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Rich Hill is extra motivated to keep Judge off the board tonight, as a former teammate of Roger Maris.

Rich Hill has faced Barry Bonds and Aaron Judge and (THUS FAR) has never given up a home run to either. How many other pitchers can say that?.

Aaron Judge vs Rich Hill #RepBX Flyout 💢 Exit velo: mph Launch angle: 44 deg Proj. distance: 339 ft This would have been a home run at Fenway Park and nowhere else BOS (1) @ NYY (1) 🔻 3rd.

Rich Hill Photo,Rich Hill Photo by Would it dong?,Would it dong? on twitter tweets Rich Hill Photo
Tom Cox
Tom Cox

The Ness Tunnel in Shaldon, Devon. Was it excavated as a passage for smugglers, to carry lime to the lime kiln at the north end or as a rich man’s vanity project? Nobody is sure. Whatever the case, it allows you to walk through a hill directly onto a beach & it’s totally magical..

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Michael Wacha and Rich Hill successfully avoided giving up No. 61. The 2020-21 Mets brand is strong..


CASH IT! 🤑 Rich Hill walks two and @MarkZinno walks to the bank with a winner 💰 Make sure to follow along so you can join in on the winnings next time 🔥.

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So I guess that Leon Rose interview made ya miss Aaron Judge striking out to Rich Hill with two men on and outs right??? Lmao.


@SimonettiSource I mean Pete I get it. But he’s got an insane FB/HR percentage. Every fly ball gets out somehow it’s crazy lol. But in this game Rich hill got how many neck high strikes?.

#RedSox Rich Hill takes matters into his own hands! #Yankees Gleyber Torres is picked off!.

@Espngreeny Just not fair to Judge that Rich Hill is throwing all strikes to Judge….

@doinkpatrol Aaron Hicks being the guy to take Rich Hill deep tonight is poetically hilarious..

@sharpshel 100 percent. When Rich Hill get squeezed on a questionable pitch and the guy made it to first, he threw him out on a pick off..

@PlayoffTanaka_ Ump gave rich hill the most obvious balls strikes and couldn’t give cole one.

@JohnMPhillipsS1 Just a joke about how Rich Hill has been around for absolutely forever.

Red Sox 1 (Pitching: #44 Rich Hill) Yankees 1 (Batting: #28 Josh Donaldson) Bottom of 4th, 1 Out, No one on.

Rich hill is one of my favorite kinds of pitchers. Older, grinding, pushing the it’s just fun to watch imo.

I give Rich Hill so much credit. Unlike the past few pitchers he is giving #AaronJudge balls to hit. Can every pitcher do this please. No more walks from here on out #RepBX.

Red Sox 1 (Pitching: #44 Rich Hill) Yankees 1 (Batting: #28 Josh Donaldson) Bottom of 4th, 0 Out, Man on first.

At the plate #Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres is 0-for-5 over his career facing #RedSox starter Rich Hill..

Fun Fact: Aaron Hicks was the only Yankee in the lineup to have previously homered off Rich Hill..

Red Sox 1 (Pitching: #44 Rich Hill) Yankees 1 (Batting: #25 Gleyber Torres) Bottom of 4th, 0 Out, No one on.

#RedSox at #Yankees Aaron Hick belts solo homer (8) Bottom 3 Rich Hill mph Curveball Aaron Hicks 405 ft EV mph.

Props to Sox pitcher Rich Hill, he is going right after Judge. The few times pitchers have actually gone after him in the past few days are the times when judge has been right on the ball and just missed. He’s still locked in. #Yankees.

@chassdee_ For obvious reasons. Rich Hill got away with a lot of high, outside, inside, down pitches. This mtf umpire giving everything to Fuckin Red Sox.

📆Friday High School Football - Live Stream King City vs Worth County/Northeast Nodaway Mid-Buchanan vs Lathrop Rich Hill vs Drexel/Miami Appleton City vs College Heights Christian Liberty vs Washington 🏆🏈🔴 Live Broadcast ➤ :.

Red Sox 4 (Pitching: #44 Rich Hill) Yankees 4 (Batting: #95 Oswaldo Cabrera) Bottom of 6th, 0 Out, No one on.

Rich Hill fuertemente inspirado en el día de hoy, tratando de proteger el récord de su excompañero de equipo, Roger Maris..

You give Rich Hill the head-high strike on the curve, but you don’t give Cole the fastball an inch below the knees???.

Rich Hill working really hard not to give up #61 a second time. People forget he gave up #61 to Roger Maris..


@jhawthornesgf Crazy rich asians, the notebook, Notting hill, eat pray love,10 things i hate about you and titanic (obv).

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