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Ray J was better off letting Sammie sing “One Wish” The vocals not vocaling. I’m sorry. #Verzuz.

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Ray J pulled out a mic stand for “Wait a minute?” #Verzuz.

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#VERZUZ Presents: Omarion vz Mario + BONUS VERZUZ Matchup with Ray J & Bobby V vz Pleasure P & Sammie WATCH HERE or go to for all streams.

If Ray J wanna win this battle all he gotta do is that fabolous tirade he did on the breakfast club.

The Sexy Can I singer was one of the four artists who performed ahead of the Omarion vs. Mario battle..

I felt bad for Ray J. Seems like the environment was too hostile for him. Ray j said I’m about love and peace, y’all down south boys roasting me too hard #Verzuz.

Ray J really said One Wish was about 8 years ago when it’s actually almost 20 years old 😭😭😭 #Verzuz.

Lmao wtf is Ray J talking about? Somebody please help me decode this shit like he pressed the middle word prediction on the keyboard until he had a paragraph #Verzuz.

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I rally couldn’t tell show as worse: Omarion or Ray J 😭 Goodnight #Verzuz #VerzuzBattle.

After last night, the only thing that could make it better is another wild ass call- in from Ray J to the Breakfast Club 🤣🤣🤣 #Verzuz.

I song I produced for Ray J x Bobby V x Pleasure P back in 2015! Song was fire thooo.

I must’ve been deaf growing up because Omarion, Ray J and all those other dudes sounded like garbage. Mario the only true voice. #Verzuz.

Y’all gonna make Ray J come back with a whole album of this shit tryna prove himself. Gonna come out with a new hit single “New Wish” Y’all need to chill 😂.


When Ray J watches this back. He will wish the baby was never born..

Ray J sound like he ain’t so much as hummed or even done a sound check in almost 20 years 😳👀 #Verzuz #VerzuzTV.

Shout out to Mario for bringing However the clowning on Omarion and Ray J from the Verzuz last night is next level comedy. #VerzuzTV.

@DoItForNells That shit had me hollering dawg 😂😂😂 Ray J had no business doing a Verzuz. Nothing but comedy was guaranteed to come from him lmao.

I get on Twitter to see Omarion, Mario, and Ray J getting cooked lmaoo. Plus the CB album dropped, Good Friday to me 🤣.

@christeague_ My home girl said Ray J was real life Eddie Cane Jr. man wth 🤦🏿‍♂️.

Brandy gave Ray J all the fundamentals to prepare for his #Verzuz & that nigga ignored tf outta everything she said & went out horrendous..

Ray J singing loud in that baby face like that girl holding that baby singing that Beyonce song loud as FUCK.

@Cherish_Chi @Hotgirlkris_ Ray J looked like he wanted to set it on them especially when they asked if brandy was there lol.

I’m surprised that y’all was surprised that Ray J couldn’t really sing that well.

Sorry to break it to Bran Bran but that “special tea” and vocal rest wasn’t gonna help Ray J!.

Ray J would’ve been better off getting there sing “Danger, she smashed the homies #Verzuz.

An hour later Ray J complaining about niggas helping him singing “One Wish” 😂😂 WHAT #Verzuz.

Ray J just became one of the best people I’ve ever worked with. Son funny as hell lol. He really is that cat you see on TV and etc.

Why on earth would Ray j keep repeating “till my baby’s born” on that versus last night?? 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭.

Bro what the fuck was going on in that Verzuz, Omarion and Jeremiah and Ray J sounded like ass😂😂😂.

@Whitb_xx 😂😂 I was very disappointed in Omarion, he defo got more solo hits than Mario but may be O was too complacent and that was his downfall. Big up to Mario though. Also shout out to Ray J vocals lol..

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