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Best vacation ever⛱LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation, an Original special, streaming August 5 only on @DisneyPlus..

Man Reva has got to be one of my favourite new additions to Star Wars. What a phenomenal character..

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Star Wars

Can you hear this photo? John Williams behind the scenes of Star Wars: A New Hope. #WorldMusicDay.

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Porque Star Wars no sería lo mismo sin John Williams. ¡Feliz #DíaDelaMúsica!.

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Hasbro Star Wars Black Series 6 Deluxe NED-B official product photography. Preorders will go up tomorrow, June 23rd at 1 PM EST. General release, MSRP $.

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So sad there aren’t any new Obi Wan episodes, but so stoked with how it all turned out. It made the prequel trilogy better, it made the OG trilogy better, and stood in its on as a an awesome addition to Star Wars. That last episode is just as good as it gets..

The #ObiWan finale is perfect Star Wars. It felt big, grounded, dark, humorous at times, but most of all, authentic. Deborah Chow and team have given us one of the great Star Wars stories leaving many of us wanting more. If this is it, goodness, this can last a lifetime..

I’ll be honest if you don’t have a strong attachment to the universe of Star Wars, most of the movies aren’t very good on their own 9 core movies, how many can you actually classify as “good movies”?.


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Starting in release order but FYI the 2017 run might be the BEST Star Wars comic.

I’m so satisfied with the end of the season. As much as I love Star Wars though, I think it should remain a limited series. #ObiWan #StarWars.

Lost all hype for anything Star Wars after Might rewatch Revenge of the Sith and the OT to feel something.

@shittercunt WAIT U FR THOUFHT THIS WAS ABT #HIM?? i’ve literally forgotten abt him STOP 😭 this is abt star wars bae.

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Kenobi is basically what a Star Wars show looks like with a halfway competent show runner. Very excited to see what the Gilroy and Headland Star Wars look like.


El protagonista de Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order tendría su propia serie en Disney+.

観たかったstar warsを見ることが出来ました! オビワンとアナキン強いなぁ〜.

OBI-WANNN!!!! Ese grito de Vader al final Fuckkk esta serie y the Mandalorian es de los mejores proyectos de Star Wars 10/10 #Obiwan.

#ObiWan is single handedly the greatest piece of star wars media since Revenge of the sith. The Last Episode being masterfully done!.

OBI-WAN!!! Man, you can’t convince me that getting some of the cinematic visuals that the Star Wars shows in particular deliver on the regular don’t pose a dilemma for the theater experience. These are BIG BUDGET environments, staging and FX. Incredible..

everyone should rest assured that yes, the interiors of the Skywalker homestead on Tatooine in the last ep of Obi-Wan have faithfully recreated the version from the Lego Star Wars game.

@QTRBlackGarrett I’ve seen worse….honestly. The problem with these shows is that they’re just a waste of time. That don’t add anything to the franchise. They’re anecdotal…. The few good bits between Ben and Vader aren’t worth building a whole series around. Disney Star Wars = Meh..

first time at Disneyland in years, gone on two rides, both in Star Wars land, both have broken down as we were on it. quietly losing it, here’s a disembodied arm.

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@EvaPnh @meca_lau Mais comment tu arrives à départager Star Wars et HP. C’est impossible 😭.

I mean the Star Wars tv shows have been lightyears ahead of the movies they if we are gonna complain about Disney era Star Wars..


Y’all know I’m the biggest star wars fan out there but the obi wan series was only okay. The writing for Reva was bad and the series would have been better without her backstory. It was irrelevant. The show was redeemed for me by Hayden and lil Leia. I said what I said.

@OGabrielAvila Se a galera desse uma chance Clone Wars, Rebels e Bad Batch talvez entenderiam melhor o que é Star Wars nos últimos anos..

I think there’s more food in The Mandalorian than there is in the rest of Star Wars..

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Trying SO hard not to jump into a Twitter spat and AKSHULLY someone who keeps asserting that George Lucas directed six Star Wars movies. (He also says all six suck, but I only want to step in and say, “Actually it’s only FOUR.”).

Hot take? Obi Wan may be the best Star Wars related movie/show since the the criticisms are warranted for sure but like the problem exists in virtually all Star Wars things haha.

Thinking idek who my favorite in Star Wars would be, Ashoka and anakin prolly my 2 faves and obi-wan very high too ofc. Hmm.

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