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BREAKING with @wojespn: Duke point guard Tyrese Proctor – a potential 2024 NBA Draft lottery pick – will return to the Blue Devils for his sophomore season, he told ESPN. We have unfinished business, Proctor says. STORY:.

Tyrese Proctor will officially return for a second season with @DukeMBB:.

#Duke guard Tyrese Proctor is officially returning to the Blue Devils for his sophomore season. After originally being scheduled to graduate high school in Australia in 2023, Proctor elected to reclassify and enroll a year early at Duke. Following the Blue Devils’ ACC….

Despite his struggles early on as he adjusted to the physicality of NCAA play, Proctor ended the year on a tear. In #Duke’s final 15 games, Proctor averaged points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds while shooting 40% from beyond the arc on nearly 55% true shooting. The Blue Devils….

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@Rileybushh Not necessarily. I just think either way, Proctor going to have massive jump. Him + JR is a great duo.

Tyrese Proctor delays NBA Draft, returns to Duke: Four reasons why Blue Devils guard made a… – NBA News.

Tyrese Proctor announced he was coming back and the sports gods were like no, Josh doesn’t get to enjoy anything so we’re just going to unload a pile of shit on him for the rest of the day.

Tyrese Proctor very well can be an all American next season. So glad to have him back!.

Proctor becomes the first Alton girl to win the award since 2009, Buckley becomes first CM boy since 1996. Athletes from Alton High, Marquette Catholic, East Alton-Wood River, Roxana, and Civic Memorial are eligible for the awards..

@ACumbow When I saw the notification about Proctor coming I said “let’s go.” The way he played the second half of the season is the reason why they won the ACC Tourney.

@zzimmerm6 If you get Proctor and Filipowski back, that’s arguably the most important two IMO. If they didn’t have another loaded class coming in, it might be easier for some more of them to come back lol.

Duke PG Proctor to return for sophomore season.

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So, Duke PG Proctor to return for sophomore season.

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@bwstanley26 @Dukeblogger I think- Proctor, McCain, Mitchell, filli, lively. 6 man Mgbako.

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