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i just woke up and that shawn and camila video is the first thing i saw can someone please pour bleach in my eyes.

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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello via Shawn’s Instagram 2019.

i wouldn’t usually advocate for censorship of media but the shawn mendez and camila cabello video should be illegal.

Yall I’m TIRED. Everyone making fun of Camila and Shawn let them live, they were trying to make light of all the hate they are getting. Emma stone and Andrew Garfield did a skit like this for SNL and there was no issue?? lmao.

If anyone knows how to unsee the Camila and Shawn video. SLIDE INTO THE DMS! SOS.

gmorning to the itzy icy mv that was posted under a camila and shawn video because without it i wouldn’t be here stanning absolute legends.

as much as y’all claim to dislike shawn and camila, you sure do talk about them alot.

camila and shawn kissing, rats kissing, beatles my tl is a mess.

I’m genuinely what I consider to be, a very open-minded but my whole day has been plagued by the violent PTSD of watching the Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello kissing video. Haunted..

My reaction to the shawn mendes and camila cabello video:.

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Not only was that Shawn and Camila video disgusting and NOT funny I l don’t buy into their fake relationship even more now.

Honestly people need to chill about Shawn and Camila I found it funny af and basically just out here trolling but a huge amount of people/stans are sending them even more hate I-.

if I see that video of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello one more time I’m throwing my phone out the window.

if i see that video of shawn and camila kissing one more time i’m deleting twitter.

if y’all don’t stop rting that fucking cursed video of camila and shawn im gonna snap. my poor eyes are bleeding. have mercy..

is there any way to mute/block videos on twitter ugh ano ba naman kasi shawn and camila kadiri amp.

stop making the shawn and camila video seem cute and adorable when in reality it’s gross and uncalled for.

How can camila and Shawn mendes kissing be trending news ........twitter are you okay.

Shawn Mendes could have stopped at calling Camila Cabello señorita and everyone would have been fine with that..

So that’s the last time I FaceTime Shawn and.

I haven’t seen a single hate tweet on Camila & Shawn I’m sure there are a lot but I choose not to look for it. My timeline is celebrating and not fighting and that’s how it should be :).

ok i understand the point of the camila and shawn vid was to make fun of all the haters but like couldnt they just have made a statement or laughed at some comments or something like that vid is lil embarrassing ?.

@jessiecath I was all about Amadeus and then Jumpin Jaks. Get trollied night - 80p a drink. What a time to be alive. Sadly I fear at some points I did do a Camila and Shawn. Ultimate shudder..

shawn and camila trying to keep themselves relevant by SWALLOWING eachother im sick and tired.

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whoever retweeted that camila and shawn vid on my timeline deserves jail time. FUCKING NASTY.

i just woke up and that shawn and camila video is the first thing i saw can someone please pour bleach in my eyes.

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