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Corey Seager has been 🔥 this #postseason. (MLB x @NikeDiamond)

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Dodgers Nation
Dodgers Nation ()

Corey Seager grounds out to first baseman Freddie Freeman. Bottom of the 7th | 1 out #ATLvsLAD

Matt ()

Too close for get a runner or two on right here or Seager could come up big again, I wouldn’t mind😭

Call to the Pen
Call to the Pen ()

Corey Seager made history with his first inning home run for the #Dodgers tonight. (via @onenamedave1)

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes
Rancho Cucamonga Quakes ()

Last night during the TBS postgame show, former @RedSox great David Ortiz asked Corey Seager what it was like to be the hottest hitter and the best looking in the NLCS. Yeah.

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Eric Stephen
Eric Stephen ()

Corey Seager now has Dodgers records for most HR (6) and RBI (15) in a single postseason. Old marks were 5 HR (Davey Lopes, 1978) and 14 RBI (Justin Turner, 2017)


This NLCS has shown things can get turned on their ear quickly. Chapter 6 is next.

Heavy J ⚾
Heavy J ⚾ ()

Has Corey Seager been impressive? You can say that again! Click pic for full effect.

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Playoff Kershaw
Playoff Kershaw ()

@jiggyceej So the 10 means he had a hit or hit the ball multiple times resulting in the dodgers scoring 10 points. Those 10 points were because of Corey Seager. The 4 is for how many home runs he has hit during the series. And the 400 is his batting average, which is a ratio

andy ⚾️
Andy ⚾️ ()

Tempted to wake the biggest 13yo Corey Fan and tell him about Seager’s night but I won’t

Jorge Castillo
Jorge Castillo ()

Mookie Betts said the game-changing play tonight wasn’t his catch or Will Smith’s home run or one of Corey Seager’s home runs. He said it was Max Muncy’s walk that brought Smith to the plate.

🐺 ()

out of all the players to be good it had to be Corey Seager so that little crack baby can hype this mf up I’m SICK

tomas 🇲🇽🇬🇹
Tomas 🇲🇽🇬🇹 ()


Seager Photo,Seager Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Stadium ()

SEAGER AGAIN!! 💪 🚀 2nd 💣 of the game, 5th of the series! Dodgers lead 7-2! #LATogether | #Postseason (via @MLB)

Francisco Alonso
Francisco Alonso ()

Dodgers tiene que jugar pelota chiquita, si cada bateador la quiere volar está cañón, ya lo hizo Seager, pero tendrán primero que envasarse para tratar de hacer un rally, veamos qué ocurre, está muy bueno el partido con el 2-1 a favor de Bravos, en la parte baja de la quinta.

Matt ()

@PeterMoylan If it’s still 2-1 I go Smith, you have Mookie, Seager, and Turner due up. All 3 are better against RHP

Dodgers Nation
Dodgers Nation ()

Ronald Acuna grounds out, shortstop Corey Seager to first baseman Max Muncy. Bottom of the 5th | 1 out #LADvsATL

Monique 🌸🦄💖
Monique 🌸🦄💖 ()

The only face that isn’t punchable, is Seager. He’s adorable & this isn’t up for debate.

AUTiger7222 ()

This gonna sound dirty but I like Bellinger. I like Seager too and I would kill to have both on the Braves.

Dusty Baker
Dusty Baker ()

It’s unreal to me how the Dodgers were able to explode for 11 runs in one inning and now they can’t get two hits in an inning. This is an offensive meltdown outside of Seager, the only one with quality AB’s.

Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez ()

Betts nuevamente a batear sin nadie en base. La parte baja debe empezar a funcionar para que Betts y Seager puedan producir. Lo de Taylor ha sido desesperante. Se ve completamente perdido en el home. #Postemporada #LATogether

Dodger Blue
Dodger Blue ()

Nothing for the offense in the fifth. Someone other than Seager is going to have to show up. #Dodgers trailing 2-1

BaldMamba 🐐
BaldMamba 🐐 ()

@DodgersNation We have 4 innings to hit 2 solo home runs. So hopefully Seager can hit 2 home runs in 1 AB

SportsTrooper ()

@brookme3 And you left out Max Muncy who has been horrible at the plate and on the field. You could also add Kike. To put a little more salt in the wound, the only guy who has been good (Seager) isn’t signed and it appears they’ve been trying to replace

MLB Stats
MLB Stats ()

Corey Seager has been 🔥 this #postseason. (MLB x @NikeDiamond)

Seager Photo,Seager Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Drew Evans
Drew Evans ()

@Pitching_rebel Postseason Seager would be insane! Hey reb are you controlling the dodgers RN? Looks like your ranked season gameplay! Lol

sien | BLM
Sien | BLM ()

Someone get a doctor on call for Seager cause I’m sure his back hurts from carrying the team

J.P. Hoornstra
J.P. Hoornstra ()

Corey Seager showed up. His double scored Mookie Betts, his fourth RBI in an 8-4 game.

ESPN Los Angeles
ESPN Los Angeles ()

Seager like we’ve said those words before! And is that life I see?? 8-4 now @BergmanGreg

Emerson ()

Seager’s had a good night. Unfortunately maybe a little late, and no one else has. #Dodgers

SportsCenter ()

Corey Seager hits a three-run home run to make things closer 👀 (via @MLB)

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