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BREAKING: 🇷🇺 Russia’s Counsellor to the United Nations in Geneva has resigned. Boris Bondarev: “Never have I been so ashamed of my country.” UN Watch is now calling on all other Russian diplomats at the United Nations—and worldwide—to follow his moral example and resign. 🧵:.

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They all lied to you about Trump Russia collusion, & used the power of the government to try to destroy Trump. They all lied to you about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Then 51 of their most loyal intelligence lapdogs swore to their lies. When do you all stop believing their lies?.

⚡️Egypt turns away shipment of grain Russia stole from Ukraine. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba thanked Egypt on Twitter on May 19 for refusing a Russian ship the Ukrainian Embassy in Egypt alleged was transporting grain stolen from Ukraine..

Bloody hell. During the recent debacle at the Siverskiy River pontoon bridge, Russia’s 74th Motorized Rifle Brigade sustained 485 casualties (out of a total of 550) and lost 80 vehicles to Ukrainian artillery, @TheStudyofWar says. The Ilovaisk Massacre of 2014 has been avenged..

Vladimir Putin has blocked John McCain and Harry Reid (both dead) from entering Russia, but not Donald Trump. This should tell you all you need to know..

In contrast India, strategic ally of US, has managed to reduce fuel prices by Pkr 25 per litre by buying cheaper oil from Russia. Now our nation will suffer another massive dose of inflation at the hands of this cabal of crooks..

⚡️McDonald’s to sell all restaurants in Russia. McDonald’s said on May 16 that it was exiting the country after more than 30 years..

BREAKING: Lithuania confirms it will withdraw its ambassador from Russia on June 1 and not appoint a new one.

Some try to shift the blame for Russian invasion on NATO, the US, the EU, Ukraine. For a variety of reasons: antiamericanism, moral blindness, conspiracy theories, Russian payrolls. The truth is Russia wages an unjustified and unprovoked war of aggression. Don’t fall for lies..

Thermite munitions used by Russia. Just imagine holding a line under this..

BOMBSHELL REPORT: The Same FBI Agents that Knew Hillary Was Behind Trump-Russia Lie Were Purportedly MEMBERS OF MUELLER TEAM and Neglected to Include this Important.

A list of those who were deported to Russia from a filtration camp on Russian-occupied territory, posted by the advisor to Mariupol’s mayor. Yesterday, 539 Ukrainians, including 55 kids were taken to another camp from Mariupol. Russian military is preparing them for deportations.

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#Russia bombing of #Azovstal likely damaged reservoirs of hydrogen sulfide. If that green stuff leaks into the Azov sea ALL flora and fauna will be killed. That sea will be no more. The environmental damage will have global effect.

Russia Photo,Russia Photo by Lesia Vasylenko,Lesia Vasylenko on twitter tweets Russia Photo

There are 66 camps in russia, which hold 95,000 #Mariupol residents. It’s hard to imagine what these people are going through there.

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The Russian minister of Industry and trade announced a possible legalization of #bitcoin and #crypto in Russia. What are your thoughts 💬?.


The State Department said Tuesday that it still pushing to have regular contact with WNBA star Brittney Griner of the Phoenix Mercury, who has been detained in Russia for nearly three months..

Their military spending and military focus is kind of misaligned to this war. Former Delta Force operators react to Russia struggling to topple Ukraine after several months of brutal fighting..

@lawcrimenews Do any of you retards read? Durham already indicted the clinton attorney for making up russia collusion, dossier, and alfa bank. All made up by Hilary campaign which we had investigations for 2 years from the FBI. ALL MADE UP!.

【ZSU-23-4 シルカ】23mmの4連装機関砲にレーダーを搭載した対空砲。半径20kmの目標を探知して半径8km以内の目標を追尾し、撃破できた。しかし砲身の冷却機構に欠陥があり、4門全部で射撃するのは緊急時のみだった。.

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@korry1389 Swedes dont give a fuck about russia. Absolutely nobody cares about Russia normally. Definitely don’t hate the people. Sure, a bit uncivilized but nice people when you get to know them..

@Reuters The f- 35 lighting ⚡ 🤔 ,50 Year s ahead of anything Russia? Or china could ever make! As stupid as trump is! He knew! The NSA, CIA, FBI! The cid! Central intelligence division. Us. M. Watch s guess s that like a babysitter.@ Silas pittman5.

For them to surrender, there had to be no other option. Russia could have killed them all or continued to starve them out and bombard them and someone has enough good sense to realize how counterproductive that would be.

Russia Suffered Many Casualties! Ukrainian Forces Eliminated Tanks And via @YouTube.

Olhem isso @PCO29 Corroborando a posição de vocês, tanto quanto ao que defenderam em relação ao Afeganistão, quanto agora à questão da Rússia-Ucrânia.

Is the GOP attempting to turn the United States into a country that mimics Putin’s Russia?.

Projection much: sounds like Daniel Goldman thinks its a book attempting to authenticate the fake Russia Collusion or Impeachments, which only a fool would think there was evidence for..


The Russian military has been in a state of strategic contraction. If Russia loses the war, it may push Putin to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine..

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Povera bimba e poveri ucraini soggiogati dalla furbizia rettiliana occidentale e costoroNon importa delle sorti della gente ucraina, loro sono un mezzo, un tramite, un arma ben oleata per colpire meglio la questo mi lascia una grande pena e sofferenza..

Why is BBC reporting pages of Biafra media warriors to Facebook? Is BBC also reporting pages belonging to citizens of America, Russia and Germany? Why Biafrans? What are they afraid of? By the way, why is BBC reporting only to Facebook and not twitter?.

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