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Really @verizon? Charging an additional fee for @RemindHQ SMS? This is one of the most efficient ways of communicating with our students! Just another reason for people to go with AT& #ReverseTheFee #CorporateGreed

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It is sad to see that Verizon, one of the top cell phone carriers, is not supporting education. Remind is a valuable tool in communicating with students and parents. It is not Spam #ReverseTheFee Pls RT.

Come on @verizon! @remind does not send out spam! We use it regularly to communicate with staff, students, and parents. This is a great way to communicate quickly in emergency situations and/or just to keep everyone on the same page. #ReverseTheFee #criminy.

@Verizon #ReverseTheFee #NotSpam Remind is actually super useful in schools; if you wanna stop spam, be more efficient about it.

Hey @verizon this is crazy - teachers use Remind daily for contact with students and parents! As a customer I will need to look at another carrier so I can keep communicating with my kids! #reversethefee #notspam.

Hey. Verizon. What do you have against free communication between students and teachers? Free. All about the Benjamin$. @Verizon #ReverseTheFee on @RemindHQ #NotSpam.

#ReverseTheFee This is disturbing and another reason to leave Verizon after decades of using them..

OK @verizon what’s the problem here? It’s a text!!! Parents, teachers, & students shouldn’t have to pay for this! Do the right thing. #reversethefee.

@Verizon #ReverseTheFee #NotSpam. I use Remind for critical communication with my students through Remind - a safe way to contact them. Please reverse the fee!.

@verizon Why the fees? @remindhq is critical for teachers and coaches. #ReverseTheFee.

Really @verizon? Charging an additional fee for @RemindHQ SMS? This is one of the most efficient ways of communicating with our students! Just another reason for people to go with AT& #ReverseTheFee #CorporateGreed.

@verizon Please #ReverseTheFee sincerely, a public school teacher who uses remind to communicate with students and parents.

@verizon We use remind for our youth group and other events, its a great tool to inform youth and their parents. Please #ReverseTheFee !.

@verizon Please #ReverseTheFee on Remind. Remind is a valuable teaching tool and my messages to students are #NotSpam!.

[email protected] I use @Remind to communicate with my students. This is vital to my ability to do my job effectively. #ReverseTheFee #NotSpam.

@verizon the messages I send to my students are #notspam. Please #ReverseTheFee so I can continue to help them with reminders..

@Verizon #ReverseTheFee #NotSpam VZW reverse the fee on Remind! This is an excellent FREE tool that helps me know what’s going on with my children in school!.

@Verizon #ReverseTheFee #NotSpam Educators really use Remind to communicate with students and parents! Please reverse the fee for Remind.

@Verizon #ReverseTheFee #NotSpam Please make an exception for this! Some of my kids can’t use the app bc of data costs. DO THE RIGHT THING!.

@verizon #ReverseTheFee #notspam Not cool Verizon. Too many people use the Remind App for everyday school and sports notifications. It’s not spam. Reverse the Fee!.

#reversethefee I use this service to communicate with teachers and receive important updates about activities my daughter is involved in. Remind is NOT spam!.

I need Remind to continue the lines of communication and contact kids #ReverseTheFee to help our fiture leaders be successful now. Please no fee. I am an educator!.

@verizon Reverse this fee. Our church is non-profit organization, and we use REMIND to reach our members for prayer requests, announcements, cancellations, etc. Your fee is unfair and bad for those trying to do good. #ReverseTheFee #NotSpam.

@verizon I am an educator I use remind on a weekly if not on a daily basis. I use it to notify and remind parents and my students of any assignments coming up, any test, exams and essays. It is a very important tool in not only my life but my students and parents. #ReverseTheFee.

@Verizon #ReverseTheFee #NotSpam Please help our school keep Remind texting! It makes such a difference for our families and our students!!.

Hey Verizon!😡 #ReverseTheFee on Remind. My messages are to help the teacher/parent communication, these messages are #NotSpam. Tweet @verizon (I see fewer customers in the near future.) NO FEES.