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Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha will be going to Vizag for a song shoot the next week #Kushi.

the Left made abortion a joke that they rubbed in the faces of people who felt it was a tragedy. Ppl like Samantha Bee and Michelle Wolf are to thank for celebrating the death of babies moments before birth. Their arrogance presented the slippery slope for all to see..

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Where Samantha Power was direct in calling out Russian responsibility for the war in the east of Ukraine, 8 full years ago. Not a single mention of separatists here..

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#SleepWithMe’s world premiere will be at the 40th Los Angeles LGBTQ+ Film Festival! Congratulations, Lovi Poe, Janine Gutierrez, Samantha Lee and Dan Villegas! Streaming SOON on iWantTFC!.

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You not only see the weaponization of food and humanitarian access as a tool of warfare in Ukraine, but you see the weaponization of global hunger @PowerUSAID & @DavidMalpassWBG discuss Ukraine & the rising food insecurity on The Way Forward..

Samantha antes se pone a cantar y perrear que a cocinar #MasterChef10.

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I love how much they’re giving Brody in this match. I said on the show this week that this match would give Brody the shine he deserved as he’s often overshadowed by Malakai & Matthews. #AEWDynamite.

Treated like a king and played to wonderful friends tonight in Davenham. All thanks to Andrew Whalley and his lovely wife Samantha. A class act all the way. I keep rolling sevens. I don’t know why, and I’m not going to ask….

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@modernclassproj Samantha here! Currently watching gods favorite idiot on Netflix 🤐 #MCPchat.


Evil Uno says Dark Order is forever & the 6 of them are here to stay #AEWDynamite.


Negative One said he’s waiting until he’s 19 to fight QT. Long. Term. Storytelling. #AEWDynamite.

El ritmo de Pepe Rodríguez sólo es comparable al de Samantha. #MasterChef #MasterChef10.

El cringe de la noche: Samantha cantando sin piyama, sin . #masterchef10.

/ #Munday fucknuts >:) I wanted to see how these shades looked on me in a selfie and I think they look cool :D Also cat. this is Samantha.

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#LaCiudad | Lisseth López fue escogida como la reina de Asogan 2022 en un evento desarrollado la noche del sábado en el salón Quitapenas de la Asociación de Ganaderos de Santo Domingo. Durante su reinado la acompañará Samantha Guillén, quien fue electa virreina..

These recent events for @samanthacavet are the perfect example of “good things take time”. Congratulations Samantha!! Couldn’t have happened to a better person💎.

Romance do século 21: a pessoa morar na mesma rota de ônibus q eu pra gente voltar pra casa e ter mais tempo de ficar juntos.

#MasterChef10 Samantha ha cantado y bailado más en este programa que cocinado en toda la historia de MasterChef.

Vim acompanhar a Samantha no hospital mas tô pensando em pedir atendimento tbm. - Motivo senhor? Estou virando um Whitewalker nessa bosta de ar-condicionado!!.

ojalá samantha hudson fuera mi bestie es que nos llevaríamos súper bien me encantaría ver una rubia muy legal y criticar a los hombres con ella.


@AntunElo_chan Sparta se siente observado y Timba lo va a dejar algo va a.

lets him drown, i would say, on an evening of a historical storm after his moms funeral. tom still in his funeral clothes walks out into the storm angry at samantha for not being able to save his (abusive, codependent) mom and plans to something..

@DanPimpao Ainda bem que sempre estive do lado da Samantha. Ela habla mesmo apenas verdades!.

Good night ❤️😘 @Samanthaprabhu2 July finallyyyy blessed with your smile sam🥰 #SamanthaRuthPrabhu #Samantha.

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@logastellxus They hate Samantha (understandable) but somehow think Jonathan is a better parent/person because aTlEasT hE CaReD 🥴🥴 it’s so stupid.

En este programa le ha caído duro a Samantha y eso que ni ni hablo, ni aporto, no hizo nada. Que pensaran los productores? Es que no lo entiendo #MasterChef10.

Shoutout to all my ladies with American girl doll legs. Y’all are sexy af. Samantha didn’t die for you to hate your cankles.

@Liebe9PoPo 니 어깨에 업깅이가 있어서 손을 못쓴다고?.

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@Liebe9PoPo 밤엔 또 같은 침대에 누울 생각에 설레기도 한다고?.

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