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Breaking news: Andrea Dovizioso will retire from MotoGP after the San Marino Grand Prix. Cal Crutchlow will replace him for the final six races of 2022.

The young brash fella @NdindiNyoro keeps on saying “We are African, and Africa is our business.” Exactly what “business” is that? He believes he’s saying something. Dude should retire the line if he thinks he’s being a pan Africanist. He’s wet behind the ears. BURE kabisa!.

Il faut que toutes les mairies de France qui se sont permis de retirer le drapeau français pour y mettre le drapeau ukrainien, souvent à côté du torchon européiste, soient sévèrement sanctionnées ! Qu’on retire le bleu et jaune et qu’on y remette fissa le bleu blanc rouge !.

@ChuckGrassley You could retire. Then you would be able to attend family reunions. See how that works?.

Marika was happy when he asked for the singles match. My dream came true, but I was still no match for Kobayashi-san. I’m not retiring, so when I come back, I’ll have grown up more, gotten stronger, and become a cool lady, and I’m gonna crush you. So please don’t retire yet..

@Francesca1Diasi Chuck is a bit senile, no? Shame about the family reunion. Cry more, and retire Chuck..

@ChuckGrassley Retire and you can be at every family reunion. The Senate won’t miss your obstruction and horrid record..

@natsechobbyist It’s like when people say “Bernie is a millionaire!!” Yeah no shit, the dude has been in Congress for like 30 years and is in his 70’s, I think he deserves to have enough to comfortably retire.

@ChuckGrassley Retire, if your family reunions interfere with you wasting taxpayers’ money..

This alone are grounds enough to retire stefanik from public service..

Do you really think you are the ONLY person in Iowa that can be a Senator? Seriously Chuck, check your ego and let a new person from a younger generation take your place. Then you wouldn’t miss your family reunions. #Retire.

@ChuckGrassley Sounds like doing your job is too much for you, Crypt Keeper. Time to retire and putter..

@alvaromoreno16 @lysduval No sé si eres el próximo candidato para presidente del Barça o para Papa, cuando se retire, Sindicalisto..

Retire Photo,Retire Photo by Le llamaban NAE,Le llamaban NAE on twitter tweets Retire Photo

@eluniversocom antes de hacer el ridiculo y quedar mal mejor que sev retire , buena decision.

BONUS: bird pack may have to retire I don’t think I can do maintenance on this one with how frayed the leather is qq.

Retire Photo,Retire Photo by 🌊AuroPenumbra🌊 United with Eel Boi at last,🌊AuroPenumbra🌊 United with Eel Boi at last on twitter tweets Retire Photo

SamSho Rollback announcement almost made me retire from DNF instantly But i like Launcher, so ill keep playing it.

@ChuckGrassley Cry me a river. RETIRE. Seriously, at 87 years old, what’s your motivation for not missing another family reunion? More priority access to federal farmer’s bailout $ to the detriment of smaller and Black farmers?.

@ChuckGrassley You aren’t the only one with plans that get cancelled because of work. You can always retire and then you can do whatever you want whenever you want..

Listening to the challenge podcast with Cash. She’s making Tiffany look bad, I gain some respect for her. but can we please retire the word Period 🥴 @DayDaVonne_ @DevynSimone.

@esfernando4 @realCarola2Hope Mantenete firme. Ya van a salir a buscar a los no vax, porque no se enferman. Yo no estoy pinchada, tampoco, pero ya me retiré. Hace 2 años que no voy a un cine, ni teatro, para no ver anormales con el pañal en la cara..

@LeaderMcConnell That’s exactly what @POTUS Biden is doing with Infrastructure Law, CHIPS Bill and Inflation Reduction and Climate Bill. Why don’t you retire now. B/c if you wait until after the 🌊🌊🌊🌊 in Nov you’ll aboud embarassment..

@MikeJoPro Why not? Make it one day before 80. Biden would have to retire this November and our first female president can finish his term, and still be eligible for two of her own..

@JalenRose Time to RETIRE Fab Five while describing Greatness for a team that never won a single title.

@ChuckGrassley Maybe you should retire if your job gets in the way of your free time..

@cubsgirl12 I want to be there the day the Cubs retire his number & reveal the statue of him with the Game 7 ball in his back pocket..

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