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@dalgomacopi @keexai 🐧 I stan exo, redvelvet, blackpink, nct, twice, itzy, i-land

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𝓝𝓮𝓵🍓ᵐᵘˡᵗⁱ ()

@dalgomacopi @keexai 🐧 I stan exo, redvelvet, blackpink, nct, twice, itzy, i-land

Diana!! ()

LMAO you stan BTS and NCT?!! Pick a struggle kid!!!! (I’m that kid)

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Nyd ()

((unflop+bantu like/rt)) hii i’m searching for new orbit moots bcz i’m a new orbit who just joined today hehe😋 just reply and i will follow u💕 (i stan exo and nct too)

yuka | IN生 #1 ^1
Yuka | IN生 #1 ^1 ()

anyway if i have oomfs that stan nct or would like an i am who/i am you album to 💖💖

🧚‍♀sinblvely IN生
🧚‍♀sinblvely IN生 ()

@doiesolace I stan nct for 3rd generation and skz, txt for 4th generations 😂 but i mostly like 3rd generation music

𝐤⁷✰ ()

omg october is about to be WILD yo we got seventeen, txt, nct, loona, bp, possibly (most likely) mamamoo, gfriend, izone, and possibly twice stan twit is about to be HELL

Winwinnie the poohʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ威神𝗩
Winwinnie the poohʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ威神𝗩 ()

I’m so glad I only stan nct bc I’m not gonna have to stress about who to vote and stream for in October- Goodluck multis, I feel bad for y’all 😭 October is probs gonna be super fun but also rlly stressful tbh,,,

jelly🌙 | semi-ia
Jelly🌙 | semi-ia ()

why people getting mad at the fact that nct is getting new members like this IS their group’s concept. unlimited members. u signed up for this when u decided to stan the group. 😏 now if u mad about that, leave✨

hui ☻
Hui ☻ ()

i wanna stan nct but i’m having a hard time memorizing the members and the different subunits 😞😞

ًbangchan’s real gf
ًbangchan’s real gf ()

ive been meaning to stan svt but i never could because “there are too many members”.......... one of my ult groups is nct 😭

Lele ♡ 은상
Lele ♡ 은상 ()

Me at the end of 2018 when I saw the number of members in the Boyz then proceeded to stan NCT three months later

JenMoong👑 ()

Bias pertama di NCT: Jeno Bias sekarang: Doyoung, Jeno, Ten,Lucas,Johnny,Yuta Bias wrecker: Jeno Lagu NCT yg pertama kali didengar: Chewing Gum Stan NCT era: Ridin - NCT Dream Lagu b-side fav: SEMUA SUKA BANGET 😭💚

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Andin ()

Ini juga STAN NCT Di Wayv Bias : Yangyang Tipe pacar irl : Hendery, winwin Di NCT 127 Bias : Haechan Tipe pacar irl : Jaehyun Di NCT DREAM Bias : Haechan, renjun Tipe pacar irl : Jaemin

Tata ()

ikutan ah~ 💚 bias pertama di NCT: LUCAS / JUNGWOO (lupa 🙁) bias sekarang: MY SWEETY HONEY BUNNY BABY HAECHANIE bias wrecker: BABY JI and DADDY JOHNNY lagu NCT yg pertana kali didenger: CHERRY BOOM stan NCT era: NCT2018 lagu b-side fav: WELCOME TO MY PLAYGROUND

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Lune Claire
Lune Claire ()

💚 STAN NCT 💚 bias pertama: jisung , yuta, johnny Bias sekarang : Renjun, jisung, yuta, johnny, taeil Bias wrecker : haechan Lagu NCT yg pertama di denger: fire truck, chewing gum Stan nct era: we boom Lagu b side fav:No longer ,walk you home

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열매 🍒 ✨ 보보후 🍓 ✨
열매 🍒 ✨ 보보후 🍓 ✨ ()

Ikutan ah Bisa pertama: Winwin Bias skng: aku ngga tau aku suka semua mksudnya bingung mau ngebias siapa tapi skrang aku lg suka bgt sama dejun, kun Bias wrecker: dejun, lucas Lagu nct pertama di denger: cherry bom Stan nct era: cherry bom Lagu bside fav: ngga tau 😭 suka semua

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fullsun 🌞
Fullsun 🌞 ()

Ikutan ah( ╹▽╹ ) Bias pertama di NCT: jaemin Bias sekarang: haechan, doyoung, hendery Bias wrecker: renjun, jeno, mark Lagu NCT yg pertama kali didengar: Cherry bomb Stan NCT era: superhuman Lagu b-side fav: SEMUA SUKA BANGET 😭💚

