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No more need to talk to yourself, Jerry. Catch the Season 4 #RickandMorty finale tonight at 11:30pm EST/PST on @adultswim.

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Natasha S. Chowdory ()

@careyburkepro @RickandMorty NOT YET. *thank you* I like that you got here from Sexy Planets tho. 😂

Molotov ()

Inédit : Ce lundi férié, profitez-en pour vous mater le dernier épisode déjanté de #RickAndMorty saison 4 ! 🛸 Tous les autres épisodes restent disponibles à la demande et en exclusivité sur @AdultSwimFrance ! 🙌 ⏺️▶️

Sarah. ()

#RickandMorty finale had to do itt spoilers without context😂❤️

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ᜇᜒᜈ 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈 #FreeMassTestingNow ()

Well, thank you for making more depressed with that season finale.

Zeelex✌🏽 ()

So #RickandMorty season 4 has ended and now we have to wait 2 years or longer before season 5 comes out 😪

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I have many names ()

Rick and Morty finale exceeded my expectations and went well beyond it. Damm, that was good. What a gut punch towards the end. So many reveals and twists. Definitely the best Rick and Morty finale so far imo Rick: the best scientist, a shit human, the worst father #RickandMorty

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The_ENZOguy👌🏻 ()

That Rick and Morty season finale was something else and now I can’t stop thinking about it 😫 #RickandMorty

Sarahhh.mp4 ()

@RickandMorty @adultswim am I the only one that felt that the season finale was a out of place? Don’t get me wrong, I loved the episode, but it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the episodes this season. The 9 other episodes normal, then BAM the season finale just drops huge plot out of nowhere

Rie🔮 ()

I can’t believe season 4 ended on such a huge cliffhanger but there will be a season 5 #RickandMorty

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Mel ()

Jerry saving the day with puppeteering. Things just keep coming full circle. #RickandMorty

Charles Lee ()

I loved the season finale of #RickandMorty but I disagree with Beth -- the Hayley Mills version was way better than the Lohan version.

Zodiac Cipher ()

#RickandMorty The feels!!! The feels!!! and that song.

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The DeCiphered Code ()

That #RickandMorty finale. Man, this is why I freaking love this show.

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Eunice ()

I don’t feel bad for rick tbh. I mean I do feel bad, but he also needs to change. #RickandMorty

Alice Meichi Li ()

The @RickandMorty finale tonight really hit me in the feels, and this song had everything to do with it. Strange because this sounds like a radio pop song, but it was apparently written *just* for that scene #RickAndMorty

Charles Massie ()

Oh man what an ending for season and what a ride this whole season has when’s season 5? #RickandMorty

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SonicLover ()

And now a round of applause for @JustinRoiland for the season 4 finale of Rick and of my favorite definitely gonna go back n watch again tm! #RickandMorty

Sierrah Sanders ()

Me seeing Mike Mendel in that after credit scene #RickandMorty

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Real Life ()

That was a top tier @RickandMorty episode, had my jaw dropped like 3 times 😂😂 Just dont make us wait 2 years for season 5 plz.

Desperate Measures Studios ()

#RickandMorty Sea. 4: Had a lot of entertainment value as per usual. Initially not offering a whole lot of new meaningful stories, definitely kicked into high gear at the end. Really looking forward to more insanity soon, and more interesting character developments. #DMStudios

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ImperfectXIII ()

Jerry is still a gigantic punchline, though, and I hope that never changes. #RickAndMorty

Conner ()

#RickandMorty season 4 is really really is punching the face of the degens of Haha oh well we all have our faults

The Dragon Demands ()

@RickandMorty @adultswim Was Tammy a space bug surgically altered to look human as a deep cover agent on Earth, or was she a human recruited by the Galactic Federation?

George Bailey ()

@RickandMorty can we please stop with the @SusanSarandon episodes! She’s responsible for trump, so tell her to fuck off already!

LifeJust Keeps GettingWeirder ()

Dam just realized we gotta wait another 2 years for season 5 😪😪😪 #RickandMorty

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[andy west] ()

Everything in the world sucks, but hey, at least that #RickAndMorty finale was really cool, right!? 😔

Tan ()

#RickandMorty Season 4’a finale is literally perfect. Everything you want from the show and more. God bless and cheers to another mileina of waiting

Sammy 🖤💫 mostly acnh posts ()

Plor also good song why does it only have to be on Apple Music? 😪 #RickandMorty

Kris Bolt ()

A amazing season finale episode of #RickandMorty tonight a mystery answered with a great ending to it.

Rick and Morty ()

No more need to talk to yourself, Jerry. Catch the Season 4 #RickandMorty finale tonight at 11:30pm EST/PST on @adultswim.

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