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Sandy Hook families sat for two days watching Alex Jones perjure himself time and again. Then they let him know they have all of his communications today. Beautiful..

Sandy Hook parent Scarlett Lewis is directly speaking to Alex Jones, who is now in the courtroom, as she testifies on the stand. Jesse was real, Lewis tells Jones. I am a real mom. She says she wanted to tell Jones this to his face..

The father of a 6-year-old killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting testified Tuesday that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones made his life a living hell by pushing claims that the murders were a hoax..

Two Sandy Hook parents have gone into security-protected isolation after several unspecified encounters during a Texas trial to determine how much Alex Jones owes them in damages, their attorney said..

NEW: Two parents who are survivors of the Sandy Hook School mass shooting have been forced into security-protected isolation after several unspecified encounters during a Texas trial to determine how much Alex Jones owes them in damages..

Sky News
Sky News

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been ordered to pay another $ to the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim, a jury has ruled.

Sandy Hook parents expected to ask for at least $100 million in damages as Alex Jones trial begins in Texas.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claims that Alex Jones is being “politically persecuted.” Jones is on trial for defamation after repeatedly calling the Sandy Hook school shooting — in which 20 children and six educators were killed — a “hoax.”.

Alex Jones ordered to pay $ million to parents of Sandy Hook shooting victim.

Alex Jones has been ordered to pay over 4 million dollars to two of the parents of the dead Sandy Hook children. Now, Alex Jones is a liar in my opinion. He lies for money..

Alex Jones is the lowest POS “human” being on the entire planet. What he did to the families of the (sweet, precious, innocent) Sandy Hook victims with his disgusting lies…to enrich himself…is beyond my ability to comprehend. He deserves every bad thing coming.

@nytimes Alex Jones is worse than evil. He wanted to shock people so they’d watch his trash show. The Sandy Hook families were just a means to accomplish this. Take every dime. Send a message..

Nothing but love and gratitude to the Sandy Hook parents putting themselves through this hell to stop Alex Jones..

ABC News
ABC News

The father of a 6-year-old killed in the Newtown shooting says it was “cowardly” of Alex Jones to skip hearing his testimony in person about how Jones’ claims deeply affected his family..

A fun experiment to see if we can leverage our current audience to launch a new podcast with instant traction The new pod will cover some incredibly interesting civil trials like Alex Jones vs. Sandy Hook Parents, Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker, etc Trailer:.

Will Sasso has to play Alex Jones in the American Crime Story about the sandy hook trial.

Alex Jones sideswiped by exposure of his own texts in Sandy Hook trial.

There is a god after all. Sorry for doubting you; would be nice if you could show your hand more often though 🤔 Damaging Alex Jones texts mistakenly sent to Sandy Hook family’s lawyers.

Raise your hand if you didn’t need to “meet the parents” to know Sandy Hook was real, their loss was devastating, and that it would be evil to gin up people to target them..

No existe un infierno lo suficientemente cruel para castigar a Alex Jones. Pasar 10 años haciéndose millonario a punta de afirmar que los niños de Sandy Hook no fueron masacrados para ahora salir a llorar diciendo que se arrepiente. Malparido….

@cspanwj “Truth is so vital to our world.” Mother of 6-year-old boy murdered at Sandy Hook tells Alex Jones to his face she and her son are real..

Conspiracy theorist and InfoWars founder Alex Jones admitted on the stand in front of Sandy Hook victims’ families that the 2012 school shooting, which killed 26 students and teachers, was 100% real. @ErielleReshef @danabrams.

Alex Jones learns on witness stand that lawyers sent his text messages to rival attorney via @Yahoo.

@dlanes1 @aintscarylarry Hopefully his statement of the Sandy Hook parents deserving $ for compensation was also for the benefit of the judge and jury as to enrage them into giving them every penny they seek plus more. (Or he may just be incompetent and evil like Jones).

Unsurprisingly after this embarrassment of a defense, Alex Jones lost BIG!.

Alex Jones ‘earning revenue of as much as $800,000 per day in recent years by selling diet supplements, gun paraphernalia and survivalist gear in ads accompanying his broadcasts’.

@willsommer Sandy Hook Lawyer Says He’s Ready to Give Alex Jones’ Texts to Law Enforcement.

Jury awards Sandy Hook parents $ million in first verdict in Alex Jones defamation trial - CT Insider.

Infowars host Alex Jones ordered to pay Sandy Hook family $4 Million via @IrishTimesWorld.

Speech is free, but lies you have to pay for. Such good news, and only the beginning👇🏻.

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