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THE BEAST IS HERE and he just declared for the #RoyalRumble Match! 🤯 @fightbobby @BrockLesnar #SmackDown.

Lacey Evans Fires Back At Fans After Wardrobe Malfunction On WWE SmackDown.

@reigns_era Nah, it’s Cody’s night. If Rock is coming back, save it for Raw or Smackdown.

Log on or tune in to “Smackdown w/Darrell Scott” RIGHT NOW on the Real Americas Voice Television Network, Website, or App!.

* - #PWInsider : ذكرت صحيفة PWInsider من المقرر أن يكون بروك ليسنر بعرض الليلة على Smackdown في لاريدو ، تكساس..

#SmackDown Photo,#SmackDown Photo by B E S T W R E S T L I N G,B E S T W R E S T L I N G on twitter tweets #SmackDown Photo

Pat McAfee, former SmackDown commentator, and former SMACK-DAB commentator, Mick Foley, will join Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Joey Styles and Jonathan Coachman!!!!! This is awesome!!! #RoyalRumble.

Michael Cole from SmackDown, Corey Graves from RAW, Joey Styles from SMACK-DAB and Jonathan Coachman from RARE welcome you! #RoyalRumble.


@JZPhilosophy Its good to see as a community we can come together across the diaspora to lay the smackdown 🤣🤣🤣.

Go Home to Royal Rumble! | WWE Smackdown & AEW Rampage 1/27/2032 | Show Review & Results.

On #SmackDown, Brock Lesnar attacked Bobby Lashley and announced his entry in the #RoyalRumble match!.

#SmackDown Photo,#SmackDown Photo by Sportskeeda Wrestling,Sportskeeda Wrestling on twitter tweets #SmackDown Photo

@bobbybatitto748 @JazminAllure am so happy for her match in SmackDown. She deserves it.

Looking forward to legado del fantasma and Imperium running that back for many years to come on WWE Smackdown. What a match 🔥🔥🔥.

@commandercrissy I brought my funko pop to get signed. Hunter just had to book him on Smackdown :/.

【続本日のSDL】 ・LAナイトがワイアットを扮するも本人登場からのアンクル・ハウディも登場。ワイアットは多少不快? ・メインイベントは、場外乱闘。オーエンズはゼインをパイプ椅子で殴らず去っていく #WWE #SmackDown.


فريق امبريوم يتمكن من التأهل إلى نهائي دورة اختيار المتحدي الأول على لقب سماكداون للتاج تيم بعد الانتصار على فريق ليجادو ديل فانتازما. #SmackDown @ShahidVOD.

You know DAAAAAMN well someone in creative knew about Bang Bros.... #WWE #SmackDown @n0nc3nts.

@WWE y’all KILLED it last night in Laredo for #SmackDown!!! Now it’s RUMBLE TIME!!!!!🤙🏻🤘🏻👊🏻💪🏻🙌🏻😁.

#RoyalRumble entries confirmed on last nights #SmackDown: Men’s- Brock Lesnar, The Miz, Xavier Woods Women’s- All three members of Damage CTRL, Lacey Evans & Xia Li.

The night starts with fireworks with @PatMcAfeeShow! Love to see him back in the booth! Now come to Lincoln for Smackdown in April. #RoyalRumble.


OK i always recognized ricochet and if logan was a smackdown regular it would be a great feud.

Sanji faces Nami for the first time since she laid the 💥 smackdown on #OnePieceSailsOn 827-828 is TONIGHT! #OnePiece.

U back to the #SmackDown desk @PatMcAfeeShow? Just wondering for all of the @WWE universe!!!!;).

Pat McAfee returns at WWE Royal Rumble four months after SmackDown exit.

My dawg, you still in town? I need a favor. - Jey Uso #SmackDown.

#SmackDown Photo,#SmackDown Photo by AUTHORS OF WRESTLING,AUTHORS OF WRESTLING on twitter tweets #SmackDown Photo

Iban a entrevistar a Kevin Owens, pero Los Usos no estaban de acuerdo con lo que iba a decir, e iban a tener un debate. #SmackDown.

La llamada de Jey Uso a Sami Zayn. Le dice que necesita un favor. Ojito. #SmackDown.

#SmackDown Photo,#SmackDown Photo by Luigi,Luigi on twitter tweets #SmackDown Photo

Sami trying to have a private conversation with Jey in front of a camera lol #WWE #SmackDown.

Backstage, The Usos are escorted out of the arena. Jey Uso then calls Sami Zayn for a favor. #SmackDown.

Why, why when there’s something good happening, they need to go to a commercial break? #Smackdown Is looking at Flo that important! Or seeing people stuffing there face with pizza..

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