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Deal is agreed on -- and Sixers will send Boston Nos. 24 and 33 in this draft, league sources tell ESPN..

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@NaudiNala They’ll lose their minds!! Specially wearing the 2001 sixers Jersey 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I may cosplay soon just for the reaction 😅.

@notthefakeCasey @HoopsReference I don’t disagree that the Sixers did not make the most out of their opportunity tonight. But I also understands EB’s mindset of liquidating as much cap capital as he can with FA approaching to go after nba players..

@PHLSixersNation Yo @kawhileonard if you even take a meeting with the Sixers I’ll run through Philly butt ass naked.

my disappointment will be immeasurable if the sixers trade out of the second round after i’ve sat here waiting. please, just stash someone with a weird name.

@wojespn says #Sixers are one of the teams that Kawhi Leonard will visit with in free agency..

@MattPlunkett Yeah I see bitching that the Sixers have no shot at the finals because they passed on 2nd rounders. Lol..

Bruno Fernando is a rim protector who can run, 2nd rd picks barely make it but I love this #sixers.

@sixers just love trading with Boston so they can screw us! Fleeced again. Dumbest team in NBA!! Will they ever learn??!!! WTF.

@Mook_HNIC @JeffNadu Just saw sixers drafted Bruno Fernando out of Maryland. Nice.


at least the sixers finished second this year in the nba via transitive property.

O sixers poderia sair desse draft com 3 jogadores utilizáveis nessa temporada. Vai sair com apenas o thybule. Parabéns Elton Brand.

I just stayed up for 30 minutes for the sixers to not realize they need rotation players..

As the Sixers make another trade involving 34, quick reasoning behind the deal with Simmons and pick No. 42.

Rip to his mom and all but it’s better players still on the board. Sixers be doing anything. I hope this pick work out!.

Would be very satisfied with the Sixers trading up to get Carsten Edwards or Bol Bol.

If the Sixers want Carsen Edwards, they should move up from 34 to 32. He make a lot of sense for Boston as well. Leaving this draft with Thybulle and Edwards would be outstanding work. Two top 20 guys in my opinion..

The Sixers And Celtics Have Reportedly Swapped Picks So Philly Can Take Matisse Thybulle #sports #feedly.

@JoeGiglioSports Fits the Sixers draft strategy the last few years. Draft guards who CANT SHOOT!.

@lauraroman503 @goldenmonkey lol I wish! The Sixers picked on behalf of the Celtics (and vice versa), so Boston is just telling them who to pick there. Can’t finalize trades during the draft itself, which is why we have this goofy system.

@KDPomp @sixers Sixers drafted Jerome for the Celtics who traded him to the Suns..

Important Matisse Thybulle note: His last name is pronounced like Thigh-Bull. Extremely Philly.

Perhaps Sixers used Keith as a smokescreen to try and get a deal done without revealing their true intentions? Is that something that happens?.

Deal is agreed on -- and Sixers will send Boston Nos. 24 and 33 in this draft, league sources tell ESPN..

With the number one pick, the Philadelphia 76ers select…” 🗓️ @NBADraft Countdown ⏰ @BenSimmons25 | #HereTheyCome.

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