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Goal - own goal (SALISU) Assist - EMERSON ROYAL Spurs 3-1 Southampton (61 mins) #FPL #TOTSOU.

The moment Ghanaians noticed Salisu he became bad at football. The bad vibes of this country is unmatched 🤣.

Not so long ago there were Arsenal fans suggesting we sign Salisu.

But Salisu score the goal ooo. Taking a look at where he came from only to come cause that blunder . Crazy.

That Salisu OG is why the ability to clear the ball with either foot is a big deal for CBs, he was never getting that away with his left.

Salisu worst game ever, serious shocker, completely loses the ball in the build up to his own goal.

@jamessfc Who said this? Anyone that watches Saints knows Salisu has been shit for months.

Salisu dropped off massively last season and was absolutely again today. definitely worth 60m. #saintsfc.

Salisu has cost us in so many games now. Cost us the quarter final vs City with a stupid challenge. Today with that stupid OG, believe spurs last season with a red card? Pathetic really #SaintsFC.

@InsideKaduna_ I hope it will be replicated in all parts of the state that have newly constructed roads..

@sijlaw @AlfieHouseEcho It’s rookie defending. Ralph can’t come on the pitch and clear it for him… there’s plenty today that Ralph got wrong but oh my word that Salisu own goal should’ve been basic defending.

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