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THE @Avalanche ARE THE 2021-22 #StanleyCup CHAMPIONS!!! 🏔🏆.

#StanleyCup Photo,#StanleyCup Photo by NHL,NHL on twitter tweets #StanleyCup Photo

The Colorado Avalanche get the OT win in Game 1 of the #StanleyCup Final‼️.

#StanleyCup Photo,#StanleyCup Photo by ESPN,ESPN on twitter tweets #StanleyCup Photo

THE 21-YEAR WAIT IS OVER! The Colorado Avalanche are #StanleyCup champions for the third time in franchise history ⛰.

#StanleyCup Photo,#StanleyCup Photo by ESPN,ESPN on twitter tweets #StanleyCup Photo

Game 1 in OT. Right in the feels for @Avalanche fans. This #StanleyCup Final is going to be fun..

#StanleyCup Final. Game 1. Tonight. ⚡️ #TBLvsCOL:.

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Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking? #StanleyCup.

#StanleyCup Photo,#StanleyCup Photo by Tampa Bay Lightning,Tampa Bay Lightning on twitter tweets #StanleyCup Photo

Some special fans wanted to wish the guys good luck before Game 2 😉 #StanleyCup | #GoBolts.

Avs attendance yesterday was 17,778 () at Ball Arena. #StanleyCup #FindAWay Four fan sections were blocked off for media, lowering seated capacity from 18,007 to 17,303.

The @TBLightning win a close one at Ball Arena and extend the 2022 #StanleyCup Final to a Game 6 back home in Tampa. This is the 12th time in 15 years that the championship series will require six or more games. #NHLStats:.

#StanleyCup Photo,#StanleyCup Photo by NHL Public Relations,NHL Public Relations on twitter tweets #StanleyCup Photo

It was certainly as close to perfect of a game as you can get from your players. Here is @kristen_shilton with the @Avalanche after their 7-0 embarrassment of the Lightning in Game 2 of the #StanleyCup Final..

4⃣ combined goals in the first period of Game 1. How many more do we have in store for the 2022 #StanleyCup Final opener? #NHLStats:.

#StanleyCup Photo,#StanleyCup Photo by NHL Public Relations,NHL Public Relations on twitter tweets #StanleyCup Photo

Boy did the Avalanche look pretty dominant in an electric Game 1 of the #StanleyCup Final Full recap with @frank_seravalli for @BallySports:.

Already posting 2 assists in a Gm1 @Avalanche overtime win on Wednesday, Mikko Rantanen followed it up by doing 1 better as he helped set up 3 of 7 goals on Saturday. As a result, he now sits tied for 2nd on this list of fast playmaking starts to a single #StanleyCup Final series.

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Takhle pálí Honza Rutta! 💣 Písecký rodák touto dělovkou otevřel skóre pátého finálového zápasu! #StanleyCup.

První ⭐️ Game 5 #StanleyCup Už jen Pavelski a Malkin mají víc vítězných🚨v PO než Palič #GoBolts.

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The #StanleyCup Final Bingo Game 1 update. 👀 Did we miss any?.

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#GoBolts Ondřej Palát skóroval ve 4x finále #StanleyCup a vyrovnal tak 🇨🇿 rekord Petra Sýkory. Zároveň svým 6. gólem dorovnal Patrika Eliáše. Pořadí 🇨🇿střelců ve finále: 1. P. Sýkora (8) T-2. O. Palát (6) T-2. P. Eliáš (6) 3. Tomáš Nosek (3) (Ve finále dalo gól 18 🇨🇿hráčů.).

#StanleyCup Photo,#StanleyCup Photo by Jan Eichler,Jan Eichler on twitter tweets #StanleyCup Photo

Ondrej Palat has 12 #StanleyCup playoff game-winning goals and another 7 game-tying goals in his career. #clutch.

#StanleyCup Photo,#StanleyCup Photo by Dominic Moore,Dominic Moore on twitter tweets #StanleyCup Photo

Několik fotek do alba Ondřeje Paláta s názvem: TEN gól v pátém finále #StanleyCup Playoffs 2022! 📸.

#StanleyCup Photo,#StanleyCup Photo by NHL Česko,NHL Česko on twitter tweets #StanleyCup Photo

Det blir alltid allsång i Denver när All The Small Things av Blink-182 spelas 🎶 #StanleyCup @Avalanche | #GoAvsGo.

Feels like the ‘Ning should go ahead and sit Vasilevsky the rest of the series. I think he’s done. 😜 What a game! @KOAColorado #GoAvsGo #StanleyCup.

Rob Rossi
Rob Rossi

Game 2 of SCF was hockey equivalent of my dating life: Lightning crashes! #StanleyCup.

really wanna see the #goavsgo w*n the cup next game but i REALLY wanna see them win it in game 7 in colorado. winning the cup on home ice just hits different 🔥 #stanleycup.

@EricGoodman I’ve been watching #StanleyCup playoffs since before Cooper was born. Can’t remember such a whiny coach in the last 50 years. #GoAvsGo.

i’m watching the #StanleyCup while folding laundry. Not pictured: the bagel bites in the oven.

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As a hawks fan, I have no qualms backing the #Avs in this years playoffs. They have been building an incredible team. Not even envious, just get excited watching them play hockey, if any team can derail tampa, this is that team. Awesome hockey either way 🏒 #StanleyCup.

In 1994, the @NYRangers won the #StanleyCup for the first time in over fifty years. As a result of their victory over the Vancouver Canucks (4 games to 3), this Ranger was awarded the Con Smythe Trophy, which is awarded to the MVP of the team during playoffs. The trophy went to?.

Happy Thursday #ColoradoAvalanche Fans! Are you enjoying a fresh cup of victory this morning?! We Are! #StanleyCup 🏒🏒🏒.

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🏒 Colorado Avalanche maakt gehakt van regerend kampioen Tempa Bay Lightning en leidt nu met 2-0 in de #StanleyCup Final! Zij spelen op het allerhoogste niveau, wij niet..

#StanleyCup Photo,#StanleyCup Photo by ESPN In Alle Staten,ESPN In Alle Staten on twitter tweets #StanleyCup Photo

Lord Stanleyn malja on ensimmäistä kertaa hallissa, kun tämä karavaani siirtyy takaisin Denveriin ja Ball Arenalle! #NHLfi #StanleyCup Tampa kiittää ja kuittaa. Ainakin toistaiseksi..

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