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Are we joking. This isnt a touchdown. Good one refs!!!! #PSUvsIOWA.

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What a great game! Appreciate the hospitality! #PSUvsIOWA #WeAre.

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#PSUvsIOWA @B1Gfootball look of the @HawkeyeFootball TD. See the Iowa receiver pull down on the defenders shoulder pads do he could not raise his hands. Is that not offensive pass interference?! #WeAre.

@bzref Oh, of course — my response was based on multiple, slow motion replays, not a game/real time is also what we didn’t get from @ABCNetwork in the #PSUvsIOWA game 🤷🏻‍♂️.

So there really needs to be some action about the horrific and malicious officiating at the #PSUvsIOWA game, where a ref with obvious anti-PSU bias was permitted to take away *at least* a touchdown. Not just the usual Monday complaints, but action. #FireJohnONeil.

#PSUvsIOWA did anyone notice the head refs #WeAre.

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James Franklin finally getting that first win against a ranked opponent on the road. Never easy to do, and especially at Iowa. Look out for #PennState! #PSUvsIOWA.

@BCCwx this was my prediction a week ago. I came pretty close, lol. As you said, a typical #PSUvsIOWA game. Plenty of tension, lots of bad calls, and low scoring..

Penn St has all but wrapped up this game. Run game has worn down Iowa #PSUvsIOWA #WeAre.

@B1Gfootball I think some officials should be graded an F tonight. #PSUvsIOWA.

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Good night sweet Hawkeyes. Good night sweet Gators. Sleep tight. #PSUvsIOWA #UFvsLSU.

That young man just earned featured back after that big 3rd down run! #PSUvsIOWA @psufootball.

The #Hawkeyes are always so close. Just never quite enough. Crushing. #PSUvsIOWA.

Is that really Noah Cain or Frank Gore moonlighting on a Saturday night? #PSUvsIOWA.

I feel bad for our guys, working their butts off, to have it taken away by incompetent, biased refs. Go Blue! #PSUvsIOWA.

NOAH 👏🏾 CAIN! Y’all better make him the starting RB from now on. Stop playing games. #PSUvsIOWA #WeAre.

I don’t understand how Noah Cain literally carries defensive linemen and still gains yardage. #WeAre #PSUvsIOWA.

That was a big boy run by Noah Cain to get a 1st down to hopefully ice the game! #WeAre #PSUvsIOWA.

Brandon Smith just had what was probably the best touchdown reception I’ve seen today. #PSUvsIOWA.

Give Noah Cain that RB1. Such a strong runner, always falling forward. Love to see it #PSUvsIOWA.

Imagine not giving Noah Cain the bulk of the carries. Get with it Rahne. #WeAre #PSUvsIOWA.

Love the play by play on the td “ there’s no telling what will come of this” #PSUvsIOWA.

@sctop10 Brandon Smith TD. Catch of the you mean, Catch of the year! Give that man his award! #TopPlay #PSUvsIOWA.

Please feel free to call @bigten and express your thoughts about the refs during this game. #PSUvsIOWA.

Great we play with urgency only when f’in slim chance. Why we’ll never win the big ten or even the f’in west. !!!!#hawkeyes #PSUvsIOWA.

Are we joking. This isnt a touchdown. Good one refs!!!! #PSUvsIOWA.

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