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Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead’ announces May 21, 2021 release date on @netflix

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Riya Kataria
Riya Kataria ()

Wow, I’ve never been a huge fan of DC aside from Supergirl (Not a big fan of the movie character of Superman, and WW1984 ruined it for me), but this article makes me want to watch all 4 hours of the Snyder cut.

Jake Humphrey
Jake Humphrey ()

@ArjunComics I know I was just drawing the comparison because clearly Snyder likes to take on projects with stories that are considered to be hard to adapt.

AC ()

I’ve shit on the Snyder Cut as much as anyone, but the Vanity Fair profile today on him and this film was good. Honestly hoping it turns out how he and his family wants.

Will🐳🟩 ()

@daysafterastr0 no but its so awful its another level of entertainment and thats what i think the snyder cut is

Max Drummer Dee Official Page
Max Drummer Dee Official Page ()

@Dane_Drums This reminds me of 1985 in court. When our Dee Snyder👍⚡👍 fought and protected us from this situation. Either way we were victorious.👍⚡😅👍. (((Long live Rock n Roll.)))🤘🤘🤘. Rock Never Stop🤘👊🤘!!!

The Hollywood Reporter
The Hollywood Reporter ()

Ryan Reynolds Won’t Appear in Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’

Riley Constantine
Riley Constantine ()

Seeing as Zack Snyder is terrible at Christ metaphors, I’m not surprised

Erik Smith
Erik Smith ()

@hoyleryan Look, the Snyder Cut of this movie is not gonna change my thoughts on how eh the original was. I don’t care if Batman says “Fuck” or we have Joker Jesus.

Maxncheese ()

@FlREWALKWITHJOE Hey I wanna apologize for mocking Snyder for so long, the Joker wearing a crown of thorns has shown me the true artistry he has created, and it shows how serious he takes these stories.

a gata triste
A gata triste ()

jared é ator snyder é diretor snyder fala, jared faz porque a hierarquia de trabalho é assim qual a dificuldade de entender que jared não tem nada a ver com um personagem aproveitado pelo d i r e t o r?

Alexander Garcia
Alexander Garcia ()


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MirrorkatFeces ()

@kingofsorrow_x @IGN Ehhh idk about better than DKR, but the animated universe is definitely better than anything Snyder has done

𝙺𝚘𝚛𝚗𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚘. ()

Las películas que están en blanco y negro es por qué tiene un valor artístico y un significado para ello. No para que se vea más edgy, sack Snyder, ya no vivimos en los 1910 para que las películas sean a fuerzas en blanco y negro. Así como el montaje intemporal. #SnyderCut

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Camden McDonald
Camden McDonald ()

the venn diagram of dudes who say “women aren’t funny” and think the Justice League Snyder Cut is a heaven-sent gem is just a circle.

Meu nome não é Diego
Meu nome não é Diego ()

@guipsj Eu adoro a original, é uma das minhas músicas favoritas. O Snyder usar nem 🙃

Grafito ()

Habrán muchas cosas que ame y que odie en #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague pero se que pase lo que pase ver al final For Autumn. me va a sacar una sonrisa y un lagrimón.

Real Rob V
Real Rob V ()

@mjarbo I always find it funny that these people rail on and on about how bad the DCEU under Snyder is, or that Snyder’s take on DC superheroes is not correct or somehow inaccurate.

Cory Castelan
Cory Castelan ()

@Variety Remove @Ceilidhann from this article. She has a gross unwarranted bias against Zack Snyder and her misguided view of the fandom does not represent what we actually fight for.

Steffie ()

The more WB or Zack Snyder talks about this movie the worse it gets oh no 😭

Dier ()

I feel like this movie would fit perfectly in that early 2000s era of parody movies, except it’s not a and I’m pretty sure Snyder actually thinks this is

Gabriel Uzumaki🇧🇷
Gabriel Uzumaki🇧🇷 ()

@eu3dgar @phdurden Não foi ele que nerfou a diana e sim seu geoff jonh com um roteiro de merda em ww84 só uma imagem do coringa já falam que o snyder ficou maluco que ele nuca leu uma HQ e sim tem nas HQ esse coringa cristão

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gautam winter storm warning jayanthi
Gautam winter storm warning jayanthi ()

This motherfucker is 0-3 and they still keep throwing money at him to suck more ass. Zack Snyder is absolute proof that white privilege exists

Comic Book Resources
Comic Book Resources ()

#JusticeLeague: Snyder Shot a New Ending with a Mind-Blowing Cameo

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CW ()

@garthdude3 @SadBoyBarrett I’m, more, not interested cuz Snyder I believe already said that this is a one-off. There will be no sequel or films in this meta of the universe. Seems it’ll either, be good and upset ppl, or bad and disappoint.

👾Izzy Nobre
👾Izzy Nobre ()

@LeoDaCosta_ @rodrigosalem Zero surpresa, to editando um vídeo AGORA em que a tese do argumento é que o Snyder n entende os personagens Se o Rodrigo tiver interesse em ver ele perceberá que concordamos sobre o

The Michael Of Destiny
The Michael Of Destiny ()

So after years of asking Zack Snyder to condemn his toxic fans, they’re now saying he’s lying when he does what they want. JFC.

Justin Davis (Andros Fan Account)
Justin Davis (Andros Fan Account) ()

I can’t wait for people who ‘hate’ Snyder to still watch the cut, but that article kinda a lot of the hate about the decision look crass and stupid. Especially for the “The Snyder Cut doesnt exist!” folks

David ()

@TravLyleCzech Chris Finch 2010 G League Coach of the Year 2012 Britain Olympic Head Coach Associate Head Coach for Quin Snyder, Alvin Gentry, & Nick Nurse Was an All American Player in college & played professionally for 4 seasons. He’s a Basketball Lifer Wolves are in good hands bro

philip lewis
Philip lewis ()

Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s attorneys are now arguing that he cannot be charged with neglecting Flint during its water crisis because neglecting a city is not a crime”

Fandom ()

Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead’ announces May 21, 2021 release date on @netflix

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