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Ryan Fitzpatrick is wearing a Minkah Fitzpatrick Jersey right now. Steelers by a million. #HereWeGo.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo,Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo by Jordan York,Jordan York on twitter tweets Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo

Ryan Fitzpatrick is hysterical. @NFLonPrime “Shout out to Big Ben. I picture him watching this game at home, walking boot on, ice on both shoulders… Just for old times.”.


Ryan Fitzpatrick: “I picture Big Ben sitting on his couch watching this game tonight from home.” Big Ben:.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo,Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo by McNeil,McNeil on twitter tweets Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo

Ryan Fitzpatrick is so entertaining to listen to. Hope to see him up in the booth soon..

Did you know Ryan Fitzpatrick is top 40 all time in career passing yards and passing touchdowns and top 30 in career completions?.

said in our house while watching Ryan Fitzpatrick at halftime Is that a younger looking Zach Galifianakis?.

@BarstoolBigCat Ryan Fitzpatrick just said Ben is at home watching this game with a walking boot and both shoulders on ice!.

@NFLonPrime want to know where Ryan Fitzpatrick gets his shirts. My mother and I love his shirts..

“And what happened, then? Well, on the #TNFonPrime pregame set they say – that Ryan Fitzpatrick’s body hair grew three sizes that day.”.

Ryan Fitzpatrick 100% shops at Dan Flashes. That pattern is soooo complex. #Browns #TNFonPrime.

Ryan Fitzpatrick - “I picture Ben watching this on his couch, walking boot on ice on both shoulders.” He nailed it.

@NateGearySports As a life long Bills fan I’ve honestly never wanted a regular season win more. These Dolphins fans have lost their minds. Ryan Fitzpatrick once had a 6 td game too..

@JoeStarkey1 I thought you had the copyright on the Trubisky Train. Ryan Fitzpatrick just got on it tonight!?.

Touchdown Wire’s Laurie Fitzpatrick details how the Jaguars’ defense beat up the Colts, and why “Sacksonville” is back in Duval County..

Ryan Fitzpatrick, at #TNF halftime, claimed the Browns (13) had the lead over the Steelers (14). Me in my head:.


Amazon broadcast sucks. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Richard Sherman are not entertaining. And I hate when the audio and video are off..

@NFLonPrime Ryan Fitzpatrick is a national treasure. Protect this man at all costs. Signed - All of #Billsmafia.

Watching pregame for this PIT vs CLE, and can I just say Richard Sherman and Ryan Fitzpatrick need a show together talking football, it’s good tv.

Ryan Fitzpatrick can tell Richard Sherman to get that booger out his nose y’all on Tv 😂.

Bills fans, who would’ve thought Ryan Fitzpatrick would be doing #TNF. Not in a million years. #BillsMafia.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo,Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo by The Encyclopedia of Guys,The Encyclopedia of Guys on twitter tweets Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo

You’re telling me, Pittsburgh wouldn’t have been better off convincing Ryan Fitzpatrick to play one more year instead of going with Mitch Trubisky??? Tell me I’m wrong!!!!.


Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like one of those douche guys at a bar who lectures you about how great IPA’s are and complains that the service isn’t quick enough..


For as good as Ryan Fitzpatrick is on here, Richard Sherman is equally not good… #TNFonPrime.

@smokewoodson No sir. Nick Foles Ryan Fitzpatrick Teddy Bridgewater Gardner Minshew Jimmy Garoppolo.

Brissett is the New Ryan Fitzpatrick. Need a starter for a year or a dece back up, he’s your guy.

To me Ryan Fitzpatrick never was a good QB. Why the hell do they keep making him look like a Superbowl MVP, or one of the elite.

Well, I thought I was tuning in to watch Browns vs Steelers … instead I’m sitting here drooling over Ryan Fitzpatrick on the panel doing commentary. 😍 Dayum..

Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo,Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo by Amanda Weber (she/her),Amanda Weber (she/her) on twitter tweets Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo

Explain to me how Ryan Fitzpatrick is supposed to be an “unbiased journalist” when 75% of current @NFL players have been his teammate?.

Ryan Fitzpatrick after writing his halftime show script calling Chris Boswell the goat and then having to say it on live television after he already missed one field goal in a possible scorigami.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo,Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo by Yung Napkin,Yung Napkin on twitter tweets Ryan Fitzpatrick Photo

Ryan Fitzpatrick aping @edsbs’ whole style is like sticking Bob Evans’ fried chicken in a Popeyes bag; I can smell the fraud before I see it..

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