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Death, taxes and Ricky Rubio somehow turning into prime Reggie Miller against the Lakers..

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Someone please link me to the nets broadcast for this nuggets game, Reggie Miller is annoying me rn.

KP got 5 quick points right out of half and Reggie Miller said “he’s gonna have a big 2nd half !” He scored 2 more points after that.

@AnthonyMSG @kporzee I haven’t heard anyone get booed like that since the Reggie Miller era.

Aw fuck. First Reggie Miller and now Chris Webber. God must’ve heard me cussing out that old lady in traffic..

Knicks win, let’s go Clutch Ntilikina KP sucks DSJ coming out party Mook got hot Reggie Miller sucks Let’s gooooooOoOoOoOoOoO.

I love how disappointed Reggie Miller is that the #Knicks are winning this game. 🤣🤣🤣.

Reggie Miller: I would like everything to go through Morris Sr Yes lets develop Marcus Morris..

Reggie Miller: I’d like to see the offense run through Marcus Morris down the stretch here. Me: plz no. Marcus Morris: proceeds to brick two straight awful shots.

The things I would be willing to do to never have to listen to Reggie Miller.

Did Reggie Miller just say he’d like to see every shot go through Morris Sr? It’s almost like he reads Fitzdales playbook. 😂 #knicks.

Reggie Miller asking for every possession to run thru Morris Sr. Somebody cut my ears off please.

“I want every shot and every possession to go through Morris Sr.” -Reggie Miller. Said nobody literally ever.

Who are the #knicks ?? Who are their go to guys ?? (Reggie Miller Voice) @ReggieMillerTNT heard you salute.

Luka went full Reggie Miller, and KP was getting excited in the third, and rick was sit now..

I think Kevin Harlan may be emphasizing the correct pronunciation of “Doncic” in hopes that Reggie Miller picks it up..

Death, taxes and Ricky Rubio somehow turning into prime Reggie Miller against the Lakers..

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