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Woj and Shams breaking every NBA draft pick before they happen..

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I like that in the end Kyrie just made it obvious he was leaking to Shams the whole time.

🚨 SHAMS BOMB 💣 Zion Williamson devrait bientôt signer une prolongation Max de 231 M/ 5 saisons avec les Pels 👀💰.

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Eu tava tão preocupado que tava repassando notícias do fudido do Brian Windhorst pra vocês, foi mal rapaziada Daqui pra frente é só Shams Charania e nada mais (Woj tá washed e postando várias merda tbm).

I feel like I am the only person left on NBA twitter that has no issue with Woj or Shams breaking the pick before it happens. TV monopoly on the broadcast means they can go as slow as they want to get as much $ as they want. Give me the news fast regardless of presentation.

I would like a restful night of sleep but I would also like for my phone to sound like an air raid siren if Woj or Shams tweets.

Lol what is even the point of the draft anymore, should just stick Woj and Shams in a ring the day before and let them fight to break the picks.

Very interesting wording from Shams vs Woj here on Kyrie Irving opting in to the final year of his deal to remain with Brooklyn. Shams: “bypassing on multiple opt-in and trade scenarios” Woj: “without the ability to find a sign-and-trade deal”.

I guess we are now also Bucks fans. It’s hard to overstate how important Renae and Joe have been to our state. And I love that it was Renae instead of Woj or Shams that broke the news. We will miss them dearly..

تلویزیون شب خیز عزیز. با حضور راشید،پسر عموی خانم راشید و بچه های پسر عموی خانم راشید که از اون پشت دعوتشون کردن و اومدن جلوی دوربین:)))).

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Not buyin it until it comes from a Stein, Woj, Shams or MacMahon Sorry Jake.

Shams Mulani dismisses Rajat Patidar after a callous stroke by the MP batter. But but but, it is a NO-BALL! #RanjiTrophyFinal.

Reliable: -Shams -Woj -Marc Stein -Tim McMahon Mostly reliable: -Chris Haynes -Sam Amick 4 misses for every 1 hit: -Jake Fischer -Brian Windhorst Twitter clout chasers: -Evan Massey -Jack Settleman For anyone else, take it with a grain of salt. You’re welcome.

Shams and Woj had a terrible, terrible draft night. Just all over the place and got a lot of the specifics on trades wrong. Both of them just rushing to be first rather than getting accurate information. Nasty.

他チームGM「フォワードやろなぁ」 woj「フォワードやろなぁ」 shams「フォワードやろなぁ」 ファン「ガードは嫌だ…ガードは嫌だ…」 アダムシルバー「フォワードやろなぁ」 ブライアンライト「クッソペリカンにガード取られた!フォワードや!」.

Woj tweeting out everyone’s pick 12 hours before the draft starts Shams needs to step up.

Spurs select Ohio State’s Malaki Branham for their no. 20 pick per Shams of the Athletic. 2021-2022 stats: PTS REB AST FG% #PorVida Spurs have pick. No 25 remaining.

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Along with Leon Rose and Brock Aller, Shams Charania and Woj have also been fired for their actions tonight..

¡GRAN NOTICIA🏀🔥! El panameño Iverson Molinar llegó a un acuerdo de agente libre con los Bucks de Milwaukee, después de no ser elegido en el NBA Draft, según destaca Shams Charania. 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🔥🔥 #NBARPC.

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Never understood the purpose of these sports accounts that just repeat what shams and woj say lol.

i just scrolled woj and shams page…why nobody signing with the mavs….

Shams Photo,Shams Photo by mav$ a two pack of ASS,mav$ a two pack of ASS on twitter tweets Shams Photo

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported on Thursday that the Milwaukee Bucks are bringing back Jevon Carter on a two-year deal. #FearTheDeer.

Woj y Shams ahora están en la parte de lo que sería el trabajo sucio de su arte, tuitear que un montón de jugadores que no van a tener ni un segundo en la NBA han conseguido contratos porque tienen que hacerle ese favor a sus agentes..

’عشق کے لیے لاہور سے بہتر دنیا میں کوئی اور جگہ نہیں۔‘❤️ راجندر سنگھ بیدی #PakTeaHouse #Lahore.

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#حاليا اجواء طوي عتير بولاية مرباط في محافظة ظفار ☔.

Shams is better than Woj and Ian is like infinitely better than Schefter, like it’s not even close lol.

كل الشكر للشخص يلّي بيخلّيك تكرهو بعد محبّة وإنت مرتاح.. وبيعطيك كل الأسباب حتى تقطع علاقتك فيه وماترجع تفكّر حتى تطلّع لورا.. وكرمال راحة بالك احذف كلشي ممكن يوصلو إلك سواء من وسائل تواصل(واتساب_تيلغرام)أو حتى رقم تلفونك.. وبس ✋🏻...

يارب بكرا يبقي يوم جبر خاطر لينا كلنا ومحدش يزعل وربنا يكرمنا فوق ما نتوقع❤.

Arron Nesmith and a future first round pick traded to the Brooklyn Nets in return for Kevin Durant per Shams.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN seems to be losing reporting momentum to Shams Charania of the Athletic, league sources tell Twitter..

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