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Sam Ryder doing more for GB than our politicians have managed in a decade. At last people actually like us #Eurovision.

The Marcel Bezençon awards just took place backstage at Eurovision. 🔹Sam Ryder 🇬🇧 won the Press Award 🔹Konstrakta 🇷🇸 won the Artistic award 🔹Cornelia Jakobs 🇸🇪 won the Composer Award.

Sam Ryder Photo,Sam Ryder Photo by Steve Holden,Steve Holden on twitter tweets Sam Ryder Photo

Sam Ryder feels ‘fantastic’ as he arrives in UK after Eurovision triumph.

@theJeremyVine No. There are no benefits to leaving the EU and making up a benefit of winning the Eurovision is beyond parody. Sam Ryder did well because he is a class performer with a great voice, and an inclusive and positive attitude. Very opposite of Brexit..

UK’s Eurovision entry Sam Ryder speaks out after finishing in second place.

Sam Ryder ‘feeling fantastic’ as he arrives back in UK after Eurovision.

UK Eurovision star Sam Ryder mobbed as he lands in UK and says first thing he would do back home.

He was carrying a champagne-shaped balloon and a Union Jack flag when he landed and said he was feeling “fantastic” after the “incredible experience”.

@escmatthew Option A) similar to Sam Ryder: 11th-15th Option B) similar to Chanel: 16th-20th Option C) TaP stays onboard and utilises their act’s natural talent: 1st-5th.

Kalushは先週の木曜日取り上げたので、今日はSam Ryderの経歴紹介してる。.

This is what I like to see. Sam Ryder trending on a Monday morning @SamRyderMusic 💛💛💛.

Sam Ryder Photo,Sam Ryder Photo by Sam M-D 🇬🇧🇪🇸🇮🇪👩‍🚀#teamSPACEMAN,Sam M-D 🇬🇧🇪🇸🇮🇪👩‍🚀#teamSPACEMAN on twitter tweets Sam Ryder Photo

Viendo todo el chanchullo de la EBU con los votos de ciertos países, Chanel tendría más votos que Sam Ryder por lo tanto seríamos los ganadores de la edición, ¿no? 😌 #Eurovision.

Eurovision hero Sam Ryder salutes Ukraine by wearing Psiuk's pink hat.

昼食で訪れている某ラーメン店より。 SPACE MAN(Sam Ryder🇬🇧)って、もう有線で流れているのね。さすがユーロビジョンの威力! これじゃあリピしまくりで脳内チャート1位になるわ。 #Eurovision.

Does anyone else get the vibes that Sam Ryder and SuRie would be like BEST BUDS? They both have Golden Retriever energy!.

SO happy for UK getting 2nd place in @Eurovision! Sam Ryder is incredible! And of course chuffed for Ukraine! 🇺🇦 Gutted that Poland didn’t get a higher score…Ochman’s song River is gorgeous & haunting…fell in love with it right away. My Polish roots make me love it even more 🇵🇱.

@116Nanily @layayadenick Aparte de ser una falta de respeto enorme a todos los artistas, para qué a trabajado Chanel, Sam Ryder, etc si sabían q se iba a regalar como quien dice? No se, a mí me parece injusto..

@lunnariis_ Y cuando vieron q no eran la competencia, Sam Ryder Sam Ryder!!!! Es de coña😅😅😅.

Sam Ryder - SPACE MAN - LIVE - United Kingdom &x1f1ec;&x1f1e7; - Grand Final - Eurovision 2022 eebf.

Sam Ryder, de triunfar en TikTok a quedar en segundo puesto en Eurovisión.

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra win Eurovision 2022 in an emotional, compassionate final.

Sam Ryder celebrates his Eurovision success after finishing in second place.

Sam Ryder celebrates his Eurovision success after he finished in second place.

Sam Ryder celebrates his Eurovision success after finishing in second place.

Sam Ryder feels ‘fantastic’ as he arrives in UK after Eurovision triumph.

Todo mundo sabe que o verdadeiro vencedor da Eurovision 2022 foi Sam Ryder. A Ucrânia ultrapassou do televoto pq a população resolveu dar um voto político por conta da Guerra. #Eurovision2022 @eurovision_br.

@scott_mills Well done to Sam Ryder and to the BBC for getting the finger out and actually giving it a proper go this year. No hate to contestants in previous year but 2022 has obviously been a step up in intent and execution. Great work. Also: Rylan and Scott for the final, pls, thx..

Sam Ryder - SPACE MAN - United Kingdom 🇬🇧 - Official Music Video - vía @youtubepunks.

Sam Ryder made UK Eurovision history with major award fans didn’t know about.

pensar que conocí a Sam Ryder en Chile cuando no lo conocía nadie y cuando los fans de Close your eyes no lo aceptaban 100% como nuevo vocalista de la banda y ahora salió segundo lugar en #Eurovision jajaja.

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