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Shayna Baszler wins the Women’s Gauntlet. No one should be surprised. She tells the better story with Liv Morgan. Excellent call #SmackDown.

WWE India
WWE India

And your winner: SHAYNA BASZLER! It’ll be @YaOnlyLivvOnce vs. @QoSBaszler for the #SmackDown Women’s Title at #WWECastle!.

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Llega Shayna Baszler a la órbita titular. Están a tiempo de subirse al barco..

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[Officiel] Match de championnat annoncé pour Clash at the Castle ! Liv Morgan défendra le titre de championne de SmackDown contre Shayna Baszler !.

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They pushed Ciampa/Shayna That era is dead and got its ass whipped. Besides, that period holds no reverence to me so I feel nothing..

them returning, Liv getting booed, Shayna winning the gauntlet, we really are in a Triple H era omg.


that time when vince mcmahon thought that a pregnant becky lynch retaining against shayna baszler by a roll-up was the move.

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#SmackDown Roundup pod is up! My immediate thoughts on the WWE return of Karrion Kross/Scarlett, Shayna Baszler earning a womens title shot and more 📡.

Shayna Baszler getting the win is pretty exciting too. It’ll be interesting to see how Ronda Rousey plays into it. I suspect a partnership could be on the horizon #SmackDown.

@WrestleFeatures Why do I get the feeling we’re about to see Shayna be the most dominant she’s been since Elimination Chamber 2020 😅. Liv vs Shayna makes a shit tonne of sense if Ronda is now heel and suspended. When she comes back you have her and Shayna as a dominant heel duo.

@WrestlingDaze Shayna or Raquel and if I’m being honest if shayna wins I’m down for her beating liv shayna in nxt was such a beast.

in addition to this, imagine heel Ronda & Shayna terrorizing the Smackdown girlies, & Sasha & Naomi returning to face them, bringing back the tag titles/division. Let me call HunTAH..

@Jayleejnr That would be perfect for Extreme Rules. Liv/Shayna in the Fight Pit would be excellent, I think..

@WrestlingDaze we cant overreact to one crowd I do think that shayna should win tho and having liv go away for a bit then her coming back heel and I would like for her to cut a passionate promo about the fans turning on her but I think for that it would need to be more than one crowd turning.

[News/Resultats] Nouveau match officialisé pour #wwe Clash At The Castle : -Liv Morgan (c) VS Shayna Baszler pour le Smackdown Women Championship..

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LIV vs Shayna is not a match you would’ve seen booked for a PPV a few weeks ago, Vince was way too scared to ever book a title match on PPV that didn’t always involve certain people. So for what it is I’m excited for this laugh simply for a change of pace now..

SmackDown Winners And Losers: Karrion Kross Returns, Shayna Baszler Runs The Gauntlet.

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We eating good tonight I’m thinking it’s going to be Shotzi or Shayna.

@PBSImpulse9 The logic is sound. I can’t shake the Shayna match though. Avenging her friend type beat..

@BigBoiDally @reigns_era Give me Ronda vs shayna inside the steel cage!! At extreme rules in Philly 😈.

let’s be honest ronda’s suspension is kayfabe, so watch shayna or mystery opponent charlotte win, ronda will cause a ruckus it’ll be a triple threat at CATC.

@JsmallSAINTS Did Shayna used to be good before she was on the main roster? I never watched NXT..


@WWE 1. Roman’s entrance can’t be ten minutes 2. Nakamura should win clean 3. Hopefully Shayna and not Natalya or a Charlotte/Ronda surprise.

@Chrisbarnett_91 @MephistoXP All this shit shows me is Sasha/Naomi is needed cuz shit weak 👀👀😬😅 Lol (HHH def need rebuild Shayna all over again & Xia).

TRIPLE PITOS nos está dando las cosas de a poquito: Empezó el domingo con Bayley, Iyo & Dakota, el lunes le dió foco a Ciampa y a los combates y segmentos con sentido, y hoy nos dió a Shayna relevante, la historia de Sami y a Karrion Kross de regreso..

Karrion Kross back and with Scarlett and presented how they should have been Shayna Bayler booked like she should have been Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai on the main roster Loving this new era.


@NatbyNature if you need a partner for the Women’s Tag Titles Tournament now that Shayna’s busy with Liv…you know who to call @TheCJPerry #RavishingHearts 💋❣️.

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Karrion , Shinsuke, Ciampa and Shayna being in title pictures simultaneously is such a Triple H move 😭😭😭.

Liv morgan vs. Shayna baszler #SmackDown #هروج_المصارعة.

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imma need a +10 minutes rematch of shayna baszler vs raquel rodriguez but with THESE versions of them #Smackdown.

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