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Sergio Aguero had the ball here, but Raheem Sterling snuck in and scored 😂 #MCICHE

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Lady Jimitrescu
Lady Jimitrescu ()

God, comparing me now to the Sterling on that video is a heck of a thing.

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ѕтєяℓѕ 👑 🦅
ѕтєяℓѕ 👑 🦅 ()

“i be savage pass” direct translation in twi: megyimi stupid roff 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Leo🇧🇼 ()

I want to be positive after that uncharacteristic performance. Ake, Sterling, Jesus and Laporte had great games. You could see the confidence flood back for Raz as soon as he ended his drought and Jesus was industrious, Laporte great again and feels like Ake’s finally fully fit.

The Nation Nigeria
The Nation Nigeria ()

City, needing three points to become champions of England for the seventh time, took the lead just before half-time through Raheem Sterling’s close-range strike.

KEZ O)))
KEZ O))) ()

Velvet Underground perform on stage on the first date of their reunion tour, Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1st June 1993, L-R John Cale, Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker, Sterling Morrison.

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interessante notar o comportamento da torcida nos comentários do tweet do Agüero por isso que dou graças a deus que foi ele que errou e não outro ja imaginaram se fosse Sterling ou Gabriel Jesus?

Trev🇯🇲 ()

Honestly man if sterling is racially abused on Instagram don’t come on Twitter to post it I don’t care

Sky Sports Statto
Sky Sports Statto ()

❌ Four different Man City players have missed a penalty in PL this season - Aguero joins De Bruyne, Gundogan and Sterling

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Goal ()

Sergio Aguero had the ball here, but Raheem Sterling snuck in and scored 😂 #MCICHE

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Yanis Varoufakis
Yanis Varoufakis ()

While this is a matter for the people of Scotland to decide, I would vote in favour of independence but on one condition: A clear plan for a Scottish currency ( end the idiocy of wanting to keep sterling) & a new developmental model to go with it.

Alejandro Gómez
Alejandro Gómez ()

Alex Zayne debutó anoche como Ari Sterling en #205Live. La rueda se mueve con la subida de Mansoor al roster principal y veremos caras nuevas.

Braves Athletics
Braves Athletics ()

SB: #21 Braves to Face Sterling in Game 1 of the KCAC Tournament -

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El__Dusher🌙 ()

@goal Well done, Man City! What a fairy tale story! Bench: Ake 50M Laporte 75M Cancelo 45M Mendy 55M Rodrigo 70M Sterling 75M Gabriel Jesus 32M Agüero 40M Ferran Torres 20M Total: 462M

Journal Sentinel
Journal Sentinel ()

Former Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown sees settlement with city as framework for larger change

Sterling F*cking Wilder
Sterling F*cking Wilder ()

Almost 12 hours after 2nd COVID shot and I feel fine. However, I am disappointed that I did not, in fact, gain 5G capability from it like I’d been led to believe would happen. #ISweartoGodBensonThisisaHarmlessJoke #CovidVaccine

J̷u̷s̷t̷i̷n̷ ™
J̷u̷s̷t̷i̷n̷ ™ ()

Listening to the Yankees game on the radio tonight. I can’t hear Jon Sterling over the boos. It sounds like a full capacity playoff crowd with only 8-9k in attendance. Crazy.


Arteta was really the reason why Manchester City never qualified to the UCL final Pep will say I want us to play Phil Foden and Arteta will be like Naa he’s a young boy play Raheem Sterling instead. Fraud coach

ODDSbible ()

When you realise Chris Wood has got more Premier League goals this season than Raheem Sterling, Sadio Mane and Timo Werner

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𝓗𝓪𝓮𝓱𝓷𝓮𝓵 ()

This man was out there shooting 6-25 and you want me to blame Sterling Brown for losing games ?

MrBboy45 / Quentin
MrBboy45 / Quentin ()

Bon Sterling & Cooper commence ce week-end ! Hâte que Youtube commence à les découvrir 🙏🏻

Bzb ()

Sterling est trop percutant tu le fais rentrer à la 70ème contre Paris Florenzi tombe dans le coma

ESPN Brasil (de 🏠)
ESPN Brasil (de 🏠) ()

Sterling leva a bola em velocidade, puxa para o pé direito e quase marca para o City #PremierLeagueNaESPN #FutebolNaESPN

Esteban Gómez
Esteban Gómez ()

En esta temporada en la que el #ManCity brilla con luz propia es de destacar el paso atrás de Raheem Sterling. Sobre todo a nivel goleador, porque está activo, muy participativo siempre, pero sus cifras goleadoras han caído. No marca desde finales de febrero.

sᴏᴜғ 🇨🇦🇮🇷🇮🇹
Sᴏᴜғ 🇨🇦🇮🇷🇮🇹 ()

Imagine if Ederson was playing up top with these Sterling chances. I swear man the guy would blast the ball so hard the mesh would break

Dilly ()

Glen Hoddle is clueless 🙄 how can you get confused between Sterling and Jesus 🤷🏾‍♂️

Dov Kleiman
Dov Kleiman ()

RB: Saquon Barkley WRs: Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton. TEs: Evan Engram, Kyle Rudolph. No more excuses for Daniel Jones.

Bhutila Karpoche
Bhutila Karpoche ()

Ford has appointed Norm Sterling as Chair of the Greenbelt Council – a former PC MPP and Cabinet Minister who voted *against* creation of the Greenbelt. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Empress-Elect Viking-Goddess Lisa
Empress-Elect Viking-Goddess Lisa ()

⚠️ EVACUATION WARNING ⚠️ Santa Clarita City: Voluntary evacuations are in place for Rye Canyon Loop, Iron Village Drive and Sterling Lane in Valencia. #NorthFire

Adam Manseur
Adam Manseur ()

Partant du principe que Foden est indiscutable, il a pris le place de sterling (qui a déjà évolué à droite cette saison). Je vous accorde c’est Foden qui lui a pris sa place, vous avez gagnez

BorderLine ()

@valverdismoCdA Aun me acuerdo la Champions pasada cuando eliminaron al City despues de que Sterling fallara a 2 metros sin portero y que Ederson regalase el último gol del Salió diciendo otro fracaso de Guardiola y Valdano y Maldini li dieron un repaso

☚ まりほー #お笑いオムニバスGP ☛
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