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Every spurs fan. I feel ya. This is the dream. He’s actually on the pitch. I love that he shot with his first touch. 🐐 #Bale

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Goal machine club
Goal machine club ()

@UTDTrey You see what you forgot was that you conceded 6 to Spurs at once but we did it in 3 games

Matt ()

@atrupar Fogarty is going to have to sue to get him to stop. Hilarious self own by Cadet Bone Spurs though.

Liz ()

@ianewen I was there my first visit was when we lost to Spurs in the League Cup Final

Glory Glory
Glory Glory ()

Spurs must go into that changing room at half time sit in the leather seats, change their shirts, brush their hair - bit of molton brown cream on, feet up, relax, think about that pool after the game, act like 13 year olds Then come out and play fuxking shit. Too many luxuries

@footielegends100 ()

Can Spurs win title with such bad defence? No, but then again Liverpool are struggling defensively, so too are Chelsea and Arsenal, Man City no great shakes at the back Attack is best form of defence Who has the best attack? Might be Spurs once Bale regains full match sharpness

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Joe ()

94th minute equaliser. London Derby comeback. Lanzini rocket from 25 yards. 7 points vs Wolves, Leicester + Spurs. Irons.

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A-FP ()

Jose was finished hey? You guys all wanted him out yeah? Where are the #JoseOut crew at? Spurs are playing such good football right now!

Rick D Courier
Rick D Courier ()

@meralee727 JFK is currently self-regenerating his massive head wound, breaking out of his grave and coming back to kick Donnie’s conceited ass And even dead for 50+ years, HE COULD DO IT (actual war hero, no fake bone spurs) Just sayin 😏

Arjun Sen
Arjun Sen ()

As an Arsenal ‘fan’ if you’re delighting at Spurs winning a game of football playing attractive football, have a look at yourself.

FuckArsenal ()

Mourinho’s Spurs are playing entertaining football than @Arsenal . Let that sink in for a minute!!

Dream In Colors
Dream In Colors ()

If you watched that All or Nothing documentary you would want Jose to win a trophy at Spurs at least.

Jolyon Rubinstein
Jolyon Rubinstein ()

Every spurs fan. I feel ya. This is the dream. He’s actually on the pitch. I love that he shot with his first touch. 🐐 #Bale

Gaz ()

Wouldn’t surprise me if Spurs won the league. Quality throughout the team and a manager who’s been there before.

Mr OJM ()

Spurs in attack at the moment are ruthless. Hopefully the wheels come off shortly. They usually

Chukwuebuka Nsobundu
Chukwuebuka Nsobundu ()

@hEnRiEyDt Jose is already one of the best managers of all time. Honestly he has nothing left to prove. However, wining the premier league will spurs will make him gargantuan.

Republik pasundan
Republik pasundan ()

@panditfootball Seru nih Yang mau nonton spurs bisa langganan mola Tv 3 bulan apps only diskon 55rb pakai link ajaib ini Lumayan ngirit

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Stefano ()

The key for Spurs will be to stay healthy. Other than that, they can be champions. Manchester City taking a step back and Liverpool suffering injuries will only make for the job to be easier to do.

Arbzz 🇫🇮🇽🇰
Arbzz 🇫🇮🇽🇰 ()

Ndombele is the best midfielder in the world Kane is the best striker in the world Reguilon is the best LB in the world Spurs full of goats 💪

vladimir luptak
Vladimir luptak ()

@hosekj @podvinho Spurs dneska fantazie. Jen nevím, co si o WHU myslet, jestli jsou tak slabí nebo Kane a spol tak dobří....Letos klidně tu TOP 4 dáte.


Mourinho can win the league with this Spurs team and they wont see it coming 😂😂 As Jose fan id be happy as a Man United fan id moer sad

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Pete ()

Are you really Spurs if you’re not still worried that the unthinkable could still 😬

Laura Crossley
Laura Crossley ()

@ZeyArkeoloji Agh! Hate lagging! The fear when you get a notification and think ‘is that a good notification or a bad one?!’ Btw, what a time to be a Spurs fan right now!

Imtiäz ()

@AM93_21 @RashfordFannn Says the guy who mentioned spurs and winning titles lmaooo big man what titles have they won? Chatting S 🤣🤣🤣

CallinUOut ()

@RealCandaceO @nbcsnl Lol Candace about round the time you stopped being an authentic human being.🤷🏻‍♂️ It must suck to be fake ass Lawless Bone spurs this year? ‘Cause y’all are not true Republicans! You can’t enjoy anything because people refuse to just sit down shut up and go along with your bullshit!

Arsenal Mark
Arsenal Mark ()

I’d put spurs in the same bracket as Chelsea right now. Decent team going forward but suspect at the back. I’d expect us to finish above both of them if we keep playing the way we are #afc

90bolacc ()

Kunjungi kami di 90bola dot cc Spurs Mourinho

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@VanGelder_ @sammy_rrrr If Mou wins the league with Spurs then he’s really cemented his place in history coz this bottlers club de3

Lewis Turner
Lewis Turner ()

@Tom73213756 Yeah Ik it’s a mental season and something weird will happen but spurs won’t be winning the league or any trophy

Mauricio Sanchez
Mauricio Sanchez ()

Osorio ojalá esos jugadores laterales y volantes externos que tiene estén viendo el partido del @Spurs_ES no es desbordar y tirar pelotazos haber que sale, es hacer pases gol al á @nacionaloficial el único que medio lo hace es Candelo y pare de contar 😤

Santiago ()

Ngl Spurs seem a bigger threat to Liverpool than City do, its all about if they can keep the front 3 fit

☚ #アサルトリリィ弾丸 #あなたの今年のクリスマス ☛
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