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Reserve Team to face Partick Thistle this afternoon 1 | Charlie Cowie 2 | Jay Burns 3 | Finlay Kennedy 4 | Andrew Oram 5 | Lewis Currie 6 | Ryan Muir (C) 7 | Keir Foster 8 | Ben Johnstone 9 | Ross Irving 10 | Dom McMahon 11 | Peter Mendy.

✌️good riddance💀 (I know this is like a million words) Ryan Ross word of the day: DING DONG THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD!.

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anyways here’s a pic of me (w friends) in ryan ross tank tops i made when i saw panic at the recent tour and i ended up with pit tickets for free so brendon saw our shirts (that’s my mom i’m texting).

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when i say i like panic i mean old panic aka everything ryan ross wrote god bless fuck brendon urie.

thinking about the fact that ryan ross wasn’t the lead singer makes me genuinely sad sometimes.

Ryan Ross come back I need u to Taylor’s version these bitches.

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The Panic! At The Disco you all know and love actually ended in 2009 with the departure of Ryan Ross. Brendon Urie went on to write and record arguably some of his best songs after that, but that was all him and not the P!ATD you scream at Emo Nite..

i hope ryan ross is having the best day of his life right now <3 🤭.

Brendon Urie AL FINNN terminó con la tortura de p!atd, lastima que se dedico los últimos años a manchar el nombre de lo que fue la banda de ryan ross.

@momjeansclub Ryan Ross WAS P!ATD and once he left…things were not the same. Which happens and I get it. But also, damn Brendon wtf were u doing out there this tour 😭.

brendon urine finally letting go of the name “Panic! At the Disco” after it died when Ryan Ross & Jon Walker left over a decade ago has given me the strength to get through this day.

ik this joke has already been made a trillion times by now but in all seriousness we NEED to get a carrier pigeon or some shit to ryan ross bc i guarantee he hasn’t heard the news yet his ass is too busy frolicking somewhere entirely forgetting the internet exists at all.

fever era ryan ross coming out of jail while the boys by snsd plays this is so sherran coded like it’s actually content for me.

one time i used this pic of ryan ross as a before of me in a before and after tweet n someone actually believed it was me n i have never been so humbled in my life.

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Panic actually broke up when Ryan Ross left in 09. Since then Brendan Uriel’s band mates have been The Audacity.

si fuera Ryan Ross aprovecho este momento para subir una foto a Instagram y me vuelvo a desconectar de internet por unos 13 meses más.


ryan ross trending in the uk after panic at the disco ending will forever be funny to me.

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Panic acabo cuando se fue Ryan Ross, volvio cuando Dallon estuvo y se murio definitivamente cuando se fue.

eu e o ottoparks falando bem do ryan ross ontem e xingando o brendon foi a gente que manifestou o disband sim !.

Man… Pretty. Odd. legitimately changed my life. P!ATD was the first band I ever loved… I’m glad it’s over but it’s so weirdly bittersweet, you know? Anyways stream Pretty. Odd. today for Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, and Jon Walker ✨.

Fish: “Babe are you awake? Panic at the disco broke up” Me, Ryan Ross’ biggest fan: “panic broke up in 2009”.

this day, the 24th of january, shall henceforth and forevermore be known as Ryan Ross Day.

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somewhere in the world today ryan ross and dallon weekes are jumping around saying yippee.

them continuing to call themselves Panic! at the Disco is so dumb it’s almost camp considering the band ended when Ryan Ross left in 2009.

em homenagem ao fim da banda botei essa obra de arte pra ross vc finalmente foi !.

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and with that i remind you all to go listen to ryan ross, FOB paramore or literally anybody else, or dont, i don’t rlly care anymore the brendon show is over and out, ( thank u vices and virtues you were my first love ).

brendon urie was fighting the ghost of 17 year old ryan ross for like over a decade and lost.

Se o ryan ross regravar pretty odd agora pelo menos metade do álbum viraliza no tiktok.

Imagine being Ryan Ross, creating this band, grinding to get Pete Wentz to listen to their demos, END UP GETTING A RECORD W PETE WENTZ, basically carrying this band from the beginning,, only for a replacement vocalist to get most of the credit for a band YOU STARTED.

A VERY happy Panic at the Disco break up day to Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith and Dallon Weekes.

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