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Rick Barnes has made just 1 Final Four in his coaching career..

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Kim English has signed a six-year deal to become the next head coach at Providence, sources told ESPN. Spent the last two seasons at George Mason, previously an assistant coach under Rick Barnes at Tennessee. Former star at Missouri..

My morning after tweet: It’s not your job to educate idiots. Ignore silly Rick Barnes takes today and root for the baseball team. Love y’all..

The Ultimate Kemba Candidate, UCLA-Gonzaga delivers again, FAU makes program history at the expense of Rick Barnes, and more musings from day one of the Sweet 16 on a solo @oneshiningpod! Well @TomShady300 was there to react to all my thoughts 😂.

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COLUMN: When this Tennessee basketball season would end was a mystery. How it would end has been obvious for a while..

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Tennessee head coach Rick Barnes has gotten out of the Sweet 16 just three times in his nearly 40-year career..

I don’t want to pile on Rick Barnes because we all know the deal here but he’s been knocked out by a 9 seed, two 11 seeds and a 12 seed in five tournament appearances at Tennessee. That really should not happen..

i’m probs gonna get crucified by some of y’all for this, but here it goes: *Rick Barnes actually overperformed in March this year if you use an ounce of critical thinking skills* i hate this a whole lot too, but let’s at least keep it real.

Name a coach that we 100% could go get and can match what Rick Barnes does every year and I’ll think about entertaining on moving on. I don’t like losing in the Tournament but it’s better than not making the Tournament..

I have officially calmed down from the loss and have come to a realization. That Rick barnes should be executed for his wrongdoings.

If only there was a standard to make 6 mil a year and coach basketball we wouldn’t have to pay Rick Barnes..

Not sure this year should reinforce a negative Rick Barnes narrative. 1.) FAU is good; 2.) Tennessee won 2 NCAA Tournament games with no point guard.

Still got up at 5 this morning to lift and run a few miles. Now that I have cleared my mind I must admit that Rick Barnes is a massive loser..

I love Tennessee basketball… I was to emotional with some of my tweets last night. However Rick Barnes is way to stubborn and it costs us.

Tennessee pays Rick Barnes $ million a year. Gonzaga pays Mark Few $1,877,000 a year. ROI 👀.

Rick Barnes is notorious for wasting talent but has got away with it for years bc he coached KD. KD is his entire legacy.

Dusty May’s salary $429k not including his NCAA bonuses vs Rick Barnes $ million. Unreal..

@JonSpor It’s never a fire Rick Barnes time…. But it is wait until he retires time. He’s the only coach I know that will not call a timeout until it’s too late during an opposing teams run!.

@FredDungworth @MDiazdeLeon15 If anyone rated Rick Barnes at all, he would be most overrated..

I love Rick Barnes but this is a tough 6 year stretch of tournament results. Lost as the higher seed every year, and a pretty big favorite for most of them.

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@itsAntWright absoulutely agree ant you dont want to be rick barnes hes in danger of becoming rick barnes.

the real move is to just wait the 2-3 years rick barnes has left coaching ball then figure it out. keep the stability for now because regardless we will be looking for a new hc within the next 5-10 years.

@JMB_CU16 Easily one of the best days of the second weekend in recent memory. As well as every day being a good day when Rick Barnes does his annual March faceplant.

Rick Barnes is what college basketball should be all about. I will take him over any college coach in representing my University and at the same time maintaining a winning program. Go Vols..

Rick Barnes in the adversity his team’s been through following their loss in the Sweet-16 to FAU. Vol’s close out at 25-11, denied a second trip to the Elite-8 @wvlt.

Tennessee fans did not believe me when I said Rick Barnes can’t get past the sweet sixteen. He simply cannot. TJ Ford forced him to once and Rick hated it..

For the “Fire Rick Barnes” crowd, the question becomes: who do you REALISTICALLY think you could get to come in & exceed what he consistently does? Are you willing to gamble on not exceeding that just for the sheer idea of chance/change? Where is your satisfactory level?.

People tend to forget, it ain’t Rick Barnes out there missing layups and shots my 10 year old grandson can make. (maybe).

@K_NoiseWaterMD Any time I think about trusting Rick Barnes in March, I remind myself he couldn’t get out of the first weekend with Kevin Durant and Augustin..

Tennessee basketball loss to FAU is everything wrong with Rick Barnes READ:.

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