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ऋचा चड्ढा का साथ देकर कांग्रेस नेताओं ने गुजरात में अपनी जीत की बुनियाद पक्की कर ली है ! #RichaChadha.

जब खुद #RichaChadha को गलती का एहसास हो गया तो अक्षय कुमार को ट्रोल क्यों किया जा रहा है। उन्होंने ऐसा क्या गलत कह दिया।.

Not just hate against our army, #RichaChadha always had soft corner for Pakistan 👎.

This is the statement given by Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi GOC-in-C Northern Command. He simply said that there is a Parliamentary Resolution (1994) & we are ready. @RichaChadha reacted to a tweet which deliberately misrepresented the statement of Army Commander. Unfortunate..

गलवान का जिक्र कर अभिनेत्री ऋचा चड्ढा ने भारतीय सेना का मजाक उड़ाया है॥ फ़िल्म हिट कराने को लेकर ये लोग कितने नीचे तक गिर जाते हैं॥ आजकल इनका पाकिस्तान प्रेम काफ़ी चल रहा है क्या ? #RichaChadha.

20 Indian brave-hearts sacrificed their life for India in Galwan, but here is an Urduwood actor mocking Indian Army. Not only sad but shameful. A new low from @RichaChadha !.

#RichaChadha Photo,#RichaChadha Photo by Shashank Shekhar Jha,Shashank Shekhar Jha on twitter tweets #RichaChadha Photo

I appeal to all the members of film & tv industry to come forward and condemn #RichaChadha ‘s mockery against our brave jawans. Your silence will send a wrong signal to the nation at large. The anger against our industry then becomes justified..

बन्द है #RichaChadha तुम्हारी दुकान इसलिए पब्लिसिटी पाने के लिए चल रहीं हैं तुम्हारी ज़ुबान। @Richachadha.

#RichaChadha Photo,#RichaChadha Photo by DINESH KUMAR,DINESH KUMAR on twitter tweets #RichaChadha Photo

Some people keep making fun of their nation, army people and culture to look #RichaChadha.

#RichaChadha is bechaari! She done this because of brain wash by her husband who well-known symphothizer of Bikaristan-Pakistan. Otherwise Ali could have use method of Aftab..

@RichaChadha ek din apne housing society ki chowkidaari kar lo tab pata chal jayega that this freedom that you are enjoying is the gift by Indian armed forces. Easy to sit inside the walls manned by these men & question, mock and insult them..

#RichaChadha Photo,#RichaChadha Photo by Thedarkkinght,Thedarkkinght on twitter tweets #RichaChadha Photo

#RichaChadha Dear Indians, Why are you still watching Urduwood movies?? They are openly supporting Anti India Stop giving them your hard earned.

Appreciate that you are able to insult these brave men on tweet, because of these men only. Else you know, you will also be put in Burka by the Taliban. Get well soon..

@RichaChadha do you realize who you are mocking? You are mocking the Commanding-in-Chief Northern Command IA and the brave souls who laid down their lives at Galwan. As a patriot, I feel that you should apologize for your post. Jai Hind!.

@HMOIndia I find below tweet as anti national and disrespect to our jawans/forces. I want to file a complaint against @RichaChadha. Please guide..

The enemy within. It is always a front war. Disgraceful #urbannaxals.

बकवास तो यह मोहतरमा कर रही है लेकिन यह शब्द तो अब्दुल के हैं.. क्योंकि अब्दुल के स्थान विशेष में बहुत तकलीफ हुई है.. @RichaChadha @ExSecular.

#RichaChadha Photo,#RichaChadha Photo by Brijesh Kaushik 🚩🚩,Brijesh Kaushik 🚩🚩 on twitter tweets #RichaChadha Photo

Doubting your own army andd ocking them is greatest insult to any nation. Modern day Jaichand!.

ये पीएम से इतनी नफरत करते है की उससे नफरत दिखाने के चक्कर में गद्दारी भी करनी पड़े तो चलेगा खैर फ्रिज कितना बड़ा होगा इनके घर का थोड़ी मोटी तो लगती है ये वैसे, बहुत बड़ा फ्रिज चाहिए होगा या फिर एक बड़ा सा सूटकेस.

Galwan, fakr hai. Bharat Mata ki Jai!.

#RichaChadha Photo,#RichaChadha Photo by Pranav Jadhav,Pranav Jadhav on twitter tweets #RichaChadha Photo

Filth that somehow managed to enter India through Arabian Sea..

@ChillamChilli_ @RichaChadha After making their tweet viral, why do these liberals delete them later. What have they achieved by Mocking Indian Army. Hating the PM is ok, by hate your armed forces & in extension the what level will these liberal reach for their are guys who give gyaan.

After her Anti National Galwan says hi tweet in response to a tweet of CO on POK - Now Richa Chadha has protected her twitter account. These people are TERMITES of Nation. BOYCOTT their movies & series. Thats a lesson we need to teach them #RichaChadha #BoycottBollywood.

#RichaChadha Photo,#RichaChadha Photo by Rosy,Rosy on twitter tweets #RichaChadha Photo

Not a memes just #RichaChadha after being trolled for Insulting Our #IndianArmy n the Heroes who Sacrifices in Galwan !!.

#RichaChadha Photo,#RichaChadha Photo by Mukesh Srivastava,Mukesh Srivastava on twitter tweets #RichaChadha Photo

Why do we have such illiterate people like #RichaChadha in Bollywood who also seen to be supporting Congress Bharat Jodo Yatra ? Mocking the 20 Indian bravehearts who sacrificed their life for the nation in Galwan? #Richachadha.

#RichaChadha Photo,#RichaChadha Photo by hitesh kushwah,hitesh kushwah on twitter tweets #RichaChadha Photo

@mananbhattnavy @RichaChadha please dont act like a 18 year old teenager who acts out of rage cuz they cant get a.

After this tweet aggrandizing Chinese sovereignty against India, You have literally quit your movie ambitions in India @RichaChadha Not just yours but (anti-CAA riot loving husband) #AliFazal as well..

#RichaChadha Photo,#RichaChadha Photo by Venkatesh,Venkatesh on twitter tweets #RichaChadha Photo

Meaning of @RichaChadha:- a person who is contemptibly lacking the courage. Basically Coward. U can’t even keep ur comments open and have audacity to vomit junk. No one buying tickets of a flop show featuring C grade actor maybe D/E (Im considerate, u r even worse) #RichaChadha.

#RichaChadha Photo,#RichaChadha Photo by Pushpendra Singh,Pushpendra Singh on twitter tweets #RichaChadha Photo

@Rajput_Ramesh @RichaChadha ID protect kr di andar se itne Darpok log hain ye gidad sirf jhund mai he uchal sakte hain.

Make a distasteful and shameless comment, then hide like a rat, this is the new MO of two bit stars who want to be in the news come what may! Sadly their tweets showcase that they are dimwits!!!!! #RichaChadha #Galwan.

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