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The wait to get drafted was long and stressful for @JamesConner_, but it all paid off in the end. #HeyRookie | @steelers.

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The best thing about the “Baltimore Steelers” mixup is that those two teams probably hate each other the most in the NFL..

Bueno si muchas pibfhes stats pero no me haz dado un super bowl en 10 años hijo de puta.

15 years ago today, the Steelers drafted a QB out of Miami (OH) 11th overall. He would go on to become the best QB in franchise history w/ 2 Super Bowl rings. This morning, he signed an extension to finish his career in the Steel City. Let’s get one more Big Ben. #HereWeGo.

@ChibsRSR @NFL They literally could have fucked that up with any other teams logo and not taken too much flak. The Steelers? C’mon guys 🙄.

@lindseyyok @steelers This is what an attention seeking tweet looks like. Congratulations, you got what you wanted..

Justin Tucker never missed a FG or XP his whole steelers #Facts #ForTheBrand.

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@pinkyswrdswoman the steelers have more super bowl wins😌 that doesn’t look like suck to me.

My guy here poised to age gracefully into his 40s, not a doubt in my mind..

Con la extensión de contrato de Ben Roethlisberger me queda claro una cosa: los Steelers no van a ser campeones por al menos 3 años más..

Os Steelers acertaram a extensão de contrato do QB Ben Roethlisberger por mais 2 temporadas. Com o novo contrato o jogador tem vinculo com a franquia até o final de 2021..

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Excellent look at how Big Ben became a Steeler from @EdBouchette..

#ENCUESTA 📊 ¿Es Ben Roethlisberger el mejor QB en la historia de los @Steelers? 🤔.

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers sign 3-year contract: reports.

Ben Roethlisberger Signs Contract Extension. #Steelers.

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@_BigBen7 so happy to see you get a new deal!! Can’t wait for another great season with you 7 ❤️🏈🏆 #Steelers #BenRoethlisberger.

@yinzburghsports As a Steelers fan. I fucking hate Ben. He’s a bad teammate , forces throws and audibles everything. This guy should go away..

Report: Steelers Have Signed QB Ben Roethlisberger To Two-Year Contract Extension.

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The Steelers are giving Ben Roethlisberger a new two-year contract extension tying him to Pittsburgh through the 2….

@IsaacLHarris He’s seriously automatic. As a Steelers fan, it drives me crazy. Mad respect for that dude.

And there it is, Ben deal confirmed. 2 year extension, no financial specifics yet. Speak to you all again next year. #Steelers.

Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger Agree To Extension.

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@SteelCurtainRis @WilliamsonNFL Lots of scuttlebutt about Rock Ya Sin at 20 to the Steelers. Thoughts on him that early? Seems like a reach to me..

Division 1 in being at least FBS. American Athletic Conference is one of the weaker conferences too. Would be a major reach. #Steelers.

Steelers are giving Ben Roethlisberger a new two-year contract extension, to go along with the one year he had left, tying him to Pittsburgh through the 2021 season, per source..

The wait to get drafted was long and stressful for @JamesConner_, but it all paid off in the end. #HeyRookie | @steelers.

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