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시파🦑 ()

Bias pertama di NCT: jeno Bias skrng: ty, renjun, winwin, dejun, jaehyun, kun, doyoung Bias wrecker: Haechan Lagu NCT yg pertama kali di dengar: we go up Stan NCT era: 2019 Lagu b-side fav: semuanya NCT STAN NCT Kuylah stan nct sebelum 2030. Siapa tau ntr tambah banyak

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✨ ()

Stan NCT before it’s too late. Sebelum mereka ot100. Sebelum mereka nguasain semua music charts. Here is a news about nct being the one of the most tweeted musicians in the US in 2020.

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JH💅Fb mniezzz
JH💅Fb mniezzz ()

Bias pertama di NCT: Jaemin Bias sekarang: Winwin Jaehyun Doyoung, sebenarnya semua adalah bias ku😭😭 Bias wrecker: Haechan Ten lucas ikut ye Lagu NCT yg pertama kali didengar : Boss Stan NCT era : 2018 Lagu B-Side Fav : Banyakk ㅠㅠ #NCT2020

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Hanadeulset ()

update satu update semua, bingungkan jadinya muk uploud yang mana: Ng stan nct baru beberapa bulan, no salty ak kpoper baru babyzen✌💚

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Biass pertama: Mark Lee Biass sekarang: All member (termasuk WayV) Biass wrecker: Taeyong Lagu NCT pertama didengar: Boss STAN NCT era: NCT 2018 Lagu fav: We Young, Regular, Simon Says, Love Talk

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Mutualan kuy kuy kuy🙆
Mutualan kuy kuy kuy🙆 ()

berasa naik wahana 🤡 stan nct before late :)

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Mworklee_ ()

mau ikutaaan bias pertama di nct : Winwin bias sekarang : Jaemin, doyoung, mark, xiaojun bias wrecker : all member lagu nct yang di denger pertama kali : Cherry boomb stan nct era : turn back time lagu b-side fav : Semuanyaaaaa🥺😖💚💚💚

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Lala🐬🌻 tag aja
Lala🐬🌻 tag aja ()

Ikuta aaaa 🌾Bias pertama : Chenle 🌾Bias sekarang : Chenle, Haechan 🌾Bias wrecker : Jeno, Mark, Johnny, Ten 🌾Lagu pertama yg didengar : chewing gum 🌾Stan NCT era : MFAL (NCT Dream) 🌾Lagu b-side fav : gatau banyak

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Zin ()

Firrst bias : Taeyong, Ten Current bias : Mark, Jaehyun, Dream ot7 Bias wrecker : all😭 First song I heard : Regular, So am I Stan NCT era : Early Superhuman era Favorite B-sides : -THE WHOLE BOOM ALBUM -Paradise,Angel,Mad Dog,Sit down,Dear dream, Highway to Heaven, (more)

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^lay IN生
^lay IN生 ()

Muk ikutan ahh😂 Bias pertama di NCT:Jaemin Bias sekarang:Taeyong,Jaemin,Xiaojun Bias wrecker:All member Lagu NCT yg pertama kali didengar:Chewing gum Stan NCT era:Boom Lagu b-side fav:We young,Bad Alive,Kick it,Touch Buruan stan gais keburu nmbh bnyk, ntar riweh ngapalinnya😂

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NCTZEN 15 ()

mo ikutann jugaa Bias pertama di NCT: JAEHYUN Bias sekarang : ga bisa nentuain :) Bias wrecker: ACTUALLY ALL MEMBER :) Lagu NCT yg pertama kali didengar: boom Stan NCT era:kick it Lagu b-side fav: SEMUANYA 😭🥰💚

Jeeehaaaansunshine ()

Bias Pertama di nct : Renjun, Taeyong, Jaehyun, chenle, haechan Bias sekarang : Haechan, Chenle, Winwin, Jaehyun Bias Wrecker : OT21 Lagu NCT yang pertama kali di dengar : Boss NCT U Stan NCT era Superhuman (nct127) Lagu nct yang sering didgr : semua tp lebih ke ballad🙏

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Nisahaee_ ()

Bias pertama di NCT: Na Jaemin Bias sekarang: Haechan lee Bias wrecker: mark, lucas, jaehyun, hendery Lagu NCT yg pertama kali didengar: we go up Stan NCT era: nct dream - we go up Lagu b-side fav: no longer, beautiful time, go

☚ #BNK48JankenTournament2020 れおほー ☛
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