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It’s not a backlash. When someone grumbles about Sandman being woke and they get 10 likes, and I point out they’re being idiots & get 60,000 likes there isn’t a backlash going on. There’s a few people grumbling performatively on Twitter, & thousands of people waiting for Friday..

Eu só queria dormir até a estreia de Sandman pra ver se ESSE HOMEM vem me visitar antes..

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The wait is over. Wherever you are in the World you should be able to watch Sandman on Netflix. (Unless you are fast asleep.) There are ten episodes waiting for you..

Human beings are the creatures of Desire. In two days, succumb to an Endless temptation. #TheSandman comes to Netflix August 5; for an early look, visit.

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a world without dreams would be a nightmare indeed the fantastical world of THE SANDMAN drops on Netflix in exactly 12 hours.

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เห็นหนัง / ซีรีส์ใหม่เดือนนี้ บอกเลยว่า ไม่อยากออกจากบ้านเลยย มีทั้ง Brooklyn Nine Nine ซีซั่นสุดท้าย, Tokyo Revengers ฉบับคนแสดง ,บาร์บี้ 6 ภาคแน่นๆ, เทพแห่งฝัน The Sandman หรือนักล่าแวมไพร์ Day Shift จัดสรรเวลาให้พร้อมแล้วมาลุยกันเลยครับ #มาใหม่ในNetflix #NetflixTH.

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O dia chegou! A primeira temporada de Sandman chegará hoje as 4h da manhã no catálogo da Netflix..

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Netflix’s #TheSandman features on the BBC’s 10 best TV shows to watch in August 🔥✨ ➡️.

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O primeiro episódio de Sandman tá realmente muito bom, gostei mto do elenco, muito mesmo.


Jenna Coleman detalha preparação para viver Johanna Constantine:.

I saw the first two episodes of The Sandman and I really enjoyed it, comic fans will be happy with how well they adapted the source material. It’s abstract so of course not for everyone, but so far the world building was great and Tom Sturridge is BRILLIANT. I can’t wait for more.

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Some words from my latest @Independent article. Full piece:.

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Three of my actors on Washington Black are in Sandman (Ernest Kingsley JR, Eddie Karanja, and Charles Dance) and I’m such a Samdman nerd and fanboy of @neilhimself that I might be more excited to see them in that show than in my own 😂😂😂 #thedreaming.

Taj Ali
Taj Ali

‘Rishi Sunak is not representing us. Neither is Priti Patel. They do not have empathy.’ -@AsimC86 in @Independent.

Jenna revela um momento memorável durante as gravações de #TheSandman, diz que gostaria de explorar Johanna Constantine em uma possível segunda temporada e mais. Confira:.

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#sandman! Congratulations @neilhimself, and all who mage this happen..

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Here’s my interview with with #TheSandman composer David Buckley, in which some of your questions are answered!.

Getting frustrating trying to design Sandman’s body and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

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As expectativas estão altas para a estreia de #Sandman na @netflixbrasil! 💥 Enquanto a série não chega, o @arthurbelotto, do time de #PopversoCNN, explica quem é Neil Gaiman, o homem por trás da série e da graphic novel..

In honor of #TheSandman Netflix series premiering tomorrow (which I cannot yet endorse because I have not seen it), here is this stunning cover for The Sandman Book One from @BilquisEvely. If you love fantasy, mythology, and stories, check out these classics by @neilhimself!.

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E! News
E! News

Find Out the Very Important Prop That Tom Sturridge Stole From the Set of The Sandman.

One of the pleasures of reading the Sandman was all the things they DON’T explain. In that opening narration of the first episode they’re just like “okay here’s what going on.” I always hate that. The scene with the fates got it..

Lagi nulis thread The Sandman superpanjang awas aja kalo besok ga ada yg baca.

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Como vimos na outra thread: após o suicídio do Sandman Garrett Sanford, os pesadelos Glob e Bruto procuram um substitutos. Eles encontram o espírito de Hector e o recrutam como o novo Sandman. Visitando sua amada Lyta nos sonhos, ele descobre que ela está esperando uma criança..

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¿En qué otra serie pueden aparecer los grosos de Charles Dance, David Thewlis, Gwendoline Christie y Jenna Coleman? Solo en Sandman, que llega MAÑANA..

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‘The Sandman’ filminin Londra galasından # #SiennaMiller….

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@MonkeyDGarp_ @OEsqueletoforte algum dia leio alguma coisa de sandman nunca li nada inteiro.

🤯EN EL CANAL SECUNDARIO🤯 #Sandman Ovni - Reseña.

@AmmonR3 @MonkeyDGarp_ tbm, só achei esquisito o ator que ta fazendo o Sandman, mas espero que ele me surpreenda.

“Tom was in the first email we got from casting, and we went ‘oh my gosh, Tom is the best, Tom is magnificent.’ And then we saw 1500-2000 Morpheuses, and there was no one who was Tom.” — Neil Gaiman, THE SANDMAN author + executive producer of the show.

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