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Steven Adams & Desmond Bane both officially off the injury list for tomorrow. Both are available and ready to play 💯.

Steven Adams is returning to the Grizzlies starting lineup tonight. The Warriors are starting Jonathan Kuminga again in Game 4. Steph Curry Klay Thompson Andrew Wiggins Jonathan Kuminga Draymond Green.

“Draymond Green has got to continue to be aggressive. If Steven Adams is going to back off him, he’s got to let it fly.” — Mike Brown.

I wanna see Ja At The 1, Banes At The 2, Ziare At The 3, Jaren At The 4 Steven Adams At The The 5 Just 1 Time 💯#GrizzliesVsWarriors.

Steven Adams has been back in lineup for last 2 games. Offensive Rating Defensive Rating Net Rating +.

i wonder what level of pain steven adams would have to experience for his face to express that he’s experiencing pain i bet everything under him getting hit in the face with a baseball bat he’s gonna just stare forward like he’s thinking about a grocery list.

Fred Katz
Fred Katz

I referred to Steven Adams as a big man in a postgame question and he interrupted: “Are you saying I’m fat, mate?”.

Just a reminder that the NBA’s leading 1st quarter +/- individual player had a +238 this season. He also has 27 more first quarter offensive rebounds than any other NBA player this season. His name is Steven Adams..

The Warriors have a Steven Adams problem..

Steven Adams Photo,Steven Adams Photo by C.J. Holmes 🦹🏾‍♂️,C.J. Holmes 🦹🏾‍♂️ on twitter tweets Steven Adams Photo

Steven Adams leaving the arena with a very noticeable limp. Looking at him leave, it’s kinda wild that he came back and started the second half..

Steven Adams is the first player, all-time, to play less than 50 minutes and have combined stats from back-to-back playoff games totalling: 28+ rebounds 12+ offensive rebounds 6+ assists.

Steven Adams Photo,Steven Adams Photo by Steven Adams Stats,Steven Adams Stats on twitter tweets Steven Adams Photo

Grizz have one offensive rebound, and it was Steven Adams recovering his own blocked dunk..

Only 3 players in the last 18 years have played less than 28 minutes in a playoff game and recorded: 10+ PTS 15+ REB 3+ AST 1. Giannis 2. Embiid 3. Steven Adams (Game 4).

Steven Adams led all Grizzlies in offensive rating with 114. Next highest was 102. 2nd best defensive rating with 89. His net rating of + was the team’s best ( next best) He was the most impactful Grizzlies player tonight and he didn’t play the last 8 mins.

“Size bothers the Warriors and Steven Adams is a handful…”.

Every stat confirms that Steven Adams was the most important Grizzlies player in game 4 (+/-, net rating, paint & 2nd chance pts etc) Jenkin’s decision not to play him in game 3 ‘for basketball reasons’ has to go down as one of the worst reads in Grizzlies playoff history.

GSW have killed Grizzlies in Points in the Paint this series With Steven Adams playing, Grizzlies scored 58 paint points to GS’s 42 His screening game opened up the paint for his guards.

Games 1-3 combined… Rebounds: 142-126 to GSW Paint points: 178-130 to GSW 2nd chance pts: 57-40 to GSW [Steven Adams enters the chat] Games 4 & 5 combined… Rebounds: 91-103 to MEM Paint points: 78-108 to MEM 2nd chance pts: 18-39 to MEM.

Steven Adams : “One of the things is …you don’t pay attention to the series…wether you’re down 3-1 or up 3-1 your mentality doesn’t change.”.

Jaren Jackson Jr. “This is the most fun I’ve ever had playing basketball” Goes on to talk about the continuity of bringing the bulk of the roster back & adding guys like Steven Adams who just fit. Says Taylor Jenkins is there COY in his eyes..

Second chance points tonight with Steven Adams On: 11 Off: 4 Points in the paint On: 40 Off: 18 It’s the only game this series that the Grizzlies have won both team stats.

Steven Adams was a +13 Bane was a +8. The rest of the closing lineup were all negative on the +/-.

Charles Barkley: “This would have been an entirely different series if Steven Adams was healthy.” Chuck says Adams makes the difference for this Grizzlies team. I agree..

Steph Curry when Steven Adams is on vs off this series (per 36mins to standardise) PTS vs 3PM vs 3PT% vs TOV vs +/- vs + Adams when curry is on vs off PTS vs REB vs +/- vs Who’s getting ‘cooked’?.

Steven Adams fez a diferença hoje Fazendo bem a parede pro Tyus Jones, Rebotes ofensivos.

This year, Steven Adams put a lot of chat to rest. He is not “washed”. They said he was unplayable in the playoffs. He said “ I am”. Stevo proved this year he just needs the right team that’ll give him the right role to flourish. Bounce back SZN complete..

Steven Adams Photo,Steven Adams Photo by Monkey D. Ghost,Monkey D. Ghost on twitter tweets Steven Adams Photo

Had Steven Adams playing crunch 4th Quarter minutes. ESPN showed Steph nodding like a psycho when he found out Adams was back on the floor.

Steven Adams and Kyle Anderson are here. Adams felt the team played pretty well and actually thinks the performance tonight was reassuring in terms of playing hard/well. There are easy fixes to be made, things that they can do. The Warriors just made shots at the end..

Chuck speaking some Steven Adams truths… “Adams, he was dominating inside… Adams was huge to me… but now it’s too late” “This would have been an interesting series if Steven Adams was healthy the whole series cos he makes a big difference for the Grizz”.

Steven Adams= +13 while on the floor, higher than any other player in the game. Why on earth does he not play at all in the fourth?!.

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