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What’s so sad about our country is that - for all that’s now going so disastrously wrong - all it would take would be to install a sane prime minister and within one week the course could be reset to prosperity and harmony.

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❂すけろう ()

@sane_ff14 あれっまた別なんですね…!!?ひえ~楽しみに進めます!!こわい!!!

Marcin Borzęcki
Marcin Borzęcki ()

Zazwyczaj piłkarze u Guardioli rozwijają się, stają się inteligentniejsi, dojrzalsi. Nie wiem, co się stało z Leroyem Sane, to dla mnie zagadka. Efektywniejszy i mądrzej grający był już nawet w Schalke. Dwie migawki z wczoraj: raz podał do Navasa, raz oddał niecelny strzał.

Sané Photo,Sané Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
🌙 .*·̩͙全員個ツイ投票お願いしますろぜデス🌱🌱🌱
🌙 .*·̩͙全員個ツイ投票お願いしますろぜデス🌱🌱🌱 ()

相互フォロワーさんDMおけ??????? 言われなくてもお知らせ行くわ

𝑪𝒉𝒍𝒐𝒓𝒐𝒕𝒆𝒄𝒉 🚗🔧⚙️ 🔌 🎶📱
𝑪𝒉𝒍𝒐𝒓𝒐𝒕𝒆𝒄𝒉 🚗🔧⚙️ 🔌 🎶📱 ()

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Sané Photo,Sané Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Tim Walker
Tim Walker ()

What’s so sad about our country is that - for all that’s now going so disastrously wrong - all it would take would be to install a sane prime minister and within one week the course could be reset to prosperity and harmony.

Safoora Zargar
Safoora Zargar ()

It’s shocking how many sane logical and humane comments are there on this tweet. I mean where was this sanity when tablighis were vilified as superspreaders, shunned and criminalised. Bigotry and hate have become hallmarks of the country.

Ash ()

@filmfanaticcc oh no, hope you’re keeping sane and unrepressed recently 😔🙏🏽

Āsurā ()

A sane call. Her responsibility is to stop the spread of the virus in her this will have economic consequences for both countries I suppose?

Hanslley🧢 ()

@George_Ambangil Sane alizingua jana dribble nyingi sana,I hope Gnabry game inayofuata atakuwepo ila Mbappe is Mbappe anautulivu na goal 🔥 na Neymar alifanya kazi yake 🔥

James Champagne
James Champagne ()

@Immortan_DJT @AOC Cool. 👍 My own chill out, the world is still sane music is Haydn.

Nagendra ()

I have nothing against Joshua Kimmich but Leroy Sane should take set pieces today. Kimmich corners are so poor

.. ()

— “no matter who that person is but he will end up leaving you if you dont show any signs of improvement or a change in yourself.” — “A sane man is supposed to abandon a sinking ship.” :)

Bilal A.T
Bilal A.T ()

Faut resserrer là sur les ailes tu peux pas laisser autant d’espace à Sané surtout quand tu défends bas

Jen in Dallas
Jen in Dallas ()

@SneakyBurrito @AnaMardoll Sane with sinus surgery. Anesthesia seems to erase your memory backward in time.

WizkidtheGreatest 🐐
WizkidtheGreatest 🐐 ()

FC doesn’t even tweet as much as neutral music lovers around the world, who fell in love with MIL& won’t stop tweeting about how amazing the magic of Wizkid share links to their fav songs and the album & recommend to ,shouldn’t make any sane human uncomfortable

Kyler Sane
Kyler Sane ()

@gumbleplays The fact that pictures of me playing have been in newspapers has always amused me. Fuck was super obvious in the photos 🤣

Akio Fernandes 🐺
Akio Fernandes 🐺 ()

@uj_mcfc @mcfctj_ Sane left us hanging for 2 years. We started contract talks in Jan 2018 he ran it down for 2 years. Regardless of whether he was good or not, Bayern benefitted massively from it Fans were begging him week in and out. He just left us hanging for 2 years

Matt Walsh
Matt Walsh ()

You are either not honest or not sane if you watch this exchange and claim that Hutchinson makes the more salient case

Ayò Ziyech 💙
Ayò Ziyech 💙 ()

@a_adefabi is no matter how we compare. No sane person will choose to stay in Nigeria over going abroad no matter how tough life seems over there. #500 can get u a meal but not a good one. It can buy 2 cups of garri, sugar, groundnut and milk 😂😂😂

AlexMSI ()

#LDC ⚽ Dortmund H+2 (1,70) ⚽ Haaland (3,40) ⚽ Sané décisif (2,10) but ou passe D Voilà pour ce soir ! #TeamParieur

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Iron ()

@Chomper_NG Agreed even if the water levels suck ass (to me atleast) crash 3 is the fun one to play out of the 3 games in the n sane trilogy

Mats ()

Thank you to @ScottNiswander and his videos for keeping me semi-sane while my computer does everything it can to make me lose my damn mind.

alfredo romeo
Alfredo romeo ()

@juliomayol If we´d be a sane society, we would act collectively to find those super contributors in any community regardless of the size and its scale.


@CiviqueEtmoral @ThegirlwithP Liverpool 2-1 sane ap fe yon goal epi salah ap fe younn

a citizen in 4rgent1na 🇧🇼
A citizen in 4rgent1na 🇧🇼 ()

La venta de Sané no impactó en el balance 19/20 debido a la pandemia, tampoco hubo venta de entradas, todos las compras con tarjeta reembolsadas y la televisasión se redujo casi a la mitad. Justo hoy sale a la luz que Manchester city perdió 126M de euros.

Sané Photo,Sané Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
𝐀𝐢𝐚𝐤𝐮 ()

@kyler_sane That is true, would definitely expect that to happen when old friends happen to come together aha

核 利音
核 利音 ()

吉法きゅんにスカートを履かせたら終わりだと思ってる そのマスターは既に狂ってる👊🏻

香札 ()


Way Cool Jr
Way Cool Jr ()

@Mr_JamesLandis The fact that the surest guarantee to lose a Republican primary is to come off as sane and rational tells us all we need to know.

Adam Kinzinger
Adam Kinzinger ()

2). Normally, issue differences are the main reason to vote one way or another etc. bear with me here: I believe that even more important now is whether someone is committed to sane politics. Yes, pushing a conspiracy or using fear might get you

☚ ストロベリーポップムーン #オオカミ少年 ☛
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