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“All y’all just mad y’all don’t own y’all hits” - Ray J to Bobby V, Sammie and Pleasure P #Verzuz.

Omo Sammie trill finish work for this jam,I don watch am like ten times.

Meanwhile chris brown just dropped his new album during the ray j sammie bobby v omarion pleasure p mario verzuz 😩 too murch. Errbody outside.

Pleasure & Sammie messed everything up honestly. Main character syndrome is at play here #verzuz.

I thought Sammie blew my mind but WTFFFF Mario is blowinggggg!!!! I couldn’t wait for him to sing another song I knew so i could fake like i can sing🥹😂😂😂😂😂.

That bad energy Sammie them left on the stage rubbed off on Omarion that’s all #Verzuz.

So atp I don’t wanna see NOTHING negative about Sammie , Bobby V , Ray J or Pleasure because this behavior that Mario is Displaying would’ve gotten that grill reconstructed , RIGHT THERE ON THE F’N STAGE 🤷🏽‍♂️ My unbothered ass would’ve been fighting TONIGHT 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️.

I see why the people that can sing was spicy tonight. Them boys been appalled all these years by the magic 😂 Sammie, P, and Mario we too see the jig now! #verzuz.

Nah but for real i heard Mario didn’t wanna do the 2nd tour because there was so much drama on the first one…idk about the invite tho. I think that’s where Sammie came in…#Verzuz.

@Gabbysymone_b Performer vs Vocals lol… bring back Deacon Sammie 🤣🤣 he was unhinged on tonight!.

@DumbAssZeke Who can sing better? Sammie easily, I never said I didnt like Sammie, just yall was using the word hit loosely af! Hits wise? Jeremih has.

@NewAgeCannaPC I’m about to make an egg Sammie w/ water to drink 😂 money’s tight rn.

Sammie can sing but his aggression was too much and irritating.


It’s me playing pretty Ricky at an appropriate hour, but all I have in my head is Sammie being extra and pleasure being angry 😂😂😂😂.

@dr_adetountanni E gba Amala money jeje from Uncle Sammie that Tacos kolewerk ooooo🙅🏾‍♀️😂.

@Rodziac_ I think Michael Donalds should reconsider, everyone deserves a good sammie!.

Sammie said I’m Big Sam now and started singing Ray song better than him Lmfaoooo I died. Ray J talk a lot of shit for somebody that can’t sing 🤣🤣🤭.

@thatgirl_nicki I watched it between 2-6am 😕💀 not one of my proudest moments lol. Got my wasted time worth crying It was ghetto and ridiculous how bad it was lol. Mario murdered O and the riff raft of Bobby V/Ray J vs. Sammie/Pleasure P smh. That was wild and laaame af #Cringey.

I’ll repeat that both Sammie and Mario acted like that because they really sing better than their opponents but didn’t have the career success of their opponents..

@theSTONEDSTRESS That man was dancing too damn much like he was at a concert. And tbh people sleep on Sammie too! He may not have been as popular over these years to the mainstream but the boy got hits & albums..

@DatGirlKaylaD The Dj and Pleasure .. when afro Sammie came out he was hitting too though.

@0aklandWarrior @Jussstchillin1 Exactly, Ray J definitely has less than five P thought he ate off those few songs. Sammie a grown bearded man up there singing his one hit, trying to sound like a 12 year old all are equally homework for the day is go listen to Lloyd 🎯.

@SeussGawd Big Sammie period 🤣 I’m weak laughing so hard at Sammie selling out 😂.

Lemme go see if i follow Sammie on IG so i can MF UNFOLLOW him Expeditiously ! #Verzuz #VerzuzTV.

I definitely had Sammie first cd. It was yellow with Sammie written in black on it 😂😂😂.

Ray-J is the richest on the stage. Bobby been in the game the longest. Pleasure P got the most bangers. Sammie…is doing the most #Verzuz.

Brooooooooooooo, these niggas in they feelings!!!!!! Sammie got these niggas hot 😂😂😂😂 I’m appalled 😭.


I wish Sammie wasn’t dressed like He is and those ombré dreads cause he def handsome 😕.

Why is Pleasure and Sammie so salty? They acting like pigeons. I’m ready for them to go home. #VerzuzTV #OmarionVsMario.

From what I’m seeing Sammie and Pleasure the only ones that can sing live from this battle..

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