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Steph Curry and Andrew Wiggins are the second duo with 25-point double-doubles this postseason 🤝.

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Steph career FT%: — Before this playoffs — This playoffs.

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Bro I can’t cap !! We missed watching Jordan!!! But I promise you in 20 years y’all not gonna be able to tell me Steph curry wasn’t the greatest pg ever!! I watch this man live!!.


happy to see na ang daming proud kay stephanie for winning the final slot for biga10! steph, this is it — you make it this far and we are so proud of you. what you’ve went through inside wasn’t easy but look at you now. excited to see you hanggang big night na ‘to. aaa dasurv! 💘.

💬 « Steph a été brillant ce soir. Sa condition physique est incroyable. Ils le placent dans tous les pick-and-roll mais il est là, à bouger partout en défense tout en jouant à un tel niveau sur le plan offensif. C’est vraiment remarquable de le voir jouer. » — Steve Kerr..

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same, stephanie. same hahahahaha pero im happy na sobrang matured mo dahil sa mga past experiences mo, you deserve to be loved. you’re worthy & i know you won’t settle for someone less. stay strong, steph! 🤍.

man that slump Steph was in really had people calling him washed. Y’all got fooled..

youtube comments under videos of steph curry are absolutely full to the brim of guys that need to be told no one cares if you’re a little gay.

So that’s a foul for Luka but Steph just got fouled on that 3!?!?!?! MAKE IT MAKE SENSE REF #warriors.

Luka whistle is unbelievable what’s up with these youngins gettting whistles like this but the old heads like Bron and Steph that’s proven don’t get shit 🤣🤣.

@TimWilsonMP already making excuses and still trying to campaign 😂. See you, you useless overgrown frat boy muppet. #auspol #GoldsteinVotes.

LeBron and DWade? LeBron and Kyrie? Steph and KD? Steph and Klay? Or did you mean 2004 Finals Shaq and Kobe? Because I guess they do have an argument on being the best duo at losing..

i was told steph curry is a playoff riser 30% FG and 25% 3FG% right now.🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@anthonyVslater Steph knows he needs hall of fame screen setters he can’t iso for shii right now 🤦🏾.

뱁새 - Baepsae - Silver Spoon #MyBTSTracks (Pas que pour les hip thrust de JHope! 🫣🤭).

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All that Nonsense just for the Warriors to embarrass them. I don’t ever wanna hear that Luka is better then Steph ever again..

@MackMillzz310 @statmuse Not taking anything away but would Westbrook win the series? Would Westbrook playmake like Steph? Would he score like Steph? Would he have Stephs +-.

@haremiark @PharoahAshseti The whole point of my thread was that casual fans NOW don’t know of Steph and Cass because of deliberate choices and erasure HOW are you all missing this.

If there was no steph we would be down by 30 rn but u won’t stop hearing tomorrow on media how jordan poole is the closer.

This dude needs a job BADLY. He literally tweets about Steph Curry, all day💀.

“warriors fans leaving once steph retires” Istg i’ll never stop watching this team.

And this is the reason why lebron sexuals are finding whatever they can to slander Steph with.

It’s the moment just before someone from the opposition throws a ping pong ball. @steph_brown_aus.

Nahh Steph nuts for this 🔥 if this was to end the series I would have lost my mind 😂🔥.

Steph Curry is going NUTS👀 ✅ over PTS ✅ over AST ✅ over 3PM (odds:@FDSportsbook).

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@ramon_rican Steph makes it look so easy too. Fool looks like he’s in a video game out there.

Gs is fucking trash can’t get a board sloppy with the ball Steph playing hero ball guess he has no choice 😂.

@warriors @espn Aint no way brooks keep hitting threes bro golden state gotta stop turnovers im not feeling good about their play so far unless Klay or steph completely take over they will lode.

The Grizzlies are literally face guarding Steph at the top of the key when Draymond has the ball at the free throw line unguarded. Talk about an offensive handicap..

The Warriors keep playing with this “we’ll get ‘em in the 2nd half attitude.” Literally will go on a mini burst through klay/Steph/poole then sleep walk for the next 5 possessions..

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