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Updated: October 18th, 2021 12:42 AM IST

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Chase Young taped his face mask to honor Sean Taylor ❤️ (via @WashingtonNFL)

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Chase Young taped his face mask to honor Sean Taylor ❤️ (via @WashingtonNFL)

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Chase Young pays tribute to Sean Taylor with his own taped-up face mask before 2️⃣1️⃣’s number is retired today. “RIP Sean Taylor. Number 21. Best to ever do it.” (via @JamesPalmerTV)

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Chase Young with the taped face mask. Sean Taylor tribute. Very cool.

Sean Taylor Photo,Sean Taylor Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Stadium full of Kansas City fans who traveled to Landover looks forward to seeing WFT retire the jersey of Sean Taylor.

Really fucked up that WFT is using the number retirement of Sean Taylor as a PR move with the reveal of all these emails.

Not only is the WFT evil enough to use Sean Taylor’s number retirement as a PR distraction, but they’re bumbling enough to tip us all off to it.

@WashingtonNFL Im pretty sure sean taylor played for the washington redskins not the washington football team

WFT basically giving turkeys out to the hood with that Sean Taylor jersey retirement … real criminal organization move lol

Jaret Patterson cried the day Sean Taylor died. Remembers heading to school when it happened. “He was a one of a kind player. I can’t wait to see the ceremony.” Patterson knows ST’s highlights through and through, brings up his preseason pick vs. DEN in No. 36

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Washington Football Team Organization is absolutely Pathetic! They are Retiring a Legend, Sean Taylor’s Jersey Number as a Publicity Stunt?!? They make this announcement 3 days before the game and expect this move to save their asses. I have lost all respect!

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@damienwoody Timing is interesting. But this should have been done years ago. Honoring Sean Taylor; and holding ownership accountable for various issues.

Sean Taylor is one of the great safeties of all time, and taken far too soon. But to announce his jersey retirement 3 days before it takes place, 14 years after his death, seems a off. Wonder if it has anything to do with the smoke surrounding those at the top of the org🤔


@TheBurgundyZone Let me guess, it’s the fan base fault for the impromptu Sean Taylor Day? We should be thankfu, even with a late notice? It was very considerate, right ?

I also paid tribute to Sean Taylor when I made a custom WFT pocket pro.

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@WashingtonNFL we know why you’re retiring Sean Taylor’s number. You’re still fucked. #WashingtonFootball #Emails

@WashingtonNFL y’all should have been retired number 21. Don’t use Sean Taylor’s legacy to cover up y’all’s dirty hands. We know about your investigation, your misogyny, your racism, and your poor ownership and management ruining a once great team. #SeanTaylor #wearentstupid

I love Sean Taylor. Im happy they retiring his number. But this franchise is absolutely disgusting.

@BenStandig I loved Sean Taylor. But so tired of that being the one thing this franchise keeps dragging out during every season. Wish we would let his memory rest and get to improving the product on the field

@WashingtonNFL said, “think of something that will distract from the emails coming from our investigation… let’s FINALLY retire Sean Taylor’s Jersey Sunday, that will distract them!”🙃🙃 We see what you’re doing. #NFL

Are we not going to talk about how the Washington Football team is literally using Sean Taylor’s jersey retirement as a distraction from what’s happening with that franchise?

I will forever stan Sean Taylor as the greatest safety ever, but this timing is irritating at the least.

With all due respect to Sean Taylor, this is interestingly convenient. Be that as it may, it’s long overdue.

What’s more disrespectful #21 retirement with 3 days notice or that a road leading to either @FedExField or #WashingtonFootball park will be named after Sean Taylor. I bet his family wishes we could retire the franchise. The current franchise does not deserve his legacy.

Another thing is that they better prioritize giving the towels to the half of the fans in Washington jerseys. Chiefs fans waving Sean Taylor towels up 51-27 would be insulting

Washington anunciou que no jogo de domingo vai retirar a camisa #21, do lendário Sean Taylor. Em julho, o @buliopf contou a história dele.

Sean Taylor’s jersey should’ve been retired soon as he was killed 15 yrs ago. Washington really don’t give a damn about him. they just needed some good PR. shameful behavior from them.

Washington Football Team Will retire Sean Taylor’s Jersey Sunday 😢💔 This was a very touchy video for me his Death hit me hard being a young Fan we love you Sean always 💔❤️ #WashingtonFootball

OH. They’re last-minute retiring Sean Taylor’s number for good publicity. Yeah, that’s beyond tacky but VERY on-brand.


Honestly it’s disgraceful how Washington is using Sean Taylor’s jersey retirement to try to mask what’s going on behind the scenes. But, it’s nothing new. A classless organization doing classless things doesn’t surprise me.

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