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The Prime Minister did not face questions from the force over his involvement in the events, despite Sue Gray finding he attended both, according to the Good Law Project..

Well Barbados, your Prime Minister certainly knows how to throw a party! #cropover2022.

@aft_flaps @MollyMarsGal And the fact Boris Johnson third British prime minister in a row.

‘Ambition greater than ability’: Liz Truss’s rise from teen Lib Dem to would-be PM. Dominic Cummings: Truss was “as close to properly crackers as anybody I have met in parliament” and would be an “even worse” prime minister than Johnson..

There is a maturity in our Prime Minister that we haven’t seen in years @AlboMP - #InsidersABC @InsidersABC #GarmaFestival.

IIs embarassing that Canadians have not seen thtough this elite, privileged moron sooner..

@Patriot13777123 She beats our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for word soup and obfuscation.

@nz_voter Would be good mates with the past Covid Minister then. Free advertising/ prime product positioning for the 1pm daily briefings was 🤮.

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