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Christian Pulisic is going to score against West Ham tomorrow, pass it.

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@MrGeorgeBenson I thought pulisic and mount were creating good chances but our lack of an end product is another reason we lost.

@SSIIIIUUUUU Tweet didn’t have much to do with your tweet son, pointing out that there’s probably heads who think Pulisic was in the MLS at a point 🤦🏾‍♂️.

@NiiNiiFC Pulisic was better, he was the only who try to do something with the ball. Mason and Abraham were very poor in addition to the horrible defenders..

It is totally uncool that American broadcasting norms mean I don’t get to hear commentators lose their shit and yell in unison like this when Pulisic does cool shit..

مهي غلطتي بردو ان معايا 3 لاعبيه من تشيلسي 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ مع السلامة انت يا اخويا pulisic ✋🏻✋🏻.

Tammy was was good had a few v good moments and wouldve scored if Pulisic didnt have tunnel vision and had played him thru first time so his shot couldnt be unlucky with the other block as been better but was dangerous for 90 mins.

No wonder Pulisic was benched, he had to compete with Reus, peak Ousmane and this demon Sancho.

Player ratings: Kepa: 6 Azpi: 3 Zouma: 2 Christensen: 2 James: 6 Kovačić: 8 Kanté: 6 Pulisic: 5 Mount: 5 Willian: 2 Abraham: 7.

@_Mezzala 2 wingers on top of CHO and Pulisic. 2 CBs on top of AC and Tomori. 2 fullbacks on top of James and Emerson. Like you said, 1 of the 2 in each position needs to be WC and the other less ass than our ass options..

Pulisic with a terrible throw-in against Everton! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱#EVECHE #Chelsea Watch it here --->.

I’m beginning to feel bad for Pulisic, that guy picks up the ball and has to get through all of their defenders because no one helps him.

Team vs Lille should be like that if we want to win: Kepa Reece Tomori AC Emerson Jorginho Kovacic Kante CHO Abraham Pulisic.

Player ratings : Kepa - 0 Reece - 6 Christensen - 4 Zouma - 0 Azpi - 0 Kante - 3 Kovacic - 10 Willian - 0 Mount - 0 Pulisic - 3 Tammy - 6.

The worst thing is i captaining Mane this gw and he’s on the bench same with taa. Abraham & pulisic blank. Under avg this gw is confirm..

@PaddyMcDougal @ChessyHour I think I’m taking Mount out of midfield and playing CHO/Sancho and having Pulisic rotate with Mount as CAM.

@SumeetCFC_ @Calteck10 Need Cal to get a goal so he can settle down a bit, always trying to force it atm think he feels pressure from Pulisic doing so well.

@OlympusFPL No, I’d be bringing Kelly in! Think I might roll my other FT, re Mount, Alli is the one I’d go for but don’t have the cash, Pulisic has gone cold, Maddo is an option, but might just wait for Grealish.

@matabwajustin He wanted to accommodate mount but the truth is he has been below average recently the only creative spark we had was Pulisic.

@AndrewTurmer @OllieGlanvill Agree that we looked worse after the subs today but think it’s harsh to say all season long. Pulisic, Batshuayi and Hudson-Odoi have all made impacts when coming on, take Ajax, Southampton, Lille as examples..

Mount has been awful Jorginho is tired Tomori and Zouma🤣😂🤣 Tf will you bench Kante 😡 James and Pulisic the only young players on that field that made any difference Batsman & Giroud 🙆🏽‍♀️ Transfer appeal better pull through cos I have had it with this overhyped club #CFC.

@TrueChelseaFans Pienso que Mason tiene que recibir el mismo trato que Pulisic al inicio de la temporada, hay que buscarle motivación!!.

@TrueChelseaFans A Mount le hace falta comer banca un rato para que despierte como Pulisic..

Goals at Stamford Bridge this season : Christian Pulisic : 1 Marcus Rashford : 2 If I speak I’m in big trouble.

Pulisic frustrated with himself but he’s been the most dangerous player on the pitch. Some of the touches and body shifts have been Hazard-esque #cfc #whufc.

Christian Pulisic is going to score against West Ham tomorrow, pass it.

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