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🗣One, two, three, four, five, @sixers! Good luck in the playoffs! #PhilaUnite | #BrotherlyLove.

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Its Past 2am I am off to catch some rest. I will waking up hopefully before my alarm clock. Take care everyone. I will drinking a 8oz water so my bowel will be clean. Have pleasant dreams. Way to go Spurs, and Sixers on your Victorys.

Ben Simmons walked into Barclays Center and quietened a crazy Nets crowd with a career best showing in Game 3. After leading the #Sixers to a dominant victory, one thing is crystal clear: Simmons is anything but average. Notes and analysis from Brooklyn:.

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4-1 on the day🔥🔥🔥🔥 this is just the start. NBA 🏀 Warriors (4u) ✔️ Sixers (3u) ✔️ MLB ⚾️ Rays (2u) ✖️ Dodgers ML (2u) ✔️ Nationals ML (2u) ✔️ Tomorrow is about to be an even better day👀 max incoming 🔒.

Just your average playoff game. #PhilaUnite | #HereTheyCome.

Jimmy Butler hits both free throws, extends the Sixers lead to 8 with 8:26 remaining.

@MSTDENIS As a #sixers fan, right now i agree. But i also wonder how the lakers let him go w the thought that lonzo ball is the future..

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, your Sixers lead the Nets by six with 8:36 to play. Series tied 1-1..

Un immense coup de chaud pour du jamais vu depuis CINQUANTE-SEPT ans ! Les Sixers étaient en feu cette nuit 🔥.

General sentiment from the Sixers locker room is that Brett Brown was the angriest he’s ever been at halftime, specifically about the defensive lapses. It seemed to pay off..

A Sixers Win And A Solid Night On FanDuel. Now I Gotta Write A 5 Page Paper For School 😂😂😂.

Lakers management plans to travel East to meet with Sixers assistant Monty Williams between Games 2 and 3 of playoff series with Brooklyn, league sources tell ESPN. Williams has emerged as a top candidate for Lakers coaching job..

@friendlyzodiac @IceyDLO Sixers missed so many open threes but yeah I agree Brooklyn did play good defense most of the game.

Lo único que salva el ridículo de los Sixers de ayer es el consuelo de que Raptors y Nuggets también pechearon, aunque hay que ser justos y apuntar que Denver lo hizo ante un equipo MUY maduro, mucho más trabajado que Nets y Magic..

@pickuphoop We all know Sixers/Raptors/Nuggets will probably win their series, just let us have fun smh.

My break so far (other than sleep) 🏀Sixers, Nets 🏀Raps, Magic 🏀Dubs, Clips 🏀Spurs, Nuggets 🎞Spirited Away.

@shandershow It was were used to it. they talk about his social media antics relentlessly and How horrible they feel for sixers fans while really not bemoaning big market (much longer term ) failures in NY or La. Next day up I guess.

Also: I don’t think they’ve done a great job managing his minutes this season (some of that falls on Joel, too), so I’m not excusing that. Still, it’s good to see that their taking it into account now. If the Sixers are going to make a run, they need Joel as healthy as possible..

Hey raptors and sixers fans, just remember you’re not paying Andrew Wiggins 148 million dollars 😹😹😹.

@aaronkpatel @BirdsNets You both are learning real fast why many Sixers fans want BB gone..

I can’t believe I’m missing the first playoff game for the sixers because of this boaters class and test 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Have the Sixers identified their premiere closer yet because I never trust them in close games.

Momentum is a THING! Butler’s buzzer-beating 3 has carried the momentum over to the second where the @sixers have narrowed what was once a 17-point deficit to now 2 points. #NBAPlayoffs.

Sixers are sitting on using Simmons as a screener in pick and roll. Expected to see it a little more in transition..

Today’s game has shown why the Sixers got Jimmy Butler. He’s been keeping them in the game..

🗣One, two, three, four, five, @sixers! Good luck in the playoffs! #PhilaUnite | #BrotherlyLove.

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