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The Red Sox have officially been eliminated from playoff contention..

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OH. MY. GOODNESS. Judge was that 📺: FOX 💻📱:.

Alex Cora on the Red Sox plan against Aaron Judge: “We will attack him and the game will dictate what we do.”.

Triple Crown watch heading into the series against the Red Sox.

The Yankees bullpen has gotta be like historical bad against the 2022 Red Sox this is awful.

The Red Sox giving away Mookie Betts for practically nothing is one of the most disgusting things a professional sports franchise has ever done..

If we get Red Sox, someone is getting free VIP for the week Cubs + -118 💰💰💰 Cubs ML +148 💰💰💰.

NEW YORK YANKEES WIN‼ Josh Donaldson walks-off the Red Sox to clinch a playoff spot🔥.

And (somehow) Trivino gets out with no damage. Actually, with a really quality changeup. Red Sox miss a golden chance to expand lead, still 4-3 Bot 8.

Red Sox’s Matt Barnes on facing Aaron Judge in ninth: ‘I frankly don’t care about history. We’ve got a ballgame to win’.

Zack Kelly works an eight pitch 1-2-3 sixth inning. He has a ERA over innings since being called up at the end of August. Red Sox lead 13-8 in the bottom of the sixth inning. Kelly is currently #31 on the #SP60. Full scouting report-.

Mlb 4-1 Athletics U F5 -115 1U❌️ Braves F5 -135⭐ ✅️ Braves -110 1U✅️ Red Sox ML -128 1U✅️ Astros F5 -135 1U✅️ Athletics ruin MLB pregame sweep..

It took about four hours, but the Red Sox have ended their six-game losing streak with a 13-9 win over the Orioles..

As a committed Yankee fan that watches every game, I can really see why Yankee fans in general have a bad reputation with other fans. Just tonight you see multiple fans clashing with Judge trying to catch a ball, a guy celebrating a Red Sox go ahead homer cause he got a.

#MLB F/10 | Boston Red Sox 4-5 New York Yankees: Josh Donaldson con el hit de oro, anotando Marwin González, para enviar a #RepBX a los playoffs. LG: Clay Holmes - LP: Kalen Ort. (📹cortesía @Yankees).

Did Red Sox’s Alex Cora, Matt Barnes think Aaron Judge’s 404-foot, 113-mph fly ball in ninth was homer No. 61?.

The Red Sox have to be the most annoying team in MLB. I swear to God they can’t even just suck normally they’re just like below average and they’re still a threat to win on any given night but somehow they have a below .500 record.

⭐️ Triston Casas is the 1st #RedSox aged 22 or younger to reach base 4 times in multiple games within his first 20 career #MLB games since Red Sox Hall of Famer Fred Lynn in September 1974. Before Lynn, last to that for BOS was Hall of Famer Ted Williams in April-May 1939..

The Orioles lose to the Red Sox, 13-9, in an utterly bizarre game. There were plenty of hits — as well as hit batters. The Orioles are 80-74, and the magic number for elimination is now six.

@MNTwinsZealot It’s funny how teams like Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Cubs, etc. never have to rebrand. I thought we just rebranded with the gold trim. My hunch is they didn’t sell as much merch as they wanted and are under Pohlad orders to create a jersey that sells!.

“We know that time’s running out,” Santander said through @BigB_fame. “But there’s still time to do what we need to do.”.


Xander Bogaerts gave an update Tuesday on where contract talks stand between him and the Red Sox..


The numbers will get there. We like the approach. We like the process. We like the defense. Red Sox manager Alex Cora had high praise for Triston Casas and identified an aspect of his game he likes from the first baseman..

Boone is getting revenge here on Cora by ordering his pitchers to walk all the Red Sox.

@krysscarr @Raf_Porter The Red Sox do not care about a yankee player tying a Yankee record. I promise..

YANKEES WIN‼ Josh Donaldson walks-off the Red Sox to clinch a spot in the postseason 🔥 🎥: @MLB.

If the Red Sox had to lose on a walk off, I wish it was a Judge homer and not a bullshit lead off single driving home the stupid ghost runner.

@roidsux obv a troll but hunter brown being there is funny when he’d be the best starter on the red sox.

@JazzCardoza Started listening on radio when I was 4 yo. Taught myself about stats when 4 using baseball. I’m Red Sox through and though for 59 yrs. Fan of the game - even if, sometimes, Aaron Judges come along. He’s going to hit 61 & 62 against us. I’ll lift a glass & cheer for my Red Sox..

The Red Sox cowardly walked Aaron Judge on 4 straight balls and Yankee Stadium let them hear it.

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