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Hard to think of three bigger characters in Australian cricket than Dean Jones, Shane Warne & Andrew Symonds. We’ve lost them all in about a year and a half. Desperately sad time for the game. RIP Roy..

Summers will never be the same, the sun that sparkled amidst us has set slithering into darkness. RIP Roy. It hurts. Memories.

RIP Roy Photo,RIP Roy Photo by Dr. Nauman Niaz,Dr. Nauman Niaz on twitter tweets RIP Roy Photo

Bloody hell. Been a really tough time for Aussie cricket recently. RIP Roy.

Roy Symonds did some amazing things on the cricket field but none better than when he decked that streaker at the Gabba! One of the great hip & shoulders. RIP!.

One of my heroes as a kid in North Queensland. RIP Roy ❤️.

RIP Roy Photo,RIP Roy Photo by Taryn,Taryn on twitter tweets RIP Roy Photo

Thinking of the many times I criticized ROY whilst attending the Cricket, only to be proven wrong by him. Excessive ability the Man had, valuable Australian Player and a much loved one. RIP 🙏🙏🙏 #SadTimes #AussieLoss @CricketAus.

Oh suddenly woke up news😮 Australia allrounder Andrew Symonds RIP Roy 💔 🙏.

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Rip peace atas meninggalnya bapak Nino semoga tenang bersama papa har om Irvan mama Sofia Roy di tempatkan di surganya allah #IkatanCinta.

@FoxCricket Absolutely loved the way he played cricket and went about his life. RIP Roy..

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Far out, the world’s gone to absolute shit. One of my hero’s growing up, made me enjoy fielding. RIP great man #roy.

💔💔💔💔 Just when Aussie cricket was starting to climb off the canvas after Warnie and Rod Marsh. RIP, Roy..

NO! You’ve got to be kidding me… Holy shit, what a terrible year for Australian Cricket. RIP Roy 😞.

Another tragic loss for Australian Cricket. Dropping like flies. RIP Roy 😢.

RIP Roy Photo,RIP Roy Photo by Riley Nelson,Riley Nelson on twitter tweets RIP Roy Photo

Laying out that streaker with a perfect shoulder is my favourite Roy moment. That and 2003 WC. RIP 👑.

I can’t believe Roy Symonds has passed away. He was an incredibly talented cricketer who broke the common mould of his time. He had some demons but was also badly let down by the management of cricket. He never received the apology he deserved. RIP legend..

RIP Roy Photo,RIP Roy Photo by Geoff Newey 💉💉💉,Geoff Newey 💉💉💉 on twitter tweets RIP Roy Photo

Awful news - watching everything finally click for Roy - starting with that amazing 143 v Pakistan at the World Cup - was one of the highlights of watching cricket in my teens and early twenties. RIP..

Absolutely shocking news of the passing of Andrew ‘Roy’ Symonds. Was an entertainer and told it like it was. Australia loses another great. RIP Roy..

Will never forget this moment between Roy and Haydos. RIP mate. #andrewsymonds.

RIP Roy Photo,RIP Roy Photo by MJClark,MJClark on twitter tweets RIP Roy Photo

Devastating news #RIPAndrewSymonds one of the greatest fielders & middle order batters in modern times gone too soon RIP ROY #AndrewSymonds.

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Andrew Symonds was a player before his time, a smiter of the ball, a fantastic fielder, a handy white ball bowler and a sledger who could go too far. Aus were 84-5 before he and his mate Haydos put on 279 - typical RIP Roy..

@1bbradfo Unbelievable. So sad. What joy he brought us all in his prime. Genuine match winning are few and far between. RIP Roy..

One of the great players, but also one of the nicest blokes. RIP Roy 😭.

RIP Roy. A big character, gone too soon. @CricketAus #AndrewSymonds.

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@clarky_82 Yeah one of the best moments of Cricket. Sheer joy on the faces of Roy and his best mate Haydos. RIP Legend.

Breaking news 2 Times world cup champions 🏆 Former Australia allrounder Andrew Symonds has died in a car crash at the age of 46. RIP Roy 💔.

RIP Roy Photo,RIP Roy Photo by Aarambh Ram Mahakaal,Aarambh Ram Mahakaal on twitter tweets RIP Roy Photo

This is terribly sad. Growing up in the early 2000s, Roy made fielding cool, at lunch time everyone would dive to stop balls and hitting the stumps on a throw was ‘doing a Symonds’. Another Australian great who packed twice as much life into everyday, gone too soon. RIP..

An absolute shock to wake up to this news. Was fortunate to be at the MCG when he made a ton in a Test v the Poms. Just a natural talent. RIP Roy.

Devastating news about Andrew Symonds 💔 Two moments stood out to me over his career… The 143 in the World Cup v Pakistan was one of the great one day innings by an Aussie & his first test century, jumping on his close mate Matthew Hayden in sheer joy! RIP Roy.

Man, this sucks. Was one of my favourite players back in the day. Seemed like a ripper bloke too. RIP Roy.

I swear cricket is cursed this year!!! First Rod Marsh then the legendary Shane Warne now Andrew Symonds!!! SERIOUSLY WHY?!?!?! RIP Roy!!! 😭😭😭.

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