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【EVO2022】 The SAMURAI SHODOWN side tournament at EVO 2022🔥 Please come and enjoy the heated competition! >Check out the stream here! #SAMSHO #Evo2022.

Comunidad muchos me llamaron loco, pero se los dije! SAMSHO revive y #EmbraceDeath también! Code Mystics lo están haciendo posible. Esta baasado en la solución KOF XV con GGPO La actualización llegará para primavera de 2023. Plataformas Windows (Steam y EGS), PS4, X One y X S/S.

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Eu sei que vocês estão felizes com o Rollback no SamSho, crossplay no KOF XV e tudo Meu coração tá feliz em ver o Ogura e o Shinkiro numa colaboração depois de mais de 20 anos me enche de alegria! Isso me lembra do Capcom vs SNK 2, quando minha mãe trouxe o.

@NeoAtomis @Kyragreen16 Unlike KoF which was everywhere. Samsho was like. Sime places. Every arcade here had KoF. Rareky had I seen some with Samsho.

I really hope the rollback is implemented well in SamSho. I’d love to play it more..

remembers bbtag has rollback in light of samsho and persona. Run into three lag switchers.

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After SamSho rollback, looks like every current game with Baiken will have except Rev2.

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Es el primer dia y de momento tenemos: - Hoy mismo implementado el rollback en Steam y PS4 de Persona 4 Arena - Crossplay en KOF XV!!! - Rollback a Samurai Shodown Habrá que plantearse volver a jugar a P4A y al Samsho.

Excited to hear Samsho is getting Rollback! What other cool things have been happening at Evo today?.

SamSho Rollback announcement almost made me retire from DNF instantly But i like Launcher, so ill keep playing it.

I still can’t believe that crossplay for XV and rollback for SamSho 6 is happening. Like we’ve come so far as a genre with expectations for our games …and then there’s Bandai Namco. Prove me wrong..

@femboy_fighting i like old samsho but could get myself to try this game bc its just not playable online.

Man big big day for games I like Persona Rollback SamSho Rollback MvC2 Arcade 1up im scrambling to get for my basement Hugh Just came out for Nick All Stars.

Ni soy fan de SamSho pero estuvo muy muy hype el evento. Habrá que probarlo ahora que llegue el rollback. Y de nuevo la escena mexicana demostrando que es mucho más que Smash y KOF.

SamSho getting rollback next spring? LETS GOOOOO that game is sick af definitely gonna be playing that update.

Bruh SNK pls - Crossplay for KOF - New trailer Sunday - Awakened Orochi Monday - Season 2 for the game - Samsho getting rollback - THE NEOGEO POCKET COLLECTION And that was day 1.

Just Saw SamSho is Getting Rollback, and Persona 4 Arena got their rollback today, Don’t lose Hope my Granblue Fantasy Versus Brothers, There might be a chance for us to get Rollback #GBVS #Evo2022.

Samsho Photo,Samsho Photo by TheObliviouzGamer VTuber,TheObliviouzGamer VTuber on twitter tweets Samsho Photo

@JohnXuandou Samsho getting rollback reminded me of that interaction you had with a smash player who was dunking on it for being a game nobody knows about when he was like 3 when the last one came out..

Voy a comprar SamSho en steam y no lo voy a tocar hasta que salga el parche con rollback xD.

Now that Samsho is getting rollback I can finally not care about any other fighting game..

what are the evo announcements so far besides persona rollback, samsho rollback, and no strive news besides a dlc schedule.

Reminder that dmv samsho scene is one of the most active in the states. Crazy how we never got the snk sponsorship.

@gcyoshi13 I counted 28 pads connected on a samsho setup that was being used for pools matches, it was fuckin crazy lmao.

Super hyped for SamSho rollback, game is super fun and didn’t really get a chance. It’s time to finish the fight though #unirollback.

@ElJugganot and Baiken in particular is pretty impressive, they took a toolset from a completely different style of 2D FG and made it work beautifully, if you are familiar with both Xrd era GG and SamSho 2019, you’ll click with her *immediately*.

Lol rollback for SamSho??? Yall actually delusional if you think thats going to revive that game. 🤣.

@Densuo @botoggle both are great at misdirection plays, but tend to be real committal, as is the case with samsho I can teach you some shit with both.

TQM SNK, no había comprado SamSho porque decían que el netcode era cagada. Y Kino con Cross Play pues a toda madre..

On that note, how many characters in Samsho have a parry? Just Baiken? - or is there a non-guest character?.

@ArticSABCA @SNKPofficial Idk, it sounds exactly the opposite of what you describe to me. The whole thing just feel like a pity party for samsho 🫤.

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