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¿Qué es trabajar en el coche? 🤔 @alobatof1: Hay que poner las cosas claras ⬇️ #F1 #SaudiArabianGP.

Fernando Alonso given his podium finish back after the Aston Martin team appealed with video evidence as to what working on their car meant. Century of podiums intact, the status quo is restores. Apparently #SaudiArabianGP is madness..

Charles and Carlos’ message after the #SaudiArabianGP 🎙 Grazie Tifosi per il vostro supporto ❤️.

Se lo devolvieron. Podio 100 para Alonso! #F1 #SaudiArabianGP Via @F1.

#SaudiArabianGP Photo,#SaudiArabianGP Photo by Leslie Martinez,Leslie Martinez on twitter tweets #SaudiArabianGP Photo

@Really3D por la respuesta supongo que voy a estar en la tribuna del #SaudiArabianGP 😅🤣🙄.

#SaudiArabianGP Photo,#SaudiArabianGP Photo by Patricio Raby 🏁🏎️💨,Patricio Raby 🏁🏎️💨 on twitter tweets #SaudiArabianGP Photo

Checo pregunta como quien no sabe lo que ha hecho Max. “¿No te dijeron que mantuvieras el ritmo?”. Luego Max da su explicación para haber marcado la vuelta rápida de carrera. #F1 #SaudiArabianGP.

#SaudiArabianGP Photo,#SaudiArabianGP Photo by Diego Mejia,Diego Mejia on twitter tweets #SaudiArabianGP Photo

Da geht man ein paar Minuten zu früh ins Bett und verpasst den Rest der FIA-Clownshow von gestern Freue mich riesig für Alonso, aber das ganze Prozedere ist von vorne bis hinten ein kompletter Witz. #F1 #SaudiArabianGP.

@SkySportsF1 where the hell is ted?? is he sacked why haven’t we had teds notebook thjs weekend?? someone answer me! #SaudiArabianGP #skyf1.

#SaudiArabianGP: Fernando Alonso reinstated to third after Aston Martin appeal penalty.

@paoSnch75771079 @WaleedMukhtar11 Something happened afterwards. This was GP Mexico 2 years ago in good harmony. Max praised Sergio for his defending work in AB2021. Sad the RBR atmosphere seems to be cooled down. But sure not specific at RBR only. Look at Ferrari or #josverstappen #SaudiArabianGP.

@GeorgeRussell63 @MercedesAMGF1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 now you have to give it back #SaudiArabianGP.

One overlooked fact is that the initial DRS help from Perez helped Alonso in his fight against Russell with Alonso having a 5s penalty. Alonso pulled a huge gap when he was within DRS range. Without that tow, things could be slightly different. #SaudiArabianGP.

Assis à la place du vainqueur ! La force des habitudes ! #SaudiArabianGP.

#SaudiArabianGP Photo,#SaudiArabianGP Photo by Charles 🦁🚀🧡🇳🇱⭐️⭐️,Charles 🦁🚀🧡🇳🇱⭐️⭐️ on twitter tweets #SaudiArabianGP Photo

Mario Isola ha commentato così il secondo appuntamento stagionale #F1 #SaudiArabianGP - Di Victoria L..

💯 💪🏼 3oς τελικά ο Ισπανός! @alo_oficial @fia 👎🏻 #F1 #SaudiArabianGP.

Consecutive podiums @AstonMartinF1 💚 Congratulations Fernando on 100 podiums 🔥 #SaudiArabianGP.

Everything you need to know about the STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in words, stats, pictures and quotes #F1 #SaudiArabianGP.

#SaudiArabianGP Photo,#SaudiArabianGP Photo by Pitpass.com,Pitpass.com on twitter tweets #SaudiArabianGP Photo

#FernandoAlonso e la doppia penalità Perchè la FIA ha fatto dietrofront al #SaudiArabianGP.

Just caught up on the #SaudiArabianGP, RB are making it boring but at least Checo MIGHT make it interesting, although I doubt it long term. The Ferrari boys have f’ed it, miles off the pace, as are Merc, I don’t think we’re in for anything exciting this season unfortunately!.

Classement actualisé : Aston Martin et Mercedes sont à égalité au classement par équipe après notre redistribution des points 👀 #SaudiArabianGP 📸 x @F1.

#SaudiArabianGP Photo,#SaudiArabianGP Photo by F1 France 🇨🇵,F1 France 🇨🇵 on twitter tweets #SaudiArabianGP Photo

Her zamanki gibi FIA yine tutarsız. En az 3 araç Alonso ile benzer konumlanmış fakat ceza sadece bir pilota verilmiş. #fiaclowns #SaudiArabianGP.

📰| George Russell believes that although rules governing races are necessary, some penalties are a bit too extreme and common sense needs to be shown. #F1| #SaudiArabianGP.

#SaudiArabianGP Photo,#SaudiArabianGP Photo by AnythingF1,AnythingF1 on twitter tweets #SaudiArabianGP Photo

All of F1s teams bar red bull are giving up now…pathetic…build a better car…especially you Ferrari! #SaudiArabianGP.

Buenos dias mi gente. Casi no hemos dormido. La carrera de #SaudiArabianGP ha dejado mucho tras ella y han sido largas las horas post carrera. Iremos viendo esos detalles con gusto por aquí. Que tengan una linda semana..

The car works perfectly? Tell that to the #F1 #SaudiArabianGP.

Alguien sabe si Hoy si es Lunes ?? O va a salir la @fia con que mejor no que Todavía es Domingo 🤔? #SaudiArabianGP.

#SaudiArabianGP Photo,#SaudiArabianGP Photo by JORGE ARMANDO VARGAS,JORGE ARMANDO VARGAS on twitter tweets #SaudiArabianGP Photo

George Russell faced a roller coaster of emotions both during and after the #SaudiArabianGP, as he was unaware of the status of penalties for Fernando Alonso.

No fue una carrera fácil, pero dimos todo lo que teníamos 💪🏼. ¡Ahora nos dirigimos al #AustralianGP ! 🍀 Reviva #SaudiArabianGP con nosotros..

#SaudiArabianGP Photo,#SaudiArabianGP Photo by Alfa Romeo Argentina,Alfa Romeo Argentina on twitter tweets #SaudiArabianGP Photo

#F1 Checo, Max y el duelo para conseguir la Vuelta Rápida en el final del #SaudiArabianGP.

😳 😂 La comentada respuesta de Alonso a Russell y Mercedes a cuentas del podio en el #SaudiArabianGP.

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