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Updated: September 16th, 2021 01:42 PM IST

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Shamima Begum was a London schoolgirl when she was groomed by fanatics who’d be prosecuted if they did it in Britain. Bring her home, investigate, punish if appropriate then use her to stop others falling under the spell of extremists.

Shamima Begum Twitter

I remember when people said a 15 year old Greta Thunberg was being groomed by dark forces and was too young to make her own decisions. But the very same people say a 15 year old Shamima Begum knew exactly what she was doing and should be treated like an adult. Strange.

I’m not hearing the arguments for not letting Shamima Begum back into the UK because Aidan James went to Syria as well and actually faught in the Syrian Civil war and killed people. Yet he was allowed to come back here. Got a 4 year sentence and now hes getting on with his life.

‘She should be treated as a terrorist, not as a lost gap year student’ Former Head of Counterterrorism at the Metropolitan Police, Richard Walton, says Shamima Begum ‘is a threat’ to the UK.

New I$I$ : peaceful & non violent 😍 - Shamima Begum

Shamima Begum, déchue de la nationalité britannique pour avoir rejoint l’État islamique, supplie Londres de la laisser rentrer

If James Bulger’s killers are old enough for prison then ISIS Beheading bride Shamima Begum can stay in Syria with the other Monsters.

15 साल की उम्र में ISIS में शामिल हुई थी शमीमा, फिर आतंकी से की शादी, अब ‘आतंकवाद’ के खिलाफ लड़ना चाहती है, यहां पढ़ें इस खबर का पूरा अपडेट #ISIS | #WorldNews

Whatever you think of Shamima Begum, *everyone* deserves the right to a fair hearing, not just people you like.

شمیم بیگم، ملقب به «عروس داعش»، که پس از پیوستن به این گروه تابعیت بریتانیایی خود را از دست داده بود اعلام کرد آماده است در مقابل دادگاه حاضر شود و بی‌گناهی خود را در پرونده اتهامات تروریستی ثابت کند جزئیات بیشتر🔽

I wish The left showed as much sympathy towards the grooming gang victims as they do with fuckin Shamima Begum

Westernising Shamima Begum isn’t going to fool the British Public. She’s a potential threat and must face the consequences of her actions. Make-up, hair extensions and more fashionable clothing doesn’t change anything. Disgusting of #GMB to give her airtime. Not welcome here.

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You don’t need to have sympathy for Shamima Begum to recognise that if citizenship of dual citizens is made conditional, they do not have equal legal rights to other British citizens. Creates a lesser, 2nd class of conditional citizens whose rights can be revoked by the state

the sheer number of brown people advocating for Shamima Begum’s statelessness is astounding. do they not realise that they could be in that position? the point isn’t what she did- that was, ofc, awful. the point is that Britishness shouldn’t be so transient.

Shamima Begum is British & was groomed by adults as a child. The UK gov has turned its back on a British victim of grooming & it’s wrong. She needs to be brought home & tried fairly if she’s been charged with any crimes & seen by experts in de-radicalisation & grooming support.

it saddens me to see Shamima Begum trending she is a vile ISIS whore. Yazidi women & girls are still missing they don’t get any airtime on British breakfast television and neither should that scum Begum until every last Yazidi girl has been found.

Shamima Begum Photo,Shamima Begum Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Shamima Begum is British and our mess. Crimes she’s committed should be investigated/prosecuted/punishable in UK We have worse criminals & mass murderers, terrorists etc in our prisons whose citizenship have not been revoked Your hate should have no bearing on her citizenship

Tip to broadcasters: stop giving Britain-hating jihadi bride Shamima Begum airtime You’re humanising a monster. The moment she joined ISIS she forfeited her right to a life in Britain

#ShamimaBegum Anyone believe anything Shamima Begum says about anything. Wearing western clothing now wanting us all to like like her. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Shamima Begum was a London schoolgirl when she was groomed by fanatics who’d be prosecuted if they did it in Britain. Bring her home, investigate, punish if appropriate then use her to stop others falling under the spell of extremists.

No no no Shamima Begum that terrorist cannot come back to just watched interview on GMB the things she’s saying OMG. She not sorry for what she has done she’s a liar 🤬🤬🤬🤬

@GMB Shamima Begum completely false,there’s no remorse,no emotion ,not even a tear for those poor babies she’s lost. She’s selling a lie, I’m not buying it!

If we had a government that actually did the right thing rather than whatever will make them popular with the gammons then Shamima Begum would be back and on trial. She was a 15 year old child, groomed and brainwashed. The hypocrisy is extraordinary

Well, well, well .. Just as the Vaccination SNAFU gathers pace, guess what? A Shamima Begum story! 🥺

Shamima Begum says ‘she will live with it for the rest of her life’ but the people ISIS have killed don’t have that luxury hun! Should never be allowed to return! GMB are disgusting for even giving her the air time! @GMB

@thismorning you asked Shamima Begum what happened to her 3 children. She replied / explained which must have been so hard and traumatic - your reply “ok” and “we are going for a break” No matter the circumstances / what people think of her - where is the empathy?? 🤷‍♂️

I wanted to believe her but this hair flipping, showing zero remorse or even emotion for anyone not even for her dead babies or the family in the UK is mind blowing. I’m chilled by her cold demeanour. Shamima Begum shall never be allowed into the community if she ever returns.

Wake up to Shamima Begum trending again and all the lefties defending her. FFS!

Shamima Begum Photo,Shamima Begum Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Why are GMB interviewing Shamima Begum? What’s next, the weather with Colin Pitchfork? #GMB

EXCLUSIVE: @susannareid100 questions Shamima Begum on how she can seek forgiveness after her comments on the Manchester Arena terrorist attack. In 2019 Ms Begum said the Manchester Arena attack was “justified” because of airstrikes that killed civilians in Syria.

EXCLUSIVE: We will be speaking live with Shamima Begum for her first-ever live broadcast interview at 7:15am Watch GMB now 👉

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