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Ricochet defeated Happy Corbin The Smackdown Roster laughed at Happy Corbin for getting low blowed by Pat McAfee at #SummerSlam.

Ricochet Photo,Ricochet Photo by Lorenzo Dozier / Team Awesome,Lorenzo Dozier / Team Awesome on twitter tweets Ricochet Photo

@Fightful In 1 night HHH made Ricochet Corbin Shayna and Kross loook better than what Vince did in months.

#Smackdown Review 8/5/2022 Match of the Night: Ricochet vs Corbin 2nd Best Match: Nakamura vs Ludwig Kaiser Spot of the Night: Ricochet with a Shooting Star Press onto Corbin Wrestler of the Night: Ricochet #WWE Overall rating this week:.

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Silence is the best way to answer a blockhead. Your retorts will ricochet off a blockhead. Insult with insult is like adding wood to a fire..

Superstars like Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai, Ricochet, Karrion Kross, etc. would’ve had no future in wwe if Vince was still ceo. I’m so glad he’s gone because that old man did not understand how great the superstars he had could be. #SmackDown.

What a fun #Smackdown. The matches were all good, with Ricochet VS Corbin being my favorite match of the night, with Nakamura VS Kaiser as my 2nd favorite. The closing promo was awesome too. So, Week 2 in the @TripleH Era was a Thumbs Up for me. #DBWL.

-Ricochet W -Raquel showcase -Shayna W -Nakamura v Gunther -KROSS Trips Era #SmackDown.

Ricochet damn good btw. Shinsuke vs Gunther is also gonna rule. T Bar getting name changed and Gargano coming back..

personally when i asked to relate to a taylor swift song i did not mean my tears ricochet.

@TheActMan_YT Same thing with fun playlists. Ricochet, extraction, dominion all deserve to return as well as mythic arena..

#Ricochet: I Am Exactly What The People Are Going To Remember When They Leave This Show.

@D23Tommy I dunno how anyone could not care about Ricochet lol that’s wild to me lol.

@Wargeadicto Hasta ahora está siendo Zzzzzzmackdown (Claro si quitamos lo bien que había empezado con con Ricochet que se carreo la lucha solo).

Cursing my name wishing I stayed. LOOK AT HOW MY TEARS RICOCHET.

@SeanRossSapp Velveteen Dream and Ricochet had great chemistry and I feel like Logan reminds me of Dream, so they could work together well.

@superwhomom Oh i thought you meant tonight. Ricochet and Corbin have wrestled so many times! Raw was really good.

You know im excited about triple h being in charge of creative when im watching #SmackDown cool to see a ricochet match again.

@JoshGreshamORG My first thought is that drew buried ricochet in two words…what is he gonna do with kross 👀.

Ricochet with a petty goods promo on Corbin and picked up a W? we really in the Triple H era 🙏 #SmackDown.

I’m sorry but if triple h big answer is Ricochet and dweebs like that loser he gon tank that shit.

What a Smackdown. Ricochet picks up a win. Shayna showing aggression again and becomes number 1 contender. NAKAMURA seems more free… And Kross returns! Listen, I ain’t the biggest fan of Kross. But it sure as hell freshens things up.

@SamanthaTheBomb Ha! Nooooow i see why ricochet be flippin all over the place n shit..

@LuchaSantospty A medias. Lo más emocionante de la noche, el shooting star press de Ricochet (que desde hace un tiempo es más pobrechet que otra cosa por culpa del bookeo) y el retorno de Karrion resto, mejorable..

Ojalá que esto beneficie a los 2, push para Ricochet y que Corbin cambie a un personaje más dark y creíble..

je puse meet me in the hallway en aleatorio en spotify y después me salió my tears ricochet.

Ricochet Photo,Ricochet Photo by oriana,oriana on twitter tweets Ricochet Photo

Actually crazy to think about the fact that HHH hasn’t even been in charge for two weeks and has already brought back Dakota Kai, Kross, and Scarlet. Got Io Shurai a main roster deal. Ricochet back on TV + got the W. Ciampa gets two huge Ws and a US title match. This is fun..

@godsforetold cardigan, august, exile and my tears ricochet live in my mind rent free.

Ricochet got the last laugh over Happy Corbin: #SmackDownExclusive, via @YouTube.

@knoxben1 idk Osprey stuff look like it actually hurts. Ricochet’s stuff looks too pretty if that makes sense.

Ricochet liking all the posts about the great changes that HHH is doing, makes me know he’s happy as ever🥹.

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