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हीन दर्जाचे आरोप करणाऱ्या कंगना साठी थोडीशी माहिती ....#shutupkangana

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Ravi Bhosale
Ravi Bhosale ()

@KanganaTeam @republic ये डोंगरांमधील नाचणारे बाई🙅 तू आहेस कुठली....आणि बोलतेस कोणत्या राज्याबद्दल तुझं करिअर आता संपल आहे.......म्हणूनच तुला हे सुचतंय #Shutupkangana

Madhu Sagar
Madhu Sagar ()

@KanganaTeam #shutupkangana No one interested in you your fights or anything else. U r just bakwaas.

mahika 🏳️‍🌈ᴺᴹ
Mahika 🏳️‍🌈ᴺᴹ ()

@gayshotsbrosbro do you have eleven protons? because you’re sodium fine 😍 #shutupkangana

Nitish Varma
Nitish Varma ()

India is the most damaged country because of the pandemic , number are rising rapidly but the #BJP government is busy harassing people who speak against them , now what is your point?#shutupkangana

Bernie’s onlyfans
Bernie’s onlyfans ()

lmao people on Instagram are talking about #shutupkangana and i’m absolutely loving it

Doyita Mukherjee
Doyita Mukherjee ()

I am ashamed that she shares my gender. Kindly do not consider yourself and your sister as the flag bearer of feminism, because you actually put real feminists to shame. You want to smash patriarchy, then clean the filth in your mind. #shutupkangana

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Harsh ()

i am a simple guy, whenever i see news about #kanganaranaut, i turn off the tv :) #shutupkangana

Khyali Ram
Khyali Ram ()

#GodMorningThursday श्री कृष्ण जी काल नहीं थे पवित्र गीता जी अध्याय 11 स्लोक 47 में प्रभु काल कह रहा है कि हे अर्जुन यह मेरा वास्तविक काल रूप है, जिसे तेरे अतिरिक्त पहले किसी ने नहीं देखा था। #shutupkangana Satlok you Tube channel पर Visit करें।

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SabalSneh ()

@nehamishra1711 Yes her words have completely made her lost all her integrity to speak on any Women related issue. #shutupkangana #UrmilaMatonkar

Siddharth Gupta
Siddharth Gupta ()

@boujeemm Ganne ki juice mein aisa nasha hota, humein bhi try karna padega. #shutupkangana

Preetibarna Panda
Preetibarna Panda ()

Will you say sorry to all the people you targeted to fulfill your agenda masquerading as a saviour for If they are proved innocent by the court? Will you apologise to ranbir and alia whom u called mediocre actors ..when they receive a national award? #shutupkangana

adi joshi
Adi joshi ()

पाकिस्तानीयों को काम देकर बॉलिवूड थाली मे छेद् नही करता ? अंडरवर्ल्ड से पैसे लेकर देश की थाली मे छेद नही करते? #shutupkangana कंगना बोलने वालो से सच्चाई सहन नही हो रही।

surendra  saraiya
Surendra saraiya ()

#shutupkangana शिवसेना ओर मराठी भासी लोग, उत्तर भारतीयों को अपना दुश्मन स्मजते है हिंदी भाषियों को इन को मारना चाहिए अपने इलाकों से मार मार निकलो कंगना ने औकात दिखा दी

Sahil Joshi
Sahil Joshi ()

हीन दर्जाचे आरोप करणाऱ्या कंगना साठी थोडीशी माहिती ....#shutupkangana

Amruth Jain
Amruth Jain ()

@KanganaTeam #shutupkangana ML algo shows that, aap 2024 election mein buri tarah harengi.

Aastha Kanwar
Aastha Kanwar ()

Here comes the masterstroke of victim card. I am sure next is going to be the woman card. And last but not the least Abla naari card! #shutupkangana

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Shubham Umale
Shubham Umale ()

I know that why BMC demolished kagana illegal construction immediately and she deserved it because she shown what kind of women she is. #shutupkangana

D ()

I always wanted to say - #shutupkangana She’s a rude, classless lady. An empowered bully,conspiracy theorist and a BJP agent. As if Modi Ji didn’t have enough he chose Kangana who has a serious verbal diarrhoea problem to represent his party 😂 worst PR job EVER!

Abdul Kader Arsiwala
Abdul Kader Arsiwala ()

@shampanepepe Pehle drugs ka test isko karne ke liye bulao , pata nahi konsa maal phukti hai ye aurat. Woh film aayi thi na iski , Mental hai kya ? Title suit krta hai ispe😂😂😂😂 #shutupkangana

Shivam Shivhare
Shivam Shivhare ()

#shutupkangana this is right call shut up Kangana Ranaut Go to drag party and balgar pictures shots See this video

#shutupkangana Photo
Rahul Singh Chauhan
Rahul Singh Chauhan ()

Baki role aur item song k bare me inhone phle hi bta diya hai ki kaise mila to first movie as a heroine inhe kaise mili kya krna pda uske liye vo bhi bta dein #SHUTUPKANGANA

Avani Jain
Avani Jain ()

@eatyourshawarma Kangana apne is muh ko band kar mutiyare #shutupkangana

Shakti kumar Arora
Shakti kumar Arora ()

@KanganaOffical #kangana worked with same blast accused in many what thali m ched means you are blaming entire industry without any if she has she must #shutupkangana

Faraz Khan
Faraz Khan ()

@ChastainxMargot @KanganaTeam STFU clown , all your girl do is speak shit about everyone in the industry , she is always on a different track , Abusing her workplace seems so cool for her. Saying she taught feminism to Bollywood and insults other senior actors She really needs to shut up now #Shutupkangana

सत्यमेव_जयते ()

#shutupkangana मुंबई के कमाठीपुरा से है कंगन

Javwad_Ahmed__74_ ()

Kab justice for sushant justice for kangana ban gaya pata hi na chala #shutupkangana #UrmilaMatonkar

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Dhruv Parapurath
Dhruv Parapurath ()

@KanganaTeam Mananiya pradhan Mantri ko jitna godi media ka swaad milta he shayad hi koi aur desh me hoga exceting North Korea, #shutupkangana #ShutUpSanghi

Sahil Singh
Sahil Singh ()

@KanganaTeam Happy #NationalUnemploymentDay17Sept Mam. And please #shutupkangana . We all know your sanskars and contribution.

Ritvik Singh Rathore
Ritvik Singh Rathore ()

@KanganaTeam ji if you think what you said about @UrmilaMatondkar ji makes you a stronger woman or a feminist, it says everything about your culture. What you said is a disgrace to FEMINISM, you have no right to insult a movement to your further your own agenda. #shutupkangana

Kush Juvekar
Kush Juvekar ()

@KanganaTeam Maybe you are bold but you are not a saint. And now almost everyone in the industry is against you . So now you can shut up and go be an environmentalist . #shutupkangana #EnoughIsEnough

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