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William Saliba in training ahead of the Emirates Cup. 🇫🇷.

Saliba Photo,Saliba Photo by Connor Humm,Connor Humm on twitter tweets Saliba Photo

👀 Who else is excited to see William Saliba make his Emirates Stadium debut this weekend?.

Saliba Photo,Saliba Photo by Jason Soutar,Jason Soutar on twitter tweets Saliba Photo

Marseille a good move for Tavares. Big club, intense fanbase. Pressure to perform. Could be an excellent learning curve for him (as it was for Saliba). Arsenal expecting the season-long loan to go through, medical and final details permitting..

Nuno Tavares undergo his Medicals at Marseille seems like @GFFN forgot to mention this there to busy with Saliba chat lol 😂.

📌De qualquer forma OM se mostrou um bom lugar para recuperar e evoluir jogadores, Saliba está aí para provar isso. Sou uma pessoa que sempre acredita na evolução do indivíduo e acho que Nuno tem tudo para melhorar e irá ajudar o Arsenal em campo ou como um bom ativo futuramente..

Arsenal transfer news LIVE: Saliba agent holds meeting, plus Tavares exit and Bowen latest.

Saliba Photo,Saliba Photo by Mirror Football,Mirror Football on twitter tweets Saliba Photo

I love the fact that Nuno Tavares’s loan move to Marseille is a dry loan and he will come back next summer. It’s a very sensible thing to do. That shows he’s highly rated at Arsenal. There’s a player in that guy. Just like Saliba, he needs a year away from the English media..

Marseille came over to sign Saliba, left with Tavares on loan. Nothing more than our feeder club 🚮.

@afcstuff @AndiOnrubia I like this Tavares hopefully we can redo saliba and he can come back flying If there is space 😂.

On this day in 2019 Arsenal signed William Saliba… the story is only just beginning ❤️🤍.

Saliba Photo,Saliba Photo by Nathalie Hudson 🍄,Nathalie Hudson 🍄 on twitter tweets Saliba Photo

And what I’m saying is there are more people known to Djibril Niang with a skin tone than Saliba… The club Longoria reps is in England, he’s been friends with Niang for years, one of Niang’s other 14 clients plays for said club. “C’mon man wakey wakey.” Much more realistic..

@DaouMark @najat_saliba اوكي وانتوا طلعتوا تتصوروا حدّو😂😂😂.

Ter Saliba, Zinchencko ou Partey para construir desde trás não é para todos. A melhor contratação que os gunners fizeram ao Manchester City foi o ucraniano. Já era tempo de ser protagonista num clube e tem tudo para ser em Londres. Vai fazer a diferença no corredor ou no meio..

@Arsenal @AaronRamsdale98 Still need new signings and saliba saka martinelli contracts.

@milohamptonn Zinchenko/Tierney-Gabriel-Saliba-Tomiyasu >>>>>> Reguilón-Romero-Dier-Spence.

Ex Arsenal player Kevin Campbell (Saliba) “If Virgil van Dijk is a Rolls Royce, Saliba is a Bentley. He is never flustered, and his passing is a lot better than a lot of people give him credit for. He is smart, quick, strong, physical, powerful and does not make mistakes.”.

Saliba Photo,Saliba Photo by Arsenal,Arsenal on twitter tweets Saliba Photo

Jesus golden boot Saliba YPOTY Top 3 Europa In the bag Super Mik shutting people up We’ve got our Arsenal back 💕💕🦅.

Saliba Photo,Saliba Photo by Bants N Rants,Bants N Rants on twitter tweets Saliba Photo

Infos inutiles l’agent de saliba doit avoir d’autre joueurs #TeamOM.

@LatteFirm Really appreciated the chance to speak. Had a blast in Orlando. Saliba is a beast and is an elite talent. A treat to see him live ahead of many long time season ticket holders..

Nuno tavares en prêt sec comme saliba. Ça me va je préfère faire progresser des joueurs d arsenal plutôt que de voir amavi tenter péniblement de conduire son ballon sur l aime gauche #teamOM.

@FabrizioRomano Tell him we can give him White ,Holding and Mari free of charge just to leave Saliba alone..

Respect moments in Football ⚽❤️.. #football #Trending Asensio Lo Celso De jong Arteta Garnacho Premier league Saliba Vinicius West Ham Fofana.

Il est tôt et des orages sont annoncés… il est l’heure de rentré chez toi Wilo ! 💙🤍 Saliba is Back ! 🔥.

@MohamedTERParis @FabrizioRomano Il va revenir Saliba? Ou c’est pour un autre joueur ? ( agoumé, ndiaye)?.

O Marseille levantou da tumba e retomou a negociação por empréstimo pelo Nuno depois do negócio com a Atalanta fracassar , o Arsenal insiste em querer apenas o empréstimo sem opção de compra como aconteceu com o Saliba.

@DaouMark @najat_saliba الله يطول بعمر جبران باسيل صاحب هل الفكرة و من بدأ فيها. بس حلو انكم تمثلوا انو انتوا عم تقطفوها على الجاهز. ههههههاااااااا.

@ElMassiliado Saliba la saison dernière c’etait gagnant pour lui, gagnant pour l’OM, gagnant pour Arsenal. Sans ce prêt, t’as pas de coupe d’europe cette année. C’était pas l’idéal mais c’etait positif quand meme..

@DaouMark @najat_saliba من وين جبتو التمويل من بطرك فلسطين والا تهريبات سلامة طمنونا 🤓.

Pendant que nous on pense à faire l’ex toxique avec Saliba alors qu’on a 2 mecs de la bac nord au poste mddrrrr.


@MargusKask Also supports AFTV Think its sooooooo funny to say farteta, tetasexual and teta. Think they personally discovered Saliba. Spend most evenings magicking the beans into their favourite sock. Are probably about 13, never had a girlfriend - and no nothing about football..

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