLaLa_ It’s hard to beat Sammie when he got pleasure P playing pretty Ricky all night 😂.

Listen me and Diane broke up that pretty Ricky album got me through it 🥰❤️…… Can we make it like it was? We were, in love Can we make it like it was? See the love I have, that I have for you.

RayJ just got too much money he doing anything! Bobby V miss his old life but honey it’s goneeee. Pleasure P said “he wrote all that shit! Pretty Ricky Who?!.

The gag B2K had the Scream Tour, Bobby V and Pretty Ricky were openers lolololol.

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