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This is one of the most bizarre political photos I’ve ever seen. This is the British Home Secretary in apparent ecstasy at the building of detention centers in Rwanda where she dreams of sending desperate people. This is now considered normal?.

Rwanda Photo,Rwanda Photo by Maurice Mcleod (he/him),Maurice Mcleod (he/him) on twitter tweets Rwanda Photo

Very worrying. “… it emerged that the Guardian, BBC, Daily Mirror, Independent & i newspaper were not invited [on Rwanda trip]. The home secretary will be accompanied by journalists from organisations including GB News, Daily Mail and Telegraph”.

So far she has managed to get more employees of GB News on a plane to Rwanda than migrants - but early days.

Braverman criticised for shutting out Guardian and BBC from Rwanda trip.

So this is strange. Those refugee homes in Rwanda appear to have been opened as an affordable housing project for locals last year. Have they simply been requisitioned for the British backed scheme?.

Rwanda Photo,Rwanda Photo by Otto English,Otto English on twitter tweets Rwanda Photo

Another expensive Rwanda PR stunt Govt has already written Rwanda cheques for £140m for a scheme Home Secretary admits is “failing,” Immigration Minister says will take 200 people & evidence shows makes trafficking worse Labour wd put that money into crackdown on criminal gangs.

US describes conditions in Rwanda’s detention centres as harsh to life threatening.

Long overdue. European courts should have zero say over British laws and policies. European judges may be overruled on Rwanda deportations.

“It’s more dangerous for a Black person in America to be pregnant in the Mississippi Delta…then in Rwanda or Kenya,” says @DorothyERoberts. “The is not only an outlier among wealthy nations, it’s an outlier in the world bc in most [rate] is going down.”….

The Independent understands the publicly-funded visit is her first to the country since becoming an MP I previously revealed that Ms Braverman had travelled to Rwanda with a Conservative Party project supported by president Paul Kagame in 2008 and 2010.

Afghan pilot who served with British forces facing deportation to Rwanda - this is why Suella Braverman’s illegal immigration bill should be scrapped. Without safe and legal routes for refugees there will be many more cases like this.

Fursa ya Maridhiano. Kila nikiiona Tanzania ya sasa, naona nchi tofauti sana duniani. Tuna matatizo yetu mengi ya ndani lakini kulinganisha na wengine tuna afadhali. Tunaona ya Kenya, ya Uganda, ya Rwanda, ya India, ya Pakistan, ya Afrika Kusini, ya Burkina Fasso. Na kwingine..

Rwanda Photo,Rwanda Photo by Ezekiel Kamwaga,Ezekiel Kamwaga on twitter tweets Rwanda Photo

Mu Rwanda hatangiye kubera imikino ihuza abapolisi bo mu karere ya #EAPCCOGames2023. - Amafoto #rbaamakuru ➡️.

Rwanda Photo,Rwanda Photo by Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA),Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) on twitter tweets Rwanda Photo

#RwandaPolice overcame Burundi National Police in the opening football and volleyball matches played on Day One of the 4th edition of the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) Games, which started on Tuesday, March 21, in Kigali..

President #Kagame has arrived in Doha on a working visit during which he is expected to hold talks with Qatari Emir, Tamim bin Hamad. #Rwanda and Qatar enjoy strong bilateral ties in the areas of trade and investment..

Braverman gone to Rwanda this weekend. I would be impressed if she had taken a plane full of migrants with her..

The fact Braverman didn’t allow someone from the bbc to accompany her on her Rwanda jaunt is exactly why their kowtowing is even more pathetic.

Dear @MTNRwanda Mwiriwe! Ese umuntu iyo ayobereje amafaranga kuri MoMo Pay yanjye, bibaha uburenganzira bwo gufunga MoMo yanjye umunsi wose? Ibaze MoMo yanjye inyuraho arenga 800k/day mukayifunga kubera 10k indangare yayoberejeho… Ibikorwa byanjye byapfuye😭😭😭 @RURA_RWANDA.

Rwanda Photo,Rwanda Photo by Nkotanyi Mugabo✊🏽,Nkotanyi Mugabo✊🏽 on twitter tweets Rwanda Photo

So? You can still criticise the policy. Why would you want to go?.

@implausibleblog Hold So they were illegal immigrants but in Rwanda they become.

@herve_kalera au rwanda, seuls les soldats meurent du paludisme et des accidents, mais pas les civils🤣🤣🤣.

@ByrneBarry I think it is because Rwanda need time to complete building the places in their country for the people that will be sent there..

@ReusTouch I think it’s a slum in Africa, like arsenal has ‘Visit Rwanda’ on their kit.

The Rwanda scheme is a terrible, terrible policy but invoke the Nazis and you’ve lost the argument..

The way Rwanda has successfully managed to market itself across the world as a top tourist destination in Africa should be a lesson Kenya should learn..

Rwanda Photo,Rwanda Photo by Dr. Jeff K.,Dr. Jeff K. on twitter tweets Rwanda Photo

@Lucy_cat_lady I know its illegal but we are doing it anyway. Rwanda and the migrant crisis is the perfect distraction for the masses so the focus is away from all the major things the Tory government are doing nothing about - such as the energy crisis & cost of living crisis.

17Fも強いですね‼️ カーボン製釣竿直接給電バーチカルアンテナ(7m長)使用 TNX FB QSO!!! #9X5RU Rwanda 17F.

Rwanda Photo,Rwanda Photo by 🇯🇵JS1WWR,🇯🇵JS1WWR on twitter tweets Rwanda Photo

@omwambaKE Ila Kenya is too democratic Raila imagine Raila angekuwa opposition leader in Uganda or Rwanda.

@UNHaiti @BINUH_UN N’oublie pas que vous avez nourri ce qui se passe actuellement en Haïti de la même manière vous l’avez fait au Rwanda. Vous avez nommé avec un tweet un porc comme premier mimi à la tête d’Haïti. Ce porc travaille uniquement pour vous, pas pour le peuple haïtien, bandes de voyous!.

DID YOU KNOW? In Rwanda, the consent of the other spouse is required for donation and acceptance of donation of family property in case of community or limited community of property regime, ....

Rwanda Photo,Rwanda Photo by Abayo & Co. Advocates,Abayo & Co. Advocates on twitter tweets Rwanda Photo
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