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Shakur Stevenson has been stripped of his WBC and WBO super-featherweight world titles after confirming he will not make 130 lb weight limit..

Shakur Photo,Shakur Photo by Bleacher Report,Bleacher Report on twitter tweets Shakur Photo

Shakur Stevenson confirms he will not make 130lbs and has been stripped of his WBC & WBO super-featherweight world titles 😳 Belts still on the line for Robson Conceicao if he wins. Stevenson will move to lightweight next ⬆️ Thoughts?.

Shakur Stevenson a aujourd’hui perdu ses titres WBC/WBO des super plumes car il n’a pas fait le poids !.

Shakur Photo,Shakur Photo by La Sueur,La Sueur on twitter tweets Shakur Photo

Shakur Stevenson perdió sus cinturones en la báscula 😯🥊.

Pelea Shakur contra Robson pero tienen que negociar cuánto dinero le paga Shakur a Robson de indemnización y si hay un límite de rehidratación para Shakur mañana.

Lawd Shakur Stevenson going to 135 and Gervonta Davis immediately say he going to 140 ... MAYWEATHER PROTECTION PROGRAM.

Shakur ain’t have no problems making weight until he started embracing his Puerto Rican side. I know that pernil be hitting.

@2ToneDaSupastar Bro your always saying he dodging garcia, now he saying he could move up to fight him, and now your saying ducking shakur? 😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

@Gervontaa Cash out one more time and then use your own company (maybe partner with Showtime) to bet on yourself in a mega fight against Shakur and build off the cash. Be some legendary shit player..

Shakur Friend KD Say Stevenson Is Finna Ankle Pick Haney 😵😲💪💪💪.

@TDHBXG I see your point I still think his opponent isn’t coming to lay down I think we might see shakur get a little roughed up.

@sameolvee I know Shakur beating his ass lol, but Robson will take some rounds I think. If he takes three thats more than Valdez and Herring 😂.

A situação de momento é: do momento da pesagem, Shakur Stevenson tem duas horas para perder para se manter campeão. Se não bater o peso depois desse tempo, ele perde os títulos definitivamente. Detalhe, ele se recusou a se pesar nu no momento oficial #ESPNknockout.

@BoxingWave10 Not ideal but I have Shakur still winning comfortably. Conceicao is dangerous but I believe even a less than 100% Shakur beats him thoroughly. Anyway, I hope he gets some interesting fights at 135..

Shakur Stevenson missing weight is very unprofessional and I see few guys who have gone at other fighters for missing weight now defending shakur 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤔 #Boxing #ShakurStevenson.

@gifx69 Shakur is fighting in his hometown the last time he fought he had a first round ko. Shakur was able to finish herring I don’t know if conceciao is more durable then herring.

@JWatson0984 C’mon Shakur! He’s the only other viable name in boxing outside of Crawford/Spence!.

Thursday afternoon @ShakurStevenson missed weight for his unified 130 lb. defense in Newark and has been stripped of his titles. @DanRafael1 has latest: #StevensonConceicao.

Shakur Stevenson pierde los campeonatos mundiales WBC, WBO Superpluma al no dar el peso ante su pelea contra Robson Conceicao 😱 #StevensonConceicao #Boxeo.

Shakur Photo,Shakur Photo by 🌟𝕄𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕥í𝕟𝕖𝕫🌟,🌟𝕄𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕥í𝕟𝕖𝕫🌟 on twitter tweets Shakur Photo

@TDHBXG Yeah I see they tryna make shakur look like a bully lmaooo no fighter is worried about him coming to 135😂.

@Trey3llis i understand him not having anything to prove. shakur has always been professional when it came to making weight at 130 and i commend him on that. still doesn’t change that i think him not making weight is unprofessional..

@AdamsBoxingShow Shakur as of now. He has skills to pay bills. Gonna be tougher at 135 now that he apparently has trouble making 130. He’s young. Boots has mad skills just untested. Haney right there with him. The future of boxing looks bright..

@eggshapedform @Gervontaa no offense but your always talking about him dodging garcia but now shakur?.

My Shakur and mayweather comparisons ends tonight . Floyd would truly never get hit 😶‍🌫️.

@folkloreboxing Lo decis por el peso? Sí, siempre fue un welter. Shakur hace sparring de igual a igual con Crawford..

hours to attempt to lose that weight. Shakur Confirmed through his Twitter that he will not make 130lbs and so has been stripped of his WBC & WBO super-featherweight world titles ahead of his fight. Belts still on the line for Robson fight if he wins. #StevensonConceicao.

I Don’t even care shakur missed weight but it shows he ain’t got the right people around him just yet. Anyways tho. 135 is on fucking 🔥🔥🔥.

Something tells me these boxing chamnels will be like “shakur is growing “ but guys like ryan or tank must’ve stopped growing at 18..

Charles misses weight Khamzat misses weight Now Shakur misses weight Wtf is up with fighters these days man.

Shakur arms were looking massive in that Top Rank video, shouldn’t be surprised he didn’t make weight… 135 incoming, but what little power he has might not carry.

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