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What Raab seems to want is a world in which the government is above the law.”.

Dominic Raab was on holiday as Kabul fell. A year later, like clockwork, Boris Johnson and his new Chancellor have been absent without leave as Britain’s economy prepares for its biggest fall in years..

“We already have laws to prevent cases that lack What Raab seems to want is a world in which the government is above the law.” - ⁦@JolyonMaugham⁩.

I wrote to Dominic Raab to ask him to apologise & correct the record after he called my question to him about Boris Johnson’s meeting with an exKGB Agent “nonsense” I didn’t expect much of a reply, but he hasn’t even bothered to respond himself, let alone apologise. Pathetic..

Raab Photo,Raab Photo by Justin Madders MP,Justin Madders MP on twitter tweets Raab Photo

Raab & Kwasi’s Fiery Post-Debate Tax Showdown.

Raab Photo,Raab Photo by Guido Fawkes,Guido Fawkes on twitter tweets Raab Photo

Just like his boss changing parliament’s rules & codes when they don’t suit, clinger on in chief Raab is trying the same trick with the law. That treacherous, corrosive party needs to be given a colossal kicking at the first opportunity, out for decades..

@JolyonMaugham @Lamourna5 I can’t read this article because it contains the phrase ‘Lord Chancellor Dominic Raab’ and my brain just can’t get any further..

Evidently she left TDLR ( Too long to read) note in her ministerial red box on policy briefs , reminiscent of whole Tory government- Johnson, Raab etc). Despicable!!!!! So unlike Thatcher 🤣 #ToryIncompetence.

….and so it goes on day by day step by step closer to the fascism our parents and grandparents fought against..

@DPJHodges They’re still taking their wages. Bojo coul d’ve stepped down and let Raab take over if he didn’t want to do any work (did he ever?) Not that Raab would be an improvement but he was an option..

@DMinghella @KingKing3107 He Raab and Patel were authors with Truss of this. It’s a manifesto for a Truss administration..

Raab Photo,Raab Photo by Paddy Briggs. Definitely #NotMovingOn,Paddy Briggs. Definitely #NotMovingOn on twitter tweets Raab Photo

@Mike_Fabricant Raab who is under threat due to border changes at the next election siding with Rishi who has no doubt made him promises?! We see you Dominic Raab.

@FlorenceWoodle1 @SkyNews I thought that Raab was quite tall. He looks Lilliputian next to Kwarteng!.

@AndrewSperling @BarristerSecret You have clearly gone over and above an ordinary level of support. He is lucky in one respect - he has you supporting him on the outside and publicising this deplorable situation. Raab is the worst MOJ.

@SKhaqanAbbasii Ya Allah Is Jumay Ka din Ka BarkAt sAy nawaZ Sharif KO KuTaY Ki MouT atta Kar Ya Allah Pori PDm KO zalil Or riswa Kar hameshA Ki Tarah Ameen Ya Raab 🤲🤲.

Dereliction of duty sneaky Raab doing sunak/ Braverman pathetic tactic of constant interruption only detracts from their shameful unprincipled untruthful tactics! #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis.

@jennyhead15 @JolyonMaugham It seems to be a common theme with many Tory MPs: Dorries, Patel, Raab, etc. They view Govt as a dictatorship and dismiss accountability or debate in Parliament. Very dangerous..

Story that Govt failure is fault of lawyers, courts, people seeking asylum etc has such long history, how does anyone find it at all persuasive? But again ministers seek ever more power with ever less oversight. As if damage they’ve done is never enough..

Dominic Raab is reportedly considering introducing changes that could limit ministers’ accountability in judicial reviews.

@JolyonMaugham @pedroban5 What Raab seems to want is a world in which the government is above the law.”.

@JolyonMaugham However what we want is Raab out of public life. He has a small majority , time for voters to act appropriately.

@davemacladd No-one with the courage to own it after they booted out BOJO. Raab hiding in the bushes and just a few misguided idiots supporting him from the shadows but NOBODY at the wheel as we near the cliff-edge..

@Mr_Andrew_Fox @COLRICHARDKEMP No matter how much Biden et al pulled the rug, Raab and his departmental goonishness should not be forgotten. In my mind it shall be named The Kabul Shitshow 21.

@Deedy2201 @DominicRaab Then they can look forward to Labour winning the next GE, see Raab this is what happens when you treat the British public with contempt. We wont forgive you for ousting OUR PM,nor will we forget. NEVER. Shame on the lot of you,.

@AndyGJBurge @DominicRaab All there in the voting record. Raab: Generally voted against laws to promote equality and human rights..


@MarvinQuerfurth @LorazepamLaura Ich erinnere mich an Kolle bei Raab wie stolz er war das durchzuziehen und auch an einen Kolle der immer betonte Bildung ist das oberste Gut..

@DanniPowell71 @GBNEWS No it’s about life and death. A mother in the state now that’s overturned Roe v Wade cannot choose. Republican state. Raab wants to change the ECHR ruling. Irony is they also didn’t allow but they allowed a hearing. The hearing then confirmed it. The point isn’t the fact he.

🔴 Live - 08 August 2022 - Vailankanni Shrine Basilica via @YouTube.

Dominic Raab ‘considering measures to curb judges’ powers’ He is wanting to protect all the useless crud we have in GOVERNMENT.

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