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[email protected] tweeted a farewell to the Steelers and their fans..

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Show pops so he know what’s going on 😂 @Juan_anthonyjr_ and that’s big urlacher 😂😂😂🗣.

AB taking to Twitter to clear the air about his future with the Steelers, as well as his desire for a fresh start. Owning the narrative ✊🏿.

@Rambobiggs @NFL Lifelong Steelers fan, but I havent watched a game since Villanueva apologized for coming out for the anthem, and at this rate, ill never watch again or buy another product..

Plays of the Year: Vince Williams’ pick-six puts Steelers up 14-7 in 13 seconds.

Now THIS is the kind of running back the Steelers need. Just runs the ball and keeps his mouth SHUT..

Antonio Brown sounded off on Twitter about #Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and head coach Mike Tomlin..

@FarabaughFB I think a lot of organizations especially the Steelers reach on these guys because of potential. They believe they’re good enough to coach them up. It has obviously back fired big time..

@queenandi412 Every time he types it gets worse he thinks we are gonna side with a player I’m a Steelers fan tired of this bullshit I’m gonna block him.

@mark08689926 @PanthersIHC What game was you watching because you obviously wasn’t watching the panthers v steelers game. We was absolutely shocking.

Former Hurricane Herb Waters reflects on season with #Steelers ($).

Antonio Brown has requested a trade. The #Steelers have not yet decided what to do. But at the very least, the owner will now get to sit down with one of his best players to clear the air and see what will happen moving forward..

@Steel_Curtain4 True Steelers fan will continue being a Steelers fan. We see players come and go . One player does not make a team . I am a AB fan , but I am a Steelers fan until the bitter end 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛.

SAN FRANCISCO IS THE TEAM! Antonio Brown requested a trade from the Steelers and @AdamSchein thinks the natural fit is obvious for the Niners. #T2S.

BUSCARÁ NUEVO AIRES #NFLxFOX El video del adiós de Antonio Brown de los Steelers después de 9 temporadas 👇 ¡Descarga la APP! @FOXImpactoNFL.

Its over. The steelers are on their way out. Bengals suck. Lamar is a running back playing qb. Its the Browns’ division now..

AB says he’s moving on from the Steelers. In more important news, there is a Beagle that is best friends with a possum circulating the Internet right now..

@joeybagovdonuts @steelers I actually think forcing his hand and have him sit out the remainder of his contract lol.

Wide receiver Antonio Brown asks Steelers for trade - ESPN.

@Jnorm23 @scottylaz10 time for the steelers to tank and grab tua next year in the draft too..

Breaking: Steelers WR Antonio Brown has been traded to the Jets for a 2020 third and fourth round pick, per source..

Yo @AB84 go to the browns . So you can visit them Steelers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

AB hasn’t been traded yet, but don’t expect to see him in black and yellow next year. My piece ⬇️.

@D_Money_52 😂😂 he wanna leave. U guys not cuttin him. If he say he wanna stay to Steelers rn u gonna have a smile ear to ear..

No lie he deserve it the Steelers wasting his prime trying to do stupid shit like keep Franchise tagging lev and putting themselves in a big hole.

[email protected] tweeted a farewell to the Steelers and their fans..

